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Best Toddler Snowsuits
Updated on
September 14, 2023

Best Toddler Snowsuits

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Best Toddler Snowsuits

Snowsuits have come a long way from the “I can’t put my arms down” variety you may remember from your childhood. Updated technology has made snowsuit fabrics lighter and warmer, giving kids extra mobility as they play outside. Investing a little time and energy into selecting the right snowsuit will pay off in spades–you may even be able to enjoy an entire hot cup of coffee while the kids have a snowball fight in the backyard!

What to Consider When Shopping for a Snowsuit

What types of activities will your toddler be doing in their snowsuit?

Will they be joining toddler ski school and staying outside for hours? Do they just need something to keep them warm for an occasional snowball fight? Do you live in an urban environment and want a snowsuit that will easily fit in a stroller?

How important is it for your toddler’s snowsuit to be waterproof?

Will your child want to get up close and personal with every snowbank on your block? Or do you have the type of child who prefers catching snowflakes and keeping their boots on the ground?

Do you have younger children to pass the snowsuit down to?

If so, you might want to choose a higher-quality, more durable snowsuit that will last through multiple wearers.

What size is ideal for your child?

It can be tricky to get the perfect fitting snowsuit. If your toddler is wearing a 2T this winter, it’s tempting to purchase a 3T so they can get two years of use. But remember that there is quite a bit of difference in length between a 2T and a 3T, and little legs may have trouble navigating the extra fabric. Plus, a too-big snowsuit allows cold air to enter, which may eliminate critical warmth. Many companies have their own sizing charts that are slightly different than sizing for regular clothes. Be sure to double-check the company sizing chart before making a purchase.

Best Overall Snowsuit

Somehow, Namuk created the unicorn of snowsuits: one that’s highly waterproof, breathable, durable and warm. It has a chin guard, a hidden pacifier holder, a garbage pocket, reflective details and even a waist-level zipper that will allow for diaper changes or bathroom breaks without removing the entire snowsuit. And to top it all off, this snowsuit is over 93 percent biodegradable. If your child will only casually play in the snow every once in a while, you likely don’t need all of these bells and whistles. But families who are serious about the great outdoors will love these features that keep kids comfy all day long.

Warmest Snowsuit

If heat is what you’re after, Canada Goose has you covered. Packed with responsibly sourced down, this snowsuit is designed to stay warm and dry in extreme conditions. Plus, it has additional fabric that allows for 1.5-inch extension in the sleeves and 2-inch extension in the legs to grow with your child.

Most Eco-Friendly Snowsuit

Made from recycled fishing nets and reclaimed down, purchasing this super comfy snowsuit will make you feel good in more ways than one. It has a double zipper for easy in-and-out access, and longer arms and legs that even keep crawlers covered and warm. Should the snowsuit malfunction in any way, Patagonia will repair or replace it for free, and when your toddler grows out of it, you can sell it back to Patagonia’s Worn Wear program.

Best Sporty Snowsuit

This snowsuit is perfect for the kid who wants to stand out on the slopes. (More importantly, the colorful designs will help you spot your toddler in a crowd.) Burton created a fabric that’s breathable, waterproof and quick-drying. This snowsuit also features anti-scuff cuffs, microfleece-lined hand warmer pockets, reflective details and a Room-to-Grow system that can extend the length of the sleeves and legs by 1.5 inches.

Best Waterproof Snowsuit

Warm and waterproof, this snowsuit is designed to keep the snow and rain away from your toddler. The cuffs are comfortable and adjustable, and the cuffs, seat and knees are all reinforced. Plus, the Outgrown system allows for the sleeves and legs to extend by 1.5 inches.

Most Colorful Snowsuit

What could possibly be better than a dragon? A rainbow dragon! This cute suit is ideal for creative kids who will have a roaring good time bringing the heat to imaginative snow play.

Best Budget Snowsuit

Don’t plan to spend a ton of time in the snow and need a warm snowsuit for the occasional snow day? Arctix is here for you. Although this snowsuit lacks some of the sustainability and adjustable elements that the other snowsuits offer, it will certainly keep your active toddler warm and dry—all the way down to -20 degrees.

Best Snow Bib

Do you already have a warm, waterproof jacket for your toddler? Then you may want to consider adding a snow bib rather than purchasing a separate snowsuit. The soft fleece top has adjustable shoulder straps, and the leg length can be moved up or down for a customized fit.

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