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Best ABC Books for Babies and Toddlers
Updated on
October 31, 2023

Best ABC Books for Babies and Toddlers

By Babylist Team
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Best ABC Books for Babies and Toddlers.
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Best ABC Books for Babies and Toddlers

Reading to your baby is one of the sweetest tings you can do in the early days, whether it’s exposing them to classic books or exciting interactive books. It’s also a learning opportunity; most children will begin to recognize letters between the ages of two and three and will have the full alphabet memorized by four years old—so you may not be thinking about teaching your little one to read just yet (you’ll have to hold off on those chapter books for a while). But learning letters is the first step, and when paired with friendly animals, yummy foods or a silly story, learning the alphabet can be a joy for even the youngest children.

There are so many books out there that aim to teach babies, toddlers and preschoolers their ABCs, and each has its own unique twist, so we’ve gathered our favorite parent-loved alphabet books here.

This silly story shows what happens when all the letters of the alphabet try to climb a coconut tree—uh-oh! And if you’re reading to a younger baby, we recommend this shorter, easy-reading version.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Big Board Book

If your little one loves learning about animals, then why not use animals to teach the alphabet? Each letter has two to three animals to help introduce it, then the learning continues with a brief fact about one of the animals. The back cover even shows which continent each animal comes from.

T Is for Tiger


If your baby is a tactile learner, the cutout shapes of the letters in this book might help them understand the alphabet a little better. Each letter has four pages dedicated to a word and illustrations that start with that letter, including a special cutout page so baby can feel the angles of A and the curves of S with their own little hands.



Here’s another one that’s perfect for hands-on learners who might prefer finger tracing. The raised and lowered designs of these pages help babies trace the letters to get used to their shapes and learn associated words at the same time.

TouchThinkLearn: ABC


Beautifully illustrated, old-timey landscapes make this alphabet book a joy to look at. Each illustration features elements that start with that page’s letter—can you find them all?

ABC: A Child's First Alphabet Book


The lively rhythms and imaginative rhymes of Dr. Seuss are here to help your toddler learn the alphabet, with every page teaching both capital letters and lowercase letters and using words that are likely very familiar to your little one.

Dr. Seuss’s ABC: An Amazing Alphabet Book!


With everything from apples and bananas to kumquats and radicchio, this ABC book is for food enthusiasts, or to help expand your little one’s palate (and potentially your own). For extra fun, try dedicating a day or meal to a specific letter, and then eat foods that start with that letter.

Eating the Alphabet


Dinosaurs are one of the most popular obsessions for toddlers, so of course there’s an alphabet book featuring nothing but dinos! One prehistoric animal for every letter can help your little dino lover learn their ABCs, especially if they’re already memorizing all those dinosaur names.

Dinosaur A to Z


Iconic and inspiring, the women of this alphabet book will teach your kiddo more than just the ABCs. With an extraordinary woman for each letter of the alphabet, they represent creativity, boldness, compassion and, most of all, empowerment.

A Is for Awesome!: 23 Iconic Women Who Changed the World


If you’ve got someone in your family who is Deaf or hard of hearing, or if you want your kiddo to be able to interact with members of the Deaf community, this book on the ASL alphabet is a great companion for learning basic sign language (along with all the usual first signs that babies learn). The realistic images of hands make the shapes easy to copy, and each letter is also accompanied by an item that starts with that letter.

The Handmade Alphabet


What better way to learn about the alphabet than with your own name? Your preschooler will get a kick out of seeing their own name in this book, along with an inspiring alphabetic list of all the traits you’d love to see in them as they grow.

M Is for Me, a Personalized ABC Book


These peas can do anything! They’re builders and bathers, gardeners and gigglers. Each letter of the alphabet shows that there’s no end to what these peas—and you—can be.


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