5 Best Nursing Pajamas of 2020
Best Nursing Pajamas
January 1, 2019

Best Nursing Pajamas

These are comfy, cute and designed especially for breastfeeding moms.Best Nursing Pajamas

You’ll never appreciate the simple comforts of life more than when you’re taking care of a newborn: sipping a desperately needed cup of coffee, taking a shower after who knows how many dry-shampoo days, getting an extra 23 minutes of sleep and slipping into the comfiest pair of pajamas.

You might find yourself spending a crazy amount of time in your jammies during those first few months. If you plan on breastfeeding, we recommend ponying up for some nursing pajamas. They can make you more comfortable, especially during chillier nighttime feeding sessions.

That’s because nursing pajamas are designed for breastfeeding—with pull-down or pull-apart fabric at the chest. They keep the rest of you covered up so you don’t get goosebumps during the middle of the night or give your visitors a full-on peep show. The bonus? Most can also be worn during maternity because of their stretchy fabric or looser fits.

Take a look at the best PJs we’ve found for everyone from die-hard nightgown types to those who prefer top-and-bottom combos.

A Stretchy Nightie

This stretchy, short-sleeve nightie made from breathable organic cotton is perfect for warm summer nights. And, overlapping fabric makes it easy to just pull the fabric apart for nursing access while keeping the rest of you covered. Boob also has a variety of other maternity and nursing clothes, activewear and swimwear.

Additional Specs
Sizes XS-XL

Sweet Shorts Set

Are shorts more your sleep style? Then this spaghetti-strap set by Belabumbum is for you. Clips on the straps let you unlatch and pull the fabric down for nursing sessions. And, the built-in shelf bra provides gentle support.

Additional Specs
Sizes S-XL

Layered Up

Whether temps are running warm or cool, you’ll feel just right in this coordinated set, made from buttery soft cotton and spandex. And it has a layered top that allows for easy access.

Additional Specs
Sizses XS-XXL

Luxe Looks

These are the fancy pajamas of your dreams, and by dreams we mean silky-smooth pima cotton that gets softer with every wash and lacy detailing. A crossover V-neck lets you pull aside the fabric to nurse, and the set comes in four classic colors.

Additional Specs
Sizes S/M and L/XL

Multi-Tasking Dress

Sure, this roomy rayon dress is great for breastfeeding—it has snaps down the front and side pockets to slip pacifiers into—but it’s equally awesome to wear out and about. Don this flowy Dwell + Slumber number during pregnancy or wear it all day and night postpartum (hey, that’s what maternity leave is all about!). Note: these do tend to sell out, but they’re restocked often.

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Sizes One size fits sizes XS-XL
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