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Best Toddler Snow Boots
Updated on
September 14, 2023

Best Toddler Snow Boots

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Best Toddler Snow Boots.
Best Toddler Snow Boots

Can you hear that glorious crunch-crunch-crunch of your boots stomping through brand new, stark white snow? You may be dying to make similar warm and fuzzy memories for your toddler. But until they get a few winters under their belt, they may find walking through the snow can be a tricky endeavor…especially if they only recently learned to walk.

Before you bring your toddler outside on the first snow day of the season, you want to set them up for success by putting their cute little feet in the best snow boots you can find. Of course, it can be tricky to find the perfect fit when there are fewer and fewer stores you can take your child to try on boots in real life. Check out these tips for pinpointing snow boots that will be a good match for your toddler.

Tips for Sizing Your Toddler’s Snow Boots

  1. Consider purchasing a shoe sizer that you can use at home. Here’s one you can print at home. Or trace the outline of your little one’s feet (both of them!) with paper and a pencil and then measure with a ruler.
  2. Don’t purchase boots too many months in advance. If your child has a growth spurt, they may outgrow the boots before they have a chance to wear them!
  3. Remember that you probably want to size up (or maybe even go up two sizes!), especially if you plan to put your child in thicker socks. But don’t go more than two sizes up or it will be tough for your child to walk.
  4. Double check the brand size guide for any tips, warnings or guidance.
  5. Consider purchasing multiple sizes, especially if you’re buying from a store with free returns.
  6. Check the fit. If a snow boot has a removable liner, pull it out of the boot, place it on your child’s foot (along with whatever socks they will likely wear) and have them stand up tall. If the boot does not have a removable liner, you can usually remove the insole to measure in the same way. For a good fit (with room to grow for the season), there should be room for the width of your finger by your child’s toes.
  7. Once you find boots that fit, encourage your little one to stomp around the house in them. That way, by the time snow falls they’ll be confident that their boots are made for walking. (And sledding!)

Of course, size isn’t the only thing to think about when selecting snow boots. You should consider when and how your child will be interacting with the snow. Do you need boots for serious, all-day snow play? Or are you just trotting from the house to the car?

Other Things to Consider When Buying Toddler Snow Boots

  • How often will your child be walking in a significant snowfall? Do you live in an area with snow from October to March? Does snowfall in your area generally stay under two inches?

  • Will your toddler be responsible for switching shoes at school or day care? If so, prioritize easy-on, easy-off features.

  • Do you need the boots to be completely waterproof (rather than water resistant)? Do you want their feet to stay completely dry? Do you plan to use these boots in the rain as well as the snow?

  • Can your toddler handle a boot that is physically heavy? Some snow boots weigh a good bit more than toddler sneakers. New walkers or smaller children may require boots that are lightweight.

Best Overall Toddler Snow Boots

It may be cold outside, but these insulated boots will keep tiny toes toasty all the way to -35 degrees! Slushy puddles are no match for this sturdy, lightweight boot, and its taller upper will help keep lower legs protected when kids stomp through snow piles. Kids will have an easy time yanking the boots on using the two heel loops and the simple toggle closure. As a bonus, these boots even have anti-stink lining!

Best Snow Boots for Deep Snow

Do you wanna build a snowman? Or climb through snowdrifts? Stay on the sledding hill for hours? With their waterproof exterior, fleece-lined interior and higher platform, these are the perfect boots for serious snowplay.

Best All-Day Snow Boots

Want to keep your child’s feet warm and dry when you’re on the go but don’t want to carry a change of shoes? These shorter boots have all day staying power. Though they won’t work for knee-deep snow, these boots are warm, waterproof and easy to wear both indoors and out.

Best Snow Boots for Newer Walkers

Ultra lightweight and flexible, these cute boots help stabilize unsteady ankles and maximize grip on snowy terrain. Though these boots are not the best choice for rugged snowplay, they’re perfect for new walkers and urban adventures.

Best Snow Boots for Independent Kids

Does “I can do it myself!” echo through your house on a daily basis? Then add to cart now! These insulated boots slip on and off with ease because even the youngest toddlers will be able to grip the handles and pull. Since there’s no seal at the top, these boots won’t keep socks dry in deep snow, but they will certainly keep your little one warm when traveling on (mostly) shoveled sidewalks.

Best Snow Boots for Active Kids

Perfect for the kid who likes to go, go, go! These boots feel almost like sneakers: the flexible rubber sole allows kids to move easily while the two hook and loop closures keep the boots secure. With a fleece lining and waterproof upper, these shorter boots will keep little feet and ankles warm.

Best Snow Boots for Wide Feet

These sturdy boots expand to accommodate wider feet without adding unnecessary bulk. The two rip-and-grip closures help keep the boots secure while the traction treads on the rubber soles keep toddlers steadier on slippery snow.

Best Combo Boots for Rain or Snow

Have a toddler who can’t pass a puddle without splashing in it? These boots are for you. The all-rubber exterior will keep rain and snow out while the thermal guard liner keeps them warm. Keep in mind that due to the less flexible nature of rubber around the ankle, these boots will be a little more difficult to run around in. (Which could either be a pro or a con depending on how you look at it!)

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