Best Nursing Bras of 2022
Best Nursing Bras
March 15, 2021

Best Nursing Bras

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Best Nursing Bras .
Here's everything you need to know about getting the best nursing bra.Best Nursing Bras

When you’re nursing, your breasts will take on a life of their own. Haven’t fed your little one in awhile? You’ll notice they’re swollen and rock hard. Just finished nursing? They’ll become smaller and soft again.

Nursing bras are designed to deal with the literal ups and downs of breastfeeding—with comfortable and stretchy fabric—and provide easy access for feeding sessions with pull-down or push-aside cups.

Like regular bras, nursing bras come in various styles, and which one you pick is a matter of personal preference. You can choose from:

  • Underwire or wireless
  • Lined or unlined
  • Shaped cups or seamless

There are also specialty nursing bras to wear overnight or while you’re pumping. And many come with more rows of hooks on the band to accommodate size fluctuations as your body goes through postpartum changes.

Here are our top picks for nursing bras that are comfortable, well-fitted and, most importantly, convenient for breastfeeding or pumping.

Best Nursing and Pumping Bra

When Bodily named this the “Do Anything” bra, they really meant it. It’s common for nursing bras to look and be worn like regular bras—many are comfortable enough to be worn all day—but wearing a pumping bra all day? Basically impossible, until this bra came along. Not only does it look like a regular, non-maternity bra, it feels like one, too!

The cups unclip and fold down for breastfeeding, but they also separate in the middle so you can easily insert the flanges of your breast pump for hands-free pumping. Because holding pumping bottles up to your breasts for 20+ minutes at a time isn’t a great way to spend your day. This bra is a great option to cover your bases if you’re not sure yet whether you’ll be breastfeeding, pumping or both.

And no need to worry about pump parts, bottles and milk falling out; this bra is super supportive, so even after pumping a full five ounces, everything will still stay in place without you needing to hold it up yourself. Keep in mind: Because of the way the cups are designed to allow for pump parts, this bra doesn’t look seamless under tight shirts. Consider wearing a loose or flowy top with this bra to prevent any visible lumps.

Additional Specs
Size Range Small (32B-34C) - Extra Large (42B-42F)
Nursing Style Unclip and fold down; Insert flanges
Closure Hook and loop

Best Supportive Nursing Bra

Third Love, the brand known for sending comfy, stylish bras right to your doorstep, really ups their game in the nursing bra department. The 24/7 Classic T-Shirt Bra, their most popular bra by far, has gotten a redesign to make it suitable for nursing, and we’re celebrating. This bra is perfect for all-day wear with comfortable, no-slip straps and supportive underwire cups, and it looks totally seamless no matter what you’re wearing on top of it. Not totally sure about it? Their amazing “wear it, wash it, and if you don’t love it, send it back” return policy makes it super convenient to find the perfect fit without ever having to leave your living room.

Additional Specs
Size Range Band size: 32-48; Cup size: B-I
Nursing Style Unclip and fold down
Closure Hook and loop

Best Wireless Nursing Bra

If you’re looking for a nursing bra that’s both comfortable and stylish, look no further than the Foxy bra from newcomer brand AVYN. Made by two moms who wanted nothing more than comfortable maternity wear that also fit their non-maternity style (hint: not beige or bland), AVYN combines super soft, stretchy fabric with a fun cross-back design, so you get plenty of room for movement, easy one-handed pull-down nursing access and a little sense of style.

Keep in mind: While this bra is great for those with small to medium breasts and band sizes, they don’t currently have sizes that work well for large breasts over 38DD.

Additional Specs
Size Range Extra Small (32A-30D) - Extra Large (38D - 40C)
Nursing Style One-handed pull down
Closure Overhead plus hook and loop

Best Hands-Free Pumping Bra

Frequent pumping is time consuming, and with an average of 160 minutes of daily pump-holding, your hands have better things to do. This hands-free pumping bra from Kindred Bravely is a huge favorite among Babylist parents because of its super soft fabric, underwire-free comfort and ability to support flanges from all major breastpump brands (including wearable pumps!). It also doubles as a regular nursing bra so you can nurse and pump at the same time, and both hands are available to hold baby. It also looks and feels like a regular bra, so feel free to wear it all day, including at work.

Best Nursing Sleep Bra

Did you know that your body temperature actually increases when you’re pregnant and while you’re breastfeeding? Feeling warmer all over can make it harder to sleep, especially in warm weather. Thankfully, this bra solves for that, at least around your chest area. Wireless, hook-free and made with patented “Brrr” fabric from natural cooling minerals, this bra is soft, comfortable and cool. The fabric is also moisture-wicking and fast-drying, so you don’t have to worry about any breast milk leaks while you sleep. Keep this thing on all night and stay comfy.

Additional Specs
Size Range Small (32A-32D) - Extra Large (38F)
Nursing Style One-handed pull down
Closure Overhead

Best Nursing Sports Bra

Whether you’re looking for something to support you while you work out, or just to give you an extra boost, this bra does double duty as both a super supportive sports bra and a nursing or pumping bra. The double-cup bra design allows for easy access, so you just pull the top layer aside to accommodate a baby for breastfeeding or breast shields for hands-free pumping.

Just like a regular sports bra, the one slips on over your head and has a layered, cross-over back. It’s completely seamless, and the nylon blend fabric feels buttery soft against your skin (plenty of elastic in the material means it has great stretch memory, too). It’s got a ton of support for low-impact activities, so no need to skip out on your workout just because you’re nursing!

Additional Specs
Size Range Extra Small (30A-32B) - Extra Large (36DD-40D)
Nursing Style Pull aside
Closure Overhead

Best Plus-Size Nursing Bra

Have a large chest? It might be a challenge to find a nursing bra that both looks and feels good if you’re shopping in plus sizes, but this one does both with ease. It’s got major stretch to fit everything inside nice and snug (no sideboob spillage here!), and there aren’t any wires to poke and chafe. Though wireless does mean less support (and large breasts need support, for sure), this bra makes up for that with the wide band and extra-wide, no-slip straps.

Another thing that comes with having large breasts: heat. Combine that with the extra heat your body generates during pregnancy and nursing, and you’re going to be uncomfortable. Luckily, the Lyocell jersey fabric is super breathable to keep you cool and comfy all day.

Additional Specs
Size Range Medium (30B - 34D) - Extra Extra Large (42C - 42H/44F)
Nursing Style One-handed pull down
Closure Overhead

Best Petite Nursing Bra

This super-comfy bra is soft and seamless, perfect for wearing all day every day. While most nursing bras don’t work well for petite sizes (especially if you’re below a 34B), this one fits smaller breast sizes starting at 30A without the removable cup inserts and 30AA with the inserts. Even if you’re not petite, the fold-down cup makes nursing a breeze, no matter your breast size.

Additional Specs
Size Range Extra Small (30A - 32B) - Extra Extra Large (46F)
Nursing Style Unclip and fold down
Closure Hook and loop

Best Nursing Cami

Looking for a little more coverage? This comfy cami provides support for your breasts as well as a bit of shaping for your entire torso. The built-in shelf bra has seamless, fabric-molded cups to support your breasts, with drop-down cups for easy breastfeeding and a side sling for shape. This camisole is also a little bit longer than average, so you can rest assured that your midsection stays fully covered. The adjustable straps help you get the right fit, and the nylon and elastane (spandex) fabric provides both stretch and memory to conform comfortably to your curves.

Additional Specs
Size Range Small - Extra Large (use T-shirt sizing)
Nursing Style Unclip and fold down
Closure None (built-in bra)

Best Bra for Occasional Pumping

If you’re pumping only once or twice a day, or even just a few times a week, this bra gets the hands-free pumping job done without making you wear a pumping bra all day. It’s compatible with most major breast pumps, and although it does convert to a regular bra using the included straps, it’s not very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Most parents just zip it over their nursing bra (cup flaps down) when they’re ready to pump, then take it off when they’re finished. The really good news about this bra? It’s basically one-size-fits-all thanks to the super stretchy back panel.

Additional Specs
Size Range Extra Small - Large (30AA - 40E/36I) and Large Plus (44B - 48J)
Nursing Style Insert flanges
Closure Front zipper
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