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Must-Have Maternity Items Under $25
Updated on
April 8, 2023

Must-Have Maternity Items Under $25

By Babylist Team
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Must-Have Maternity Items Under $25.
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Must-Have Maternity Items Under $25

During your pregnancy, as your baby gets bigger, so does your bump, and you’re going to need new things to accommodate it. But the cost of those items can add up, and you may not necessarily feel like spending a lot of money since you’ll only be using them for a short period of time.

These maternity items can help make life easier for you during your pregnancy without costing a small fortune.

A Layering Tank

Layering is key when it comes to dressing your bump. A layering tank offers support and helps to smooth out your growing belly underneath clothes.

A Stretch Mark Stopper

Does rubbing your belly with oil really help to prevent stretch marks? The jury’s still out, but either way, it feels great, and this natural oil is loaded with vitamins and plant extracts that help smooth and hydrate your stretching skin and reduce itching.

Leggings...Allll the Leggings

If there’s one item of maternity clothing you should buy, it’s leggings. This over-the-bump pair is ultra comfy and designed to fit from bump to baby. Live in a cooler climate? Add a pair of fleece leggings to your rotation too.

A Belly Band

Not ready for maternity clothes just yet? Belly bands give your bump some coverage so you can wear shorter tops without worrying about your belly showing. They also cover up the waist of your pants, allowing you to wear them unbuttoned (you know you want to).

Empowering Data

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To Help the Swelling

Keep your blood flowing and alleviate swelling with a pair (or three) of compression socks. These are especially key if you plan on flying and are prone to swollen legs and feet (whether you’re pregnant or not).

Comfy Jeans

A good pair of maternity jeans is a staple when you’re pregnant. These jeans have a light wash and comfy boot cut.

To Help You Breathe a Little Easier

Your chest is getting bigger but your wallet isn’t. These bra extenders hook into the back of your existing bras, giving you a few more weeks (or if you’re lucky, months) of wear before you officially have to size up.

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

It’s important to stay hydrated when you’re pregnant. This BPA-free, double wall insulated water bottle helps keep you sipping all day long.

Maternity Undies

These foldable, breathable underwear provide under- or over-the-belly comfort, whichever you prefer. They’re great for postpartum recovery too.

For Belly Self-Care

Yup, this is a facial for your belly and nope, we’re not one bit sorry about it. It’s hydrating, biodegradable and most of all a really fun way to get in some self-care.

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A Photo Opp

These weekly belly stickers help you mark all the milestones of your pregnancy. They’re an easy way to add some fun to your belly pics and can be customized in different color schemes.

A Moment to Relax

These bath salts filled with organic herbs can be used to soothe and comfort your most sensitive areas. You can use them while you’re pregnant or postpartum.

For that Pregnant Glow

Not feeling that pregnancy glow you were promised? This soothing face mist can help. It’s a hydrating spray that soothes your skin and helps to seal in hydration throughout the day. Put in the fridge during summer months for extra soothing.

To Help Ease Morning Sickness

There’s nothing fun about morning sickness and we’re here for anything that may help. This specially formulated herbal tea uses organic and natural ingredients like ginger root to help alleviate the symptoms of morning sickness.

Sick Stopper

Speaking of feeling not your best, these acupressure bands may help relieve nausea. They’re also designed to be discreet if you’re keeping your pregnancy under wraps.

To Keep Lower Back Pain at Bay

Pregnancy belts act like a bra for your bump, giving you extra support and lift to take some of the pressure off of your back.

A Striped Tee

A V-neck tee is a solid wardrobe staple even when you’re not pregnant. This one comes in stripes and solids and features extra length for full belly coverage and fits throughout and after pregnancy.

A Treat for Your Feet

If you’re experiencing foot swelling, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of kicking off your shoes at the end of the day. Slip these comfy slippers on to treat your feet.

For Some Pregnancy-Safe Pampering

Pregnancy makes some people pay a little more attention to what we put in and on our bodies. Standard nail polish is one of those things that can be full of chemicals. Zoya was one of the first to go “3-free” (free of toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) or formaldehyde), and the polishes come in hundreds of pretty shades.

Wear Anywhere Black Pants

A pair of black maternity pants will take you from the office to dinner to the weekend and everywhere in between. These pair with just about anything.

For a Better Night’s Sleep

It can be challenging to get a good night’s sleep when you’re pregnant. This comfy eye mask helps to block out light and give you a better shot at longer, sounder sleep—which you should enjoy while you can!

For Bump Support All Night

And speaking of sleep, when you’ve given up on constantly repositioning rolled-up towels under your belly, you’ll realize that this is the best $15 (and 99 cents) you can spend for a better night’s sleep.

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