11 Children’s Books That Celebrate Diversity
11 Children’s Books That Celebrate Diversity
September 24, 2021

11 Children’s Books That Celebrate Diversity

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11 Children’s Books That Celebrate Diversity

As new parents, we often think about those tough parts of having a baby: the endless diapers, parenting on no sleep, and that general, pervasive feeling that you have no clue what you’re doing. We assume there’s time to worry about the bigger stuff—like actually raising those babies to be good people—later when we’re well-caffeinated and more rested. And inevitably, like all things in parenthood, that time creeps up on us quicker than we thought.

In fact, studies show that infants as young as 6 months old are able to categorize people by gender and race; by age two, they use those recognitions to reason people’s behaviors. By the time they’re in preschool, children make meaning of race, culture, disability, and gender and use those meanings to inform their own behavior. Those little babies in our laps soaking through 100 diapers a day are also soaking in the world around them in ways we can never understand. What we can do is make sure their views are as diverse as possible.

Books are a wonderful way for children of all ages to be exposed to lives and experiences that they may not otherwise see. When we see diversity around us it gives us a chance to understand—and kids are the same way. Research has shown that when children are given opportunities to experience diversity, they gain comfort in racial, religious, language and lifestyle differences. That leads to kids who grow up to be tolerant and open-minded. And isn’t that what we all want as parents?

If you’re looking to increase the diversity on your kids’ bookshelves, these are among our favorite diverse children’s books.

This book features charming illustrations and a relatable story of four young friends learning how to celebrate each other’s differences; the more they share about themselves, the closer they all become.

Our Favorite Day of the Year


This book is a celebration of all kinds of human bodies, skin tones and hair types. With engaging illustrations and simple language, it encourages a love-your-body mindset and instills confidence and acceptance.

Bodies Are Cool


With bold, bright illustrations, Lovely explores a world of differences that all add up to the same thing: we are all lovely!



IntersectionAllies is a beautifully illustrated primer to intersectional feminism told through the stories of nine characters who advocate and support each other and show what it really means to be allies.

IntersectionAllies: We Make Room For All


Dreamers tells the stories of migrants and the many gifts and and strengths they bring to the new places they call home. It’s a story of finding your way and navigating uncertain times told through lyrical text and vivid illustrations.



When Charley meets Emma, a girl with limb differences, he doesn’t know what to think. But after getting to know Emma, he realizes that different doesn’t mean bad or sad, it just means different. This book encourages kindness and respect for all, regardless of what we look like.

When Charley Met Emma


When Aidan was born, everyone thought he was a girl. This sweet story celebrates a big brother who wants to welcome his new sibling in the exact right way.

When Aidan Became A Brother


A fantastic twist on the classic fairytale, a prince and knight come together to defeat a terrible dragon and find true love in the process.

Prince & Knight


Every kid in Lola’s class is from somewhere else, but when her class is asked to draw a picture of where they’re from, she can’t really remember. After talking with her family and friends, she understands more about The Island she left as a baby and what it really means to be connected.



Go Show the World is a tribute to historical and modern day Indigenous heroes with beautiful lyrical text and illustrations.

Go Show the World: A Celebration of Indigenous Heroes


This sweet poem about accepting others no matter what they look like or where they’re from will stay with your kids (and you!) for a long time.

I'll Walk With You

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