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Best Winter Baby Clothes
November 2, 2023

Best Winter Baby Clothes

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What to add to your baby's wardrobe to keep them warm and cozy as the temperature starts to dip.Best Winter Baby Clothes

Even if you don’t love colder temps, everyone can agree that a bundled baby is a definite perk of winter.

It’s all about striking a balance when you’re shopping for winter clothing and essentials for your little one. You don’t want them too cold, but you don’t want to overheat them with too many layers, either. You’ll also want to think about the climate where you live and your lifestyle. Do you love outdoor winter activities or are you more of a hibernate-til-the-spring family? Will you be walking outside with your baby most days even if it’s cold, or spend more time in the car running errands? This can help you decide what type of outwear, clothing and accessories you’ll need for those chillier months. Plus, if you’re registering now, it’s a great idea to ad this category of baby clothes—here are some tips on registering for baby clothes.

One winter safety tip to keep in mind: winter coats and car seats don’t mix. Coats and other thick layers are bulky, and no matter how much you tighten your car seat straps, you’ll leave behind a few inches of slack—and that means your baby may slide out of their seat in the event of a crash. Instead, dress your baby or toddler in two to four thin layers or use a blanket or car seat cover that fits over (never under) your seat’s straps.

Outerwear and Cozy Layers

Baby outwear can be a little confusing, especially for first-time parents, so keep these basics in mind. It’s always easier to add layers than to remove them. Add a footmuff or heavy blanket to your stroller and you won’t need a super warm coat. (You can move to a warmer coat once your little one starts walking and wants to be out of the stroller more.) And a warm bunting is perfect if you’re babywearing during the winter or if your little one is in a bassinet.

Magnetic Me 
Fleece Pram

This one-piece fleece suit features magnetic closures for easy on and off.

Warmplus Favorite Water Repellent Polartec Fleece Jacket

A midweight fleece jacket with a flap design for easy access and a hood for extra warmth.

Infant Hi-Loft Down Sweater Bunting

If you’re planning to spend a lot of time outdoors in chilly weather this winter with your baby, this bunting is 100% worth the splurge.

Baby puffer suit

A lighter-weight bunting at a much more affordable price.

Magnetic Me 
Fleece Jacket

Magnetic closures to make getting dressed easy and an ultra-soft fleece.


A chunky knit cardigan that’s just right for layering.

Infants' Wicked Warm Underwear One-Piece

This midweight one-piece makes the perfect first layer for the littlest family member if you’re heading out in the cold for the day.

Goumi Kids x Babylist 
Fleece Bear Ear Baby Bunting Suit

This soft bunting features wrist and ankle cuffs, plus a bear ear hood for extra cuteness.

Burt's Bees Baby 
Organic Sleep & Play Footie Pajamas

These footies keep baby cozy from playtime to bedtime.

Winter Accessories

Tiny hats and mittens are more than just cute—they’ll help keep your little one warm and comfortable all winter long. Baby pulling off their hat? Try one with a tie bottom or a snap closure.

Cozie Fleece Bootie

These fleece booties are more than just warm—they’re the only ones that actually stay on.

Bixbee Bootie

Baby UGGs, anyone? (Yes, please.)

7AM Enfant 
Beanies (2 Pack)

The cutest baby and toddler beanie around.

Ribbed Hat

This ribbed hat is ideal if you live in a climate that gets cool but not too chilly.

Magnetic Me 
Fleece Hat

If your baby is constantly trying to pull off their hat, try this one.

Organic Knit Stay-On Baby Mitts

These baby mitts feature an adjustable fit and ribbed knit around the wrist for added warmth.

Cozie Fleece Lined Mitten

Warm, cozy fleece and an attached cord so you’ll never go searching for a lost mitten.

Footmuffs and Blankets

A stroller footmuff (sometimes called a stroller bunting) is like a warm, cozy sleeping bag for your baby when you’re on the go. Footmuffs feature cutouts in the back and bottom for your stroller’s harness straps. Many also feature adjustable bottoms so you can use them as your baby grows. Some footmuffs are universal, so they’ll fit almost any brand and model of stroller; others are made to fit specific stroller brands.

7AM Enfant 
Benji Blanket 212 Evolution

Waterproof and super warm, this stroller bunting is the only one you’ll need from the baby days through the toddler years.

JJ Cole 
Original BundleMe Infant Bunting Bag

This affordable bunting is safe for use with an infant car seat.

High Performance Footmuff

If you have a Bugaboo stroller, this adjustable footmuff is the perfect accessory for keeping your baby warm all winter long.

YOYO Footmuff

This footmuff is made just for the YOYO stroller and comes in lots of on-trend colors.

Simka Rose 
Waffle Blanket

A waffle knit, lightweight blanket for easy layering.

Oilo Studio 
Jersey Cuddle Blanket

This blanket features a chenille layer on one side and a soft cotton jersey on the other.

Crane Baby 
Cotton Chambray Baby Quilt

This quilt works as a blanket for older toddlers or as a soft spot to play for babies.

Plush Blanket

Affordable and warm, keep this fuzzy blanket in your stroller basket for colder days.

Cold Weather Swaddles

Sometimes called a wearable blanket, a sleep sack helps to keep your baby warm in their crib without using loose blankets. These sleep sacks are specifically designed for chillier temps. How can you tell? Check their TOG, which stands for Thermal Overall Grade, a term that indicates how much heat the fabric retains.

SleepSack Swaddle Micro Fleece

This well-priced 3.0 TOG fleece sleep sack works as both a swaddle for younger babies and a wearable blanket for older ones.

Sleep Suit Bag 2.5 Tog

Great for older babies and toddlers, the Sleep Suit converts from a sleep bag to a sleep suit using four-way zippers and works in room temperatures from 61 to 71 degrees.

Loulou Lollipop 
TENCEL Sleep Bag 2.5 Tog

This sleep bag isn’t just warm—it’s one of the softest around.

4 Season Ultimate Baby Sleep Bag

Merino wool is a unique fabric that keeps your baby warm all winter and keeps them cool during the summer, too.

Kyte Baby 
2.5 TOG Bamboo Sleep Bag

Bamboo makes it super soft, and the extra length gives room to wiggle and grow.
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