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The Coziest, Most Comfortable Clothes For Postpartum
Updated on
July 11, 2024

The Coziest, Most Comfortable Clothes For Postpartum

By Aimee Simeon | Fact Checked by Shannon Vestal Robson
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The Coziest, Most Comfortable Clothes For Postpartum.
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When I was recently pregnant with my daughter, dressing my bump was one of the most challenging and fun part of my 40-something weeks. I rotated tons of maternity staple pieces during my pregnancy and found my confidence and comfort in leggings, breathable T-shirts, and the occasional maxi dress.

What I wasn't prepared for was getting dressed after giving birth. Everyone's body, pregnancy, labor and postpartum experience is different. In my case, I spent weeks feeling sore and swollen, and my once baby-occupied bump took a long time before it started to look like a squishier version of my old stomach again.

While everyone's experience is unique, the care and comfort needed in the fourth trimester are universal. For some people, being as cozy and comfortable as possible as you recover is a key part of that puzzle. The good news? There are tons of great postpartum clothes designed to support you in the fourth trimester (and honestly long after, because who's counting?).

From one-and-done jumpsuits to cozy matching sets that make getting ready simple, we rounded up the best postpartum cozy clothes to get you through your fourth trimester and beyond, so you can feel your best and think about, literally, everything besides getting dressed.

The Coziest, Most Comfortable Clothes For Postpartum


When we think of cozy postpartum essentials, a good robe is one of the first things that come to mind. These are designed to grow with you in this new phase of life, with bands that sit high above a bump during pregnancy, but still keep your post-baby belly comfy. What’s more is that all of our picks are made with comfy, breathable fabrics that won’t weigh you down or keep you too hot. You’ll want to wrap yourself up in these all day, every day and, hey, we don’t blame you.

The Coziest, Most Comfortable Clothes For Postpartum

Matching sets

Whether you’re lounging at home with baby or finally feel ready to take a walk or run a quick personal errand, we love matching sets because they take the guesswork out of getting dressed. No more trying to find a roomy shirt to match your favorite leggings—just pop on a matching top and bottom and you’re on your way. Made with various postpartum bodies in mind, all of these sets are made with comfortable fabrics that’ll move with you throughout the day whether you’re indoors or out. We especially love that they can all be jazzed up with your favorite sneakers or accessories if you want to build on your look. Here are some of our favorites:

The Coziest, Most Comfortable Clothes For Postpartum

One pieces

When juggling baby, yourself, and the million other things on your to-do list, the last thing you need is to think of how to piece different parts of an outfit together. This is where one pieces really shine—just pull ‘em on and go about your day. If you’re expecting, we suggest grabbing a few transitional pieces that’ll have enough room for the bump while you’re pregnant but then be roomy enough for you to breathe once your little one has arrived. Some of our favorites can be worn all day in the house but can also be paired with your favorite shoes and accessories to double as a chill look—check them out.

The Coziest, Most Comfortable Clothes For Postpartum


During my fourth trimester, there were literally times when I wouldn’t remember if I brushed my teeth for the day. In those moments, I craved nothing more than putting on clothes that fit and stepping out for lunch or a walk with my fiancé and baby. I wish I had stocked up on more cute, cozy dresses that could be worn while I pumped but still helped me feel cute and put together for dinner in the neighborhood. These check all those boxes: roomy enough for your changing body, but still cute if you want to step out (or feel stylish around the house for photos with baby).

The Coziest, Most Comfortable Clothes For Postpartum


Comfy pajamas were perhaps the most necessary form of clothing outside of large underwear during my fourth trimester. I slept in many that were soft, buttery, and comfy enough to (almost) make me forget about all the aches and pains of fourth-trimester recovery. Best part? Almost a whole year later, they’re still the ones I reach for regularly , so you’ll definitely get the most bang for your buck. Here are some favorites:

The Coziest, Most Comfortable Clothes For Postpartum


There’s a lot going on up top after birth: the boobs, the belly, etc. I found myself switching between tops that made feeding or pumping easy, but also didn’t hug me too much, and found a few favorites. Some standouts: tank tops that fit my breast pump, and flowy tops that I could layer on top. Here are some we love.

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