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The Best Maternity Coats to Keep You Cozy From Fall to Spring
Updated on
February 28, 2024

The Best Maternity Coats to Keep You Cozy From Fall to Spring

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The Best Maternity Coats to Keep You Cozy From Fall to Spring.
The Best Maternity Coats to Keep You Cozy From Fall to Spring

Whether you live in an area where the wintery months drone on and on or in a part of the world where the cold snap is quick, adding a cozy coat into your maternity wardrobe can keep the frost at bay. For moms-to-be who are expecting their babies to arrive between the winter and spring seasons, a coat is more of a necessity since most of their pregnancy will be spent bundled up. Maternity coats are designed to accommodate your growing bump, with some styles having a 3-in-1 configuration that can be worn during pregnancy, while wearing a baby carrier, and as a typical coat. Just like non-maternity coats, there are a variety of options out there — from lightweight rain jackets for drizzly spring weather to calf-length fleece-lined puffers to keep you toasty in super frigid temperatures.

Here are the best maternity coats to wear when it starts to get nippy outside.

Best 3-in-1 Maternity Coat

3-in-1 maternity coats have a similar silhouette to non-maternity coats with the primary difference being that they come with a center extender panel, adding extra coverage during pregnancy. And once your baby arrives, the extender can go over your baby and the carrier, so you can snuggle them closely while keeping your coat closed. And once you’ve wrapped up your pregnancy and your baby has outgrown their carrier, you can remove the center panel and just wear the coat.

Best Maternity Coat Extender

If you have a coat that you already love and aren’t willing to shell out a couple hundred dollars for a new, maternity specific one, coat extenders are a great option. With zippers on either side, the universal panels attach to your non-maternity coat, giving it extra room for your bump.

Best Formal Maternity Coat

While your favorite special occasion coat is likely on a nine-month hiatus, you can opt for a bump-friendly option that is flattering while leaving space for your growing baby. Wool blends will be warm and the material will drape over your bump instead of squeezing it awkwardly. And since many of the more formal options have a wrap closure, you can wear them postpartum too and they will still look chic.

Best Maternity Puffer Coat

Frigid weather and puffer coats go together like two lifelong besties and if your pre-pregnancy one isn’t zipping up over your bump, you can swap it out for a maternity-friendly one.

Best Maternity Rain Coat

It’s true that your rain jacket isn’t likely to be in heavy rotation but if you are expecting a late spring or early summer baby, you’ll appreciate having a rain jacket on hand in case of a downpour.

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