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Best Baby Booties
March 30, 2023

Best Baby Booties

By Babylist Team
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Best Baby Booties.
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Booties are some of the best baby footwear for little feet in the first few months.Best Baby Booties

In the first few months (and years!) of baby’s life, coziness is key. You want to keep your little one comfortable from head to toes—which means investing in a few pairs of baby booties should be on that baby to-do list.

But what exactly are baby booties? And why do you need them?

Baby booties are not quite socks and not quite shoes. They are a soft but structured form of footwear for your non-walker—something to keep those feet covered and warm, and often with gripper bottoms for those first few steps—but without the hardness and stability baby’s first shoes will offer. After all, little feet, while bundled and warm, need some room to grow. Think of them as slippers for babies, but really, they’re transitional footwear, so that your little one gets used to the idea of having something more structured than socks on their feet.

When purchasing baby booties, consider the style—newborn booties will be much softer and less structured than booties meant for new walkers, who will need grippers on the bottoms of their booties to help them along.

You’ll also want to think about the materials your baby booties are made off. Choose soft, comfortable and breathable materials.

Here are some adorable favorites.

Best Lightweight Booties for Babies

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