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A Bassinet That Puts Your Baby Back to Sleep
September 5, 2019

A Bassinet That Puts Your Baby Back to Sleep

By Babylist Team
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A Bassinet That Puts Your Baby Back to Sleep.
Photo by Happiest Baby
A Bassinet That Puts Your Baby Back to Sleep

Our babies spend more time in their bassinets than anywhere else in their first months of life. Or at least we hope they do.

In the past two years while smart technology has given us home monitors that measure our babies’ breathing, changing tables that weigh them, and thermometers that track their health history, nothing has come out that helps them sleep better.

Finally the SNOO, the smart sleeper from Happiest Baby. You might know Dr. Harvey Karp from The Happiest Baby on the Block book and video series. He’s the co-founder of Happiest Baby, Inc., along with his wife and business partner Nina Montée-Karp, and now he’s brought his S’s (specifically the shushing and swaying) to an automated bassinet that responds to your baby’s cries.

I got to check out a test version of the crib. With an elegant honeycomb-weave fabric around the sleeper and chic wood trim below, the SNOO is startlingly heavy—about 50 pounds. But it was very easy to assemble, and it won’t need to be moved around a lot. It comes with special swaddles that have wings which slip onto braces on the interior of the bassinet. The bassinet will not move unless these wings are attached (presumably to keep the baby safely in the middle). In addition to a connected app, the bassinet has an on/off button. When on, the bassinet smoothly shakes from side to side and emanates a calm white noise from under the mattress.

The big claim of the SNOO is that it responds to a baby’s cries! My baby is too old for it, so I found a crying baby video on YouTube and put it in the bassinet. The light at the foot of the bassinet turned from purple to green, and it started to sway more quickly as the white noise shifted from a water-like shush to a blood-pumping-like shush.

Setting up the app wasn’t as smooth as the bassinet. The bassinet starts its own wifi network that you join in order to tell it the password to your home wifi. Maybe it was the rain or my unreliable home internet, but the connection process took a couple tries. Once it was tethered, it was easy to turn the bassinet up and down from my phone, and it logged phases of fussiness with three colors of severity.

I’ve heard from test families who’ve spent the past few months with the SNOO that it really is a miracle worker and helps them get more sleep every night.

This technology is going to cost you. It retails for $1295 (or there’s a rental option), but they do say a good night’s sleep is priceless.

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