Best Baby Books About Art in 2020
Best Baby Books About Art
December 16, 2020

Best Baby Books About Art

These completely baby-friendly books  (including biographies of famous artists) will introduce your child to the joys of creativity at an early age.Best Baby Books About Art

Encouraging creativity in babies and toddlers can help them build a lifetime of problem-solving confidence. If you’re looking to surround your little one with the creative arts, we’ve collected some beautiful books to inspire their growing imagination. These books can help them learn basic concepts like colors, shapes and patterns, or simply celebrate the creative process. So grab your crayons, canvas, tinkering tools or even a musical instrument and get creating!

This artful first colors book introduces children to nine basic colors and 20 shades of each. Toddlers will enjoy naming the colors on each of the monochromatic pages, while preschoolers will learn the concept that one color name actually refers to a variety of dark, light and in-between tones.

Pantone: Colors


The eye-popping book jacket is a fitting preview for the colorful fun that unfolds within these patterned pages. Saturated colors keep it bright and light as kids learn how simple shapes like lines and squares can unite to form recognizable patterns like stripes and checks.

My First Book of Patterns


Beloved French artist/author Hervé Tullet uses all the colors of the rainbow in this energetic primer on color theory. Full of bright images, this book not only teaches kids about primary and secondary colors, it also encourages them to approach creative arts with gusto. There’s also a Spanish version, too.

Mix It Up!


In this book, Little Blue and Little Yellow are best friends, and they hug so hard they create green. The simple story is a great introduction to how primary colors mix, and the vibrant visuals will keep your eyes—and baby’s—glued to the page.

Little Blue and Little Yellow


Lulu and Max have a big box of shapes: squares, circles, triangles and more! And they can build all sorts of things using just their simple shapes and a little imagination. This creative book teaches little ones all about basic shapes and how they can be put together to make something new.

Big Box of Shapes


Vashti has had a bad day in art class. She can’t think of anything to draw! But when her teacher tells her to “just make a mark and see where it takes you,” Vashti eventually gets in touch with—and unleashes—her creativity. This inspiring story teaches children that the first step in the creative process is to just get started, and the most amazing things will follow.

The Dot


The predecessor to the hit The Day the Crayons Came Home, this critically acclaimed book is written from the perspectives of the crayons, who are fed up with their usual chores. Red is tired of working on all the holidays, gray is tired of those huge elephant bodies and poor blue is so overworked, he’s just a stub! This book shows kids how wonderful it can be to mix things up.

The Day the Crayons Quit


An “oops” is not the end of the world—and it’s certainly not the end of a drawing! It’s sometimes the beginning of something surprisingly beautiful. This dynamic picture book encourages all of us to embrace the unexpected and improvise, turning our mistakes into creative adventures.

Beautiful Oops


Sometimes creativity is more about the process than the end result, and all the failed attempts help teach perseverance. As one little girl struggles to bring her idea to life, she learns what’s important about creativity in her quest to make the most magnificent thing.

The Most Magnificent Thing


This story celebrates the power of pretending. In her room, a little girl can be anything—so dream big! This interactive book features colorful die-cuts and whimsical illustrations that engage young readers and bring childish flights of fancy into focus.

In My Room: A Book of Creativity and Imagination (Growing Hearts)


Creativity and art isn’t just about colors and shapes—it’s music too! Whether it’s loud or quiet, happy or sad, slow or fast, music is full of inspiration and imagination (and babies love it).

Music Is…

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