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Best Gender Neutral Baby Clothes
January 10, 2024

Best Gender Neutral Baby Clothes

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Best Gender Neutral Baby Clothes.
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Best Gender Neutral Baby Clothes

Whether you’ve opted to keep the sex of your baby a surprise, plan to have another kiddo down the line or just don’t really care for some of the more gender-targeted baby clothes out there, gender-neutral clothes for your baby is a smart registry staple. We’ve got lot of picks for great baby clothes for parents who are #teamgreen, and if you’re going the gender-neutral route all the way, check out inspiration for your baby’s gender-neutral nursery.

What Are Gender Neutral Colors?

Unlike in the past when “gender neutral” was just another way to say “yellow,” nearly all colors can be considered gender neutral nowadays. When looking for gender-neutral baby clothes, here’s what’s going to look good on any baby without screaming “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl”:

  • White
  • Gray (any shade)
  • Black
  • Green (almost any shade, but especially pastel green, bright green or sage green)
  • Yellow (any shade)
  • Earth tones (sage green, beige, cream, khaki, camel, etc.)
  • Jewel tones (deep, saturated colors)
  • Rainbow

Where to Buy Gender Neutral Baby Clothes

Lots of modern baby clothing brands offer an array of cute, non-gendered options that will allow your little one to go forth fashionably. Here are some of our favorites, many of which you can find in the Babylist Shop:

We’ve curated some of our favorite gender-neutral finds into this handy sample registry to help you jumpstart your baby’s wardrobe.

And here’s a pro tip about registering for baby clothes: While friends and family will be eager to purchase the irresistibly itty-bitty newborn outfits, it’s a good idea to register for clothing in a range of sizes and for a variety of seasons. Preparing a stash ahead of time will make life easier down the line.


Primary is known for brightly colored basics—in virtually any shade—that work for any baby. They’ve also got stripes and rainbows, and you can find just about any category of clothing from these bodysuits to footie pajamas to outerwear.

At $5 apiece, these solid-colored bodysuits are great for any budget (and a 10-pack just might fulfill all your baby shirt needs).

We’re huge fans of Burt’s Bees Baby cotton bodysuits (and not just because they make gender neutrality look so cute). The shirts in this set are versatile for mixing and matching and perfect for layering.

Wrap-over bodysuits are not only cute, but they’re also super soft and cozy. And if you’re looking for gender neutral earth tones, H&M is the place to go.

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Harem pants are where it’s at for gender-neutral baby bottoms. The slightly baggy style leaves plenty of room for even the bulkiest diapers (good news if you’re going the cloth diaper route), and the attached feet mean there’s no need for socks. Heads up: These pants run big, so the 0-3 month size fits closer to 3-6 months.

Joggers are another great gender-neutral style of pants, and the chic color palette of this set will look stylish on any baby.

These pull-on, non-footed pants are as basic as it gets, and they’re perfect for mixing and matching with bodysuits of all colors.

What baby doesn’t look cute in overalls? The pastel yellow and marigold stripes are bright and cheery, and baby can wear them alone or with a t-shirt or bodysuit underneath.


Footies are the ultimate day-to-night transition piece when your baby is tiny, and the footie from Goumi Kids makes it even easier with fold-over mittens and socks.

No one likes changing a diaper in the middle of the night, but you can make it easier on your sleep-deprived self by giving yourself easy access. These gowns are long enough to cover baby’s legs, but the open bottom is a cinch to pull up for a quick diaper change.


When the weather starts to get cold, make sure there are one or two jackets or sweaters in baby’s wardrobe. We love this one from Simple Joys by Carter’s because of the warm, soft sherpa lining and easy zipper. And bear ears look adorable on every baby.

A knit sweater is a fun, fashion-forward addition to any baby’s look that will also keep them snuggly warm.


Super soft, stretchy and breathable fabric makes this hat a go-to for many parents to keep baby’s noggin warm.

Back at it again with the little ears! This fleece hat not only looks sweet, but it’ll help keep baby’s (real) ears warm in chilly weather.

These stretchy, comfy socks keep toes warm and soles from slipping (thanks to the grippy bottoms for walking babies).

We love rainbows for any baby, and these soft terry cotton socks bring a burst of brightness to any outfit.

Perhaps the absolute favorite cold-weather gear of many parents (as the reviews can attest to), these booties really, truly stay one your little one’s feet—no matter how wiggly they are. Toes stay toasty warm, and the material stays soft and in shape through countless washes.

Babies don’t really need shoes until they start walking, but these tiny moccasins are a cute way to keep baby’s feet covered when you’re out and about. And they look good with just about any outfit!

A jewel-toned bib will complement any little one’s outfit and help keep ‘em clean. These Copper Pearl bandana-style bibs are adjustable to three sizes and feature snaps instead of Velcro so they won’t snag.

Bandana bibs are really half drool catcher, half fashion statement. These bibs from Tiny Kind are soft and absorbent, and the neutral zebra design is too cute to pass up.

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