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12 Genius Things to Buy in Your 2nd Trimester of Pregnancy
Updated on
August 25, 2021

12 Genius Things to Buy in Your 2nd Trimester of Pregnancy

By Babylist Team
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These products for mom that are lifesavers in the second trimester. From the best natural product for stretch marks, organic alternatives to painkillers, the best trimester tea, full-body pillow and more. 12 Genius Things to Buy in Your 2nd Trimester of Pregnancy

The second trimester is often referred to as the honeymoon phase of pregnancy. You probably have made it through the worst of morning sickness and first trimester exhaustion and feel more energetic—and your baby will starting kicking during this trimester!

It’s also the time when the physical signs of pregnancy begin to make their appearance. As your belly grows, so will the need for few key products to ease your discomfort. These 12 products are overwhelmingly loved for helping through the second trimester all the way to labor and delivery.

Boppy Total Body Pillow

The Boppy Total Body Pillow is the perfect sleeping buddy as you transition to snoozing on your side. It helps align your hips and supports a growing belly so you’ll wake up a lot less achy.

Old Navy Maternity Full-Panel Leggings

As your belly expands, it’s smart to go with a comfortable full-panel pair of leggings, like these staples from Old Navy. They’ll grow with you as that burrito belly becomes an obvious baby one.

Maternity Belly Band

You’re not quite ready to give up on your favorite pair of jeans yet? A seamless belly band is the perfect solution for getting more mileage out of your current clothes before you go full-on maternity. Even if it means covering up an unbuttoned pair of pants. It can also help support your belly and relieve pain in your hips and pelvic area later in your pregnancy.

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Mama Mio the Tummy Rub Oil

Start preparing your skin before it starts to stretch with an oil that will help battle the itch. Slather it on your tummy, thighs, chest and anywhere else your changing body could use some attention.

Earth Mama Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea Bags

If you’re still struggling without an afternoon caffeine fix, try incorporating a 3 pm ritual with a tasty herbal tea. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea has been recommended for women in their second and third trimesters to help promote uterine health during pregnancy, and it’s rich in iron too.

Electric Heating Pad for Back Pain

Even simple tasks like cooking dinner can take a toll on your back while you’re pregnancy. A heating pad for your back provides relief, whether you’re on the couch watching TV or cranking away at your desk. Just be sure not to use it for longer than 15 minutes or so, and don’t fall asleep while using it.

Euphoric Herbals Muscle Mend

It seems unfair that when you’re at your achiest, you shouldn’t take most traditional painkillers. This muscle salve is an organic antidote to all that ails you with ingredients like arnica and rosemary. Ask your partner to rub it in along with a massage for good measure.

Storq Maternity T-Shirt Dress

You want something that’s comfortable yet chic, but your old dresses are no longer cutting it. Enter the T-Shirt Dress, which you can wear throughout your pregnancy and postpartum. Dress it up or down, depending on your mood.

Tom's Shoes

Swollen and sore feet happen. And when they do, it’s time to say see ya to pumps, hello flats. These are nice enough to wear out and about, but easy to slip out off when you get home.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

You could take photos the modern way with your phone. Or you could take cues from your own Mom and go for prints. The self timer on this makes it easy to capture your weekly (or daily) bump shots.

Audible Audiobooks

Can’t sleep? Some pregnant people swear by listening to an audiobook while falling asleep or when they wake up in the middle of the night. There are even sleep-specific podcasts to help you get a good night’s sleep. Another good sleep helper? The Calm app.

Nursing Seamless Bra

Sore breasts can mean a lot of things, but in your second trimester it’s probably because you’re outgrowing your current cup size. This one is sleep-and nursing-friendly, so you can wear it now and later.

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