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Babylist Gear Editor Picks: Baby and Kids’ Clothes
March 12, 2020

Babylist Gear Editor Picks: Baby and Kids’ Clothes

By Babylist Team
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Babylist Gear Editor Picks: Baby and Kids’ Clothes.
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Babylist Gear Editor Picks: Baby and Kids’ Clothes

Jen LaBracio is Babylist’s Gear Editor, a role that perfectly combines her love of (obsessive) research with her love of all things baby gear. When she’s not testing out a new high chair or pushing the latest stroller model around her neighborhood, she likes to run, read and spend time at the beach. She lives in New Jersey with her husband Peter and her son Will.

Although at times it can feel like yet another thing to check off of my (seemingly endless) to-do list, buying clothes for my son has been one of the more fun parenting “chores” I’ve been hard at work at since he was born. I’ve tried a ton of brands, but there are some I keep coming back to again and again. I’m sharing my favorites with you below!

The Best Baby Clothes Basics

While dressing your little one up for a special occasion is super fun, everyday basics like bodysuits, footies, and rompers are the pieces you’re going to reach for on the daily. These are my favorite brands that consistently deliver the best basics.


While I’ll never say no to a cheeky bodysuit every now and again, I’m much more of a no-frills type of mom when it comes to dressing my son. I want sensible, uncomplicated clothing that’s practical, well made, and easy to mix and match—which is exactly what Primary is all about. Their clothing is all the right kinds of “basic” and covers the building blocks of your kiddo’s wardrobe with items like bodysuits, leggings, rompers, PJs and more. You won’t find any crazy slogans or wacky patterns, but what you will find is that you’ll be reaching for this clothing again and again as your little one grows.


Another tried-and-true favorite, Carter’s is a brand that’s been around for a long time—in fact, there’s a good chance your parents dressed you in it when you were younger, too. For me, this established brand is all about value and variety. From everyday basics to dressier picks, Carter’s has you covered. Many of their basics (think bodysuits, pants and sleepers) come in well-priced value packs of three, four or even five. And their sales can’t be beat.

Hannah Andersson

Best. Pajamas. Ever. Need I say more? (Well, maybe just a bit.) This Scandinavian-inspired brand is a longtime favorite for lots of reasons, namely quality and design, and their everyday basics are just as great as their dressier options…but let’s get back to those pajamas. The quality is amazing. They wash incredibly well and last for years. They come in the most adorable prints, and there are matching options for the whole family. And I swear they magically grow with your little one, because it feels like they last forever. What’s not to love?

Tea Collection

Tea is my go-to for everyday favorites that are a bit more unique than what you’ll find at most other large retailers. From rompers and bodysuits for babies to graphic tees and dresses for toddlers and older kiddos, so much of their clothing features completely original prints and patterns that stand out (in a good way) from what else is out there. They also have a great selection of special occasion clothes that are just as fun and original as their everyday offerings.

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Affordable Baby Clothes Picks

Babies and toddlers grow quickly, and nothing is more frustrating than finding that romper you splurged on in the back of your closet with the tags still on it because your little one didn’t even have a chance to wear it. These favorite picks make dressing your kiddo a bit easier on the wallet.

Cat and Jack by Target

Is there anything that Target can’t do well? (Answer: no.) Cat and Jack, an in-house Target brand, is a consistent favorite of mine when I’m looking to stock my little one’s closet and not spend a fortune. The clothes are modern and on-trend, hold up really well and, best of all, are incredibly affordable. (I’m talking $5 bodysuits and $8 dresses here, guys.) They also often feature great holiday shops (think occasions like Hanukkah, Christmas or Easter) for dress-up outfits that are cute but won’t break the bank.

Old Navy

It’s not possible to talk about great, affordable kids clothing without mentioning Old Navy. This popular favorite consistently delivers when it comes to baby, toddler and big kid clothes that are stylish and really well-priced. My personal favorites include new baby essentials for little ones, the huge selection of toddler dresses, and the khakis and other play pants that can withstand a ton of wear and tear.

Zara Kids

Spanish retailer Zara rounds off my list of affordable favorite baby and kid picks. The overall aesthetic is more “cool adult clothes made tiny” rather than “clothes made just for babies and kids,” which I really like. They have a lot of great basics, including organic options, and even feature capsule collections that make stocking your little one’s closet super easy. There’s also a significant amount of dressier styles that work for holiday outfits or whenever you want to show off how cute your baby looks in teeny, tiny skinny jeans.

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All Organic All the Time

Prefer organic when it comes to your little one’s clothing? These are the brands I shop.

Monica and Andy

Started by a mom who was committed to finding clothing for her baby that was made from 100% organic fabrics, Monica + Andy is one of my brands of choice for organic baby and kid clothing. Their baby boxes are a personal fave—they make great gifts or a nice splurge if you’re looking to treat yourself. And don’t even get me started on the cuteness of their limited prints…pizza party, anyone?

Burt’s Bees Baby

Burt’s Bees is another favorite organic brand, and probably the most well-priced of all of my picks. They make a ton of functional, practical pieces (zippered footed sleepers, bodysuits, etc.), many sold in packs, that are pretty affordable when compared to other organic brands. Their organic fabric is ultra soft and their color palette is pretty neutral so you can mix and match a lot of the pieces.

L’oved Baby

L’oved Baby makes some of my favorite organic zippered footies ever. They’re soft, easy to take on and off, and come in a wide range of soft, beautiful colors. And the rest of their clothing is just as great. Their organic cotton basics collection has everything you need to kick off your organic baby clothing collection.

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Indie Picks

Looking for clothes you won’t see every other kid wearing? Willing to spend a little more on pieces that are made in smaller batches and are a bit more original? These are the brands I head for when I’m looking for a unique splurge.

Rylee and Cru

A natural color palette and a whimsical design sensibility make me wish I lived in the year-round southern California sunshine every time I look at clothes from Rylee and Cru. They don’t come cheap, but wow, are they beautiful. (And soft, and well made, and just all-around lovely.) And they make clothes for mama, too!

Winter Water Factory

Switching gears from California cool to Brooklyn hip, Winter Water Factory is where it’s at for fresh, bold and beautiful textile-inspired prints for babies and kids. (Everything’s organic, too—another thing to love.) The brand makes some ridiculously cute bubble rompers and some of my favorite hoodie sweatshirts around. They also often run collaborations with various artists and designers that are definitely worth a look.

Childhoods Clothing

Childhoods Clothing, formerly an Etsy shop, has morphed into one of my go-to brands when I’m looking for clothing that’s a little more unique than what else is out there. I love the relaxed, laid-back sensibility of all the pieces. The colors aren’t necessarily neutral, but all have the same earthy, cozy feel. And their shorties are just about the cutest way I can think of to show off pudgy baby legs.

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