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Eight Lifesaving Maternity Wear Hacks
Updated on
October 26, 2023

Eight Lifesaving Maternity Wear Hacks

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Eight Lifesaving Maternity Wear Hacks.
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Eight Lifesaving Maternity Wear Hacks

Your body changes so much—and so quickly—while you’re pregnant, so you’ll definitely need some new clothes that fit your growing belly.

But it’s only nine months (we know, it can feel a lot longer than that!), so you don’t necessarily want to go out and spend a lot of money on a whole new maternity wardrobe. (Pssst…if this is you, you can also consider maternity clothing rental and subscriptions.)

These nine maternity hacks, tips and tricks can save you from buying all the maternity clothes, save you money and keep you comfortable and feeling good.

Extend Your Fave Jeans

Pregnancy dilemma: your belly is getting bigger—too big to button your favorite pants or jeans—but you’re not quite ready for maternity clothes. These maternity pants extenders help you through that transition time.

A DIY Maternity Pants Expander

Or you can DIY a pregnancy pants extender This hair tie tutorial can help you extend the use of your non-maternity pants with a simple rubber band or hair tie.

Slip-On Shoes

Whether your feet are swollen (hi, fun pregnancy symptom!) or your expanding belly is making it harder to bend down to get those shoes on, slip-on shoes are a pregnancy lifesaver. These Birkenstocks are easy to get on and off and give arch support for extra comfort. Birks not your thing? Toms are great, too, though they don’t have the arch support. In the winter, Chelsea boots like these can work.

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Compression Is Your Friend

Compression socks and tights are a great way to feel relief when your feet or legs are swelling, especially if you sit or stand for long stretches at a time. If you’re flying during your pregnancy, wear them on the plane to prevent blood clots. These come in lots of fun colors and patterns to brighten up your sock wardrobe.

Secondhand Maternity Clothes

From sweaters to dresses, pants to skirts, a lot of maternity clothes people buy don’t get a ton of wear. That’s why secondhand maternity clothes can be a score, whether they’re hand-me-downs from friends your size, or consignment stores, like this shirt from Motherhood Closet.

Sports Bra Instead of Maternity Bra

Maternity bras can be a pricey investment for a short period of wear. A sports bra can keep help support your girls for less cash, and you can use it for regular wear in addition to exercising. Look for ones that have a back closure and provide a good amount of support, but not a lot of compression (you don’t want to be squished). Old Navy has a good selection of affordable sports bras as well.

Or Extend the Bra You Have

Or you can skip buying new bras altogether, get this 3 pack of bra extenders and wear the bras you already have.

Maxi Dresses are Your New BFF

Maxi dresses are go-tos during pregnancy—they the fit the bump, are comfortable and chances are you can wear them postpartum and beyond (plus, they’re so close to actual maternity dresses). Consider sizing up in regular clothes—new or used—if you can.

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