How Many Clothes Do I Need?

How Many Clothes Do I Need?

Last Updated: May 1, 2016
Five onesies or 50? Here’s the formula to figure out the right number of baby clothes to put on your registry.How Many Clothes Do I Need?

Is it possible to have too many baby clothes? Well, considering how fast your child will grow, he or she won’t fit into specific sizes for very long. But it’s also true that having many clothing options for quick outfit changes can be handy (hello, spit up!).

It’s a fine balance. You don’t want to overspend on too many pieces that will only be worn for a short period of time. But then again, baby clothes are also fun and adorable, and many people are excited to buy them for you. How many baby clothes do you really need? We’ve already compliled the Best Baby Clothes of 2016. Now here’s our breakdown for the standard number of clothing items you’ll need for your newborn’s wardrobe (also known as a layette) in six easy steps.

1. The Basics

7 Onesies or Rompers

Spasilk Cotton Bodysuit (2-Pack) - $9.99

Spasilk Cotton Bodysuit (2-Pack)

Onesies can serve as an easy, no-fuss outfit in summer or a basic layer in winter. Seven will give you one for every day of the week.

2 Hats

Zutano Cozie Hat (Fleece) - $13.55

Zutano Cozie Hat (Fleece)

Hats are important to keep your baby warm in the early stage. Start with 2 — one to wear and one for the wash.

5 Pairs of Socks

Ecoland Ecoland Organic Socks - $22.95

Ecoland Ecoland Organic Socks

Even in summer, you’ll want to make sure your baby’s feet are cozy. Check out Ecoland’s Organic Socks.

4 Sleepers or Gowns

Halo SleepSack Swaddle (Cotton) - $19.95

Halo SleepSack Swaddle (Cotton)

Make sure your baby’s nighttime outfits are lightweight enough to keep your baby warm (but not too hot) and secure enough that the fabric won’t bunch up or shift.

2. Expecting a Winter Baby?

Make sure to add…

2 More Pairs of Socks

Not necessary for newborns, but great for extra warmth.

4 Pants

Fleece or thick cotton are good choices. Opt for stretchy waists and soft material for easy everyday use.

2 Sweaters

1 Winter Coat or Bunting Sack

Eric Carle Hungry Caterpillar Bunting Bag - $24.99

Eric Carle Hungry Caterpillar Bunting Bag

Winter babies need at least one layer of extra-warm outerwear. In warmer climates, a winter coat with warm pants is enough, but for colder regions, get full-body outerwear (including a sort of baby sleeping bag, called a bunting sack) to make sure baby stays snug in any weather.

2 Slippers or Shoes

Zutano Fleece Bootie - Hot Pink - 6 Months - $15.60

Zutano Fleece Bootie - Hot Pink - 6 Months

Not necessary for newborns, but great for extra warmth. You’ll also want to add two more pairs of socks or slippers

3. Expecting a Summer Baby?

Make sure to add…

1 Sun Hat

giggle Better Basics giggle Better Basics Striped Sun Hat - $12.99

giggle Better Basics giggle Better Basics Striped Sun Hat

Choose a hat with a wide brim that fits snugly so it won’t fall off.

1 Lightweight Blanket

The best way to protect your baby from the sun is with shade, not sunscreen, and the simplest way to do that without overheating baby is with a light cotton or muslin blanket. Drape it over baby in their stroller or carrier to keep skin covered.

4. Laundry?

If you can only wash once a week, multiply all the numbers included here BY TWO.

If you plan to wash every day, cut those numbers in half.

5. Special Outfits

With a brand new baby, you’ll probably have at least a few occasions to dress up or take some adorable photos. It’s a good idea to have at least two nice outfits for your little one that way if something happens to one of them at the last minute, you’ll automatically have a backup.

6. Add Your Favorite Items

Maybe you love baby legwarmers for extra warmth or cute bibs that also help with cleanup. Make space to add at least one or two pieces that might not be absolutely necessary, but are fun and fit your style.

Choosing What’s Right for You

These cover our general expectations for how many clothes your baby will actually need. But depending on your lifestyle, budget, and aesthetic, these numbers may vary for you. Think ahead about any additional considerations (like climate and special occasions) that might apply to you. Then be sure to register for at least your minimum number of clothes so that enough items will be on hand when your baby arrives. If you thought baby clothes were cute now, you’ll be dressing your little one before you know it!

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