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Best Maternity Leggings of 2024
January 4, 2024

Best Maternity Leggings of 2024

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Best Maternity Leggings of 2024

Peanut butter and jelly, Netflix and rainy days, forks and spoons and…pregnancy and leggings. Some things just make sense together.

A good pair (or two, or three) of maternity leggings should be a staple in any pregnancy wardrobe. Think of maternity leggings like the little black dress of your bump look—you can dress them up or down, wear them just about anywhere and a really good pair will take you from your first trimester all the way through delivery day and beyond. Toss them under a maternity dress or under a robe and you’re instantly put together!

We’re rounding up the best maternity leggings that you’ll be able to wear during pregnancy and postpartum based on reviews from Babylist gear experts and other parents.

Best Maternity Leggings That Aren’t Maternity Leggings

We realize it’s a bit strange to kick off the best maternity leggings roundup with leggings that aren’t designed specifically for pregnant people. But according to pretty much everyone we know (us included), Lululemon Aligns are the holy grail of maternity leggings.

There’s something seriously magic about these leggings. They are soft, seamless and amazingly comfortable. They hold up really well over time, even after lots of washes. (Pro tip: skip the dryer and hang to dry instead.) They come in a huge array of lengths, colors and patterns, waist heights and with or without pockets.

But the best part? The same pair will fit you before, during and after your pregnancy, and they’ll never stretch out, even after you’ve worn them for eight weeks straight during your third trimester. We told you—magic!

For another not-maternity-but-loved-by-pregnant-people legging (at a much lower price point), check out the OFFLINE by Aerie OG Legging. They’re affordable, soft and not super high-waisted so you can comfortably wear them under your belly if that’s the fit you prefer. They also come in different lengths.

Best Affordable Maternity Leggings

You definitely don’t have to spend a ton to get a pair of great maternity leggings. These over-the-bump leggings are under twenty bucks, come in tons of colors and are unbelievably soft according to several parents-to-be. They’re comfortable enough for lounging in around the house but look sleek enough to wear outside the house, too

Most Comfortable Maternity Leggings

It’s almost impossible to slip on these leggings without an audible sigh of relief—they’re truly that comfortable. Made from Beyond Yoga’s Spacedye fabric, they’re buttery soft, have just the right amount of stretch and support without feeling restrictive and are moisture-wicking to keep you feeling cool.

These are high-waisted leggings that can be worn over your bump or folded down if you prefer an under-the-bump style. They’re designed to hold up in the washer and the dryer, so no special laundry instructions needed, and they’re also available with pockets. We love them for everyday wear just as much as we do for workouts

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Best Maternity Leggings for Belly Support

Looking for maternity leggings with some support but not full-on compression? Blanqi’s Belly Support leggings strike the perfect balance between traditional leggings and compression styles. There’s a built-in band that supports your growing belly in all the right places. (The front panel also expands as you get further into your pregnancy.) The material is perfect—soft, breathable and moisture-wicking. And the style and colors make it easy to either dress these up or down depending on your mood.

We think these leggings run on the smaller side, so size up when ordering.

Best Size-Inclusive Maternity Leggings

There’s a lot to love about these maternity leggings, starting with the fact that they’re available in sizes from XXS through 6XL and in two different inseam lengths. They’re also really eco-friendly; the material is made from 83% nylon from recycled fishing nets.

They work for everyday wear as well as for workouts and you can fold them either over or under your belly. We love the colors and the soft fabric that has just the right amount of stretch. Just note you’ll want to keep them out of the dryer; the brand recommends drying them flat.

Best Maternity Leggings for C-section

It’s common to feel pretty sore after a C-section. While compression leggings can help support you postpartum, we’ve found that many are simply too tight and uncomfortable in the weeks immediately following surgery, especially around your tender incision area.

Storq’s Signature Leggings are just the right mix of soft and supportive. The belly panel hugs your stomach without feeling too constrictive or irritating your incision. Depending on what feels more comfortable, you can wear the panel over your belly or roll it down underneath. And they work just as well during your pregnancy as they do long after it’s over. We find they run pretty true to size and hold up better if you wash them on delicate and avoid the dryer.

Best Maternity Workout Leggings

Want to get your sweat on? Old Navy makes some of the best bump-friendly maternity leggings around. The high-waisted belly compression panel is really supportive, even during higher intensity workouts like running or HIIT, but isn’t too tight to the point of being uncomfortable. The material is lightweight and breathable while also being really soft. (It’s also moisture-wicking.) And you can’t beat the price, especially if you can snag a pair or two during a sale.

Prefer workout leggings with pockets? They’ve got those too.

Best Maternity Compression Leggings

While these aren’t technically leggings, we love these Belly Bandit tights for their medical-grade compression, belly support and no roll panel (which means they stay put). They’re made of soft microfiber material that provides a gradient of compression from toes to thighs. Wearing compression leggings or socks can help reduce swelling and encourage proper circulation, but be sure to talk with your doctor before trying them out. Note: it may take some work to get these on, but the relief is worth it.

Best Trendy Maternity Leggings

No one does a faux leather legging quite like Spanx. These are the pants you’ll reach throughout your pregnancy for when you want to up your maternity legging game. They’re super stylish but (thankfully) just as comfortable as they are cute thanks to the “Mama Magic” waistband. It contours to fit your belly from the first trimester all the way through the third, and will even work postpartum, so you’ll get a ton of wear out of these. These are our favorite maternity leggings to dress up when you’re looking for a little something extra for style.

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