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Best Nursing Pajamas
February 7, 2024

Best Nursing Pajamas

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Best Nursing Pajamas

You’ll never appreciate the simple comforts of life more than when you’re taking care of a newborn: sipping a desperately needed cup of coffee, taking a shower after who knows how many dry-shampoo days, getting an extra 23 minutes of sleep and slipping into the comfiest pair of pajamas.

You might find yourself spending a crazy amount of time in your jammies during those first few months. If you plan on breastfeeding, we recommend adding some nursing pajamas to your wardrobe. They’ll help keep you comfy and provide easy access for nursing, especially during chillier nighttime feeding sessions.

That’s because nursing pajamas are designed specifically for breastfeeding—with pull-down or pull-apart fabric at the chest. They keep the rest of you covered so you stay warm and cozy during late-night feedings. The bonus? Most can also be worn as maternity pajamas because of their stretchy fabric or looser fits, which is smart since you’ll get a ton of wear out of them.

Babylist’s Picks for the Best Nursing Pajamas

Best Nursing Pajama Set

If you’re looking for nursing-friendly pajamas with longevity, this set from Seraphine will last far beyond just the breastfeeding stage with features for before, during and after you’re nursing. It’s made of soft jersey material, so it’s got built-in stretch as your belly grows during pregnancy. While you’re nursing, the top of the shirt separates to allow for easy access for baby or a breast pump. And long after you’ve stopped nursing, the super soft fabric will still keep you cozy in colder weather.

Additional Specs
Sizes XS-XXL

Best Affordable Nursing Pajama Set

Since you won’t be nursing forever, you may not want to spend a ton on clothing for this period of life. This two piece set is affordable, comfy and cute (so you definitely could wear it well beyond your nursing journey!). We love the discreet side-open layer that let’s you easily you’re feed your baby or pump and when you’re done simply slide it back over. The set comes in a variety of fun colors and prints and there’s also an option to choose a set with long pants instead of shorts.

Additional Specs

Sizes S-XXL

Best Nursing Pajama Top

Even if you’re all set on pajama bottoms, it’s still a good idea to add a couple nursing tops into your PJ mix. Luckily, you can use any nursing top that’s comfortable enough to sleep in, like this casual v-neck top from Of An Origin. This versatile yet comfy top is made from 100% cotton and it can be worn day or night.

Additional Specs
Sizes XS-XXL

Best Nursing Nightgown

More of a nightgown person? We get that. Nightgowns are perfect for warmer weather and are often easier for nursing access, not to mention way comfortable if you have a C-section incision. This nightgown from Stars Above isn’t specifically a nursing nightgown, but it’s well-loved among breastfeeding (and pregnant) parents thanks to its super soft material and buttons for easy milk access.

Additional Specs
Sizes XS-XXL

Best Nursing Pajamas for the Hospital

If you deliver your baby in a hospital, you’re going to have to wear a hospital gown. But you don’t necessarily have to wear their hospital gown. This one from Kindred Bravely is not only a lot softer and cuter than your typical hospital garb, it also doubles as a nursing nightgown. Velcro closures down the front and back give your delivery team easy access for an epidural and/or C-section incision while closures at the shoulders allow you to pull the material down and give your baby easy access for skin-to-skin and nursing. And did we mention it has pockets?!

Additional Specs
Sizes S/M/L or XL/XXL

Best Nursing Pajamas with a Robe

Robes are often a much-appreciated feature of any nursing pajama set, especially during your hospital stay and for those times when loved ones are visiting. They provide a quick cover if you prefer modesty, but they also pull aside easily when baby is ready to nurse. Not only does this pajama and robe set get the nursing and covering job done, it also comes with a matching gown and hat for your newborn (so get your camera ready for that first #twinning shot!).

Additional Specs
Sizes XS-XL

Best Plus-Size Nursing Pajamas

Loungewear never looked so chic! Perfect for pregnancy, nursing and every day, this soft jersey cotton pajama set is both comfortable and luxurious. The half-button top makes nursing easy, and the pants are C-section friendly with a wide, mid-height waistband. Pair that with the belted robe and overall loose fit and you’ll be set for ultra-comfy relaxation.

Additional Specs
Sizes XS-4X

Most Convenient Nursing Pajamas

The whole point of nursing-friendly pajamas is having easy access for breastfeeding or pumping—and when you’re exhausted in the middle of the night, you might not want to fumble with buttons or strap clips. Pull-aside tops are typically the easiest for nursing, but if you want ease and convenience with a little more modesty, check out this magnetic-closure set from Magnetic Me. Even at your most sleep-deprived, it’s easy to just pull down on one side of the magnets to pop them open. Made with the same unbelievably soft modal fabric as the magnetic-closure baby outfits they’re known for, this set also features a soft, wide waistband that won’t irritate C-section incisions.

Additional Specs
Sizes XS-XXL

Best Nursing Pajamas Worth the Splurge

Cute enough to wear out of the house, cozy enough to lounge around (and go to bed) in. This jumpsuit by Hatch Collection is functional and stylish. It’s made from 100% cotton and the button-down top allows easy access for nursing or pumping. It’s on the pricery side but can carry you through pregnancy, postpartum and beyond. We also love their super soft Pointelle nightgown too!

Additional Specs

Sizes 0-3

Best Bamboo Nursing Pajama Set

So these aren’t specifically nursing PJS, but the button-down top and super soft bamboo fabric make them a great pick for nursing as well as pregnancy and postpartum. The brand is also size inclusive with a wide range available to fit every body.

Additional Specs


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