Best Maternity Leggings of 2020
Best Maternity Leggings
September 12, 2019

Best Maternity Leggings

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The best maternity leggings for any weather: winter, spring, summer and fall. Plus size pregnancy leggings and options perfect for your workout. Best Maternity Leggings

Putting on leggings is an instant mood boost. They’re super comfy, flattering and go with practically everything. How could you not be happy wearing them?

And there is no better time than during pregnancy to put on something that makes you feel and look good.

Need a pair stat? No worries, we’ve rounded up a bunch to choose from so you can purchase a pair (or six!) that fit like a dream.

Gap Maternity: So Many Options

Shopping for leggings at the Gap is like going to a buffet—there’s so much to choose from. You can get a full-panel or a low-rise waist, full-length or capri-style legs, light-modal material or thicker-coverage fabric. If you’re worried about see-through spots (especially when you bend over), check out their breathable-knit style that has “blackout technology.”

Additional Specs
Sizes XS-XL

Blanqi: Extra Belly Support

By the second trimester, and most definitely be the third, you’ll be feeling the heaviness of your bump. These buttery soft leggings from Blanqi have a reinforced over-the-belly panel that helps lift and redistribute that weight. Plus, they’re made of compression fabric and are moisture-wicking, so you can wear to them prenatal yoga as well as dinner.

Additional Specs
Sizes S-XL

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Motherhood Maternity: Good for Plus Sizes

These jersey knit leggings from Motherhood are great for plus sizes. Lighter weight, ankle length with a smocked waist, these under-the-belly essentials pair perfectly with dresses, tunics and long sweaters.

Additional Specs
Sizes 1X-3X

Ingrid & Isabel: Excellent for Workouts

Wear the panel on the Ingrid & Isabel leggings folded below the waist when your bump is small. Later, pull the panel up over your belly to gently support your lower back and ensure that everything stays in place during workouts. The nylon-spandex material is thick enough to cover all your assets with no peek-a-boo moments, and is antimicrobial and moisture wicking, too.

Additional Specs
Sizes XS-L

H&M Maternity: Organic Cotton Blend

Made from a soft blend of organic cotton and a polyester with a bit of stretch, these leggings have a full, over-the-belly panel that will fit best during the later half of your pregnancy.

Additional Specs
Sizes XS-XL

Old Navy Maternity: Good Basics

A snug but comfortable fit means these Old Navy cotton jersey leggings with a full panel will quickly become your go-to maternity pants. And that’s OK because you can buy them in multiple colors, so no one ever has to know you’ve worn the same leggings all week.

Additional Specs
Sizes XS-XXL
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