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Best Nursing Covers
Updated on
January 4, 2024

Best Nursing Covers

By Babylist Team
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Best Nursing Covers

You might spend a lot of time inside during the first few weeks after your baby is born, but eventually you’ll want to get out and about.

While you certainly don’t need a nursing cover when you’re breastfeeding in public—and you shouldn’t feel like you do—some nursing parents find that there are times when they want a little privacy.

You can throw a swaddle other blanket over your shoulder to give you that privacy. But a nursing cover is designed to provide ample coverage and stay on even when your baby squirms, and many are super versatile. In between feeding sessions, some nursing covers can shade baby in their car seat, cover shopping carts and restaurant high chairs and even be worn as scarves.

Check out our favorite nursing covers below. They look great and give you confidence and privacy if and when you need it.

Super Versatile

You won’t need to worry about your baby kicking or pulling off this wraparound cover. The super soft, stretchy rayon blend keeps this cover fitted snugly around you and your baby while nursing. It also works perfectly for pulling over your car seat to shield baby from sun, wind and curious strangers (and their germs), and can protect your baby from germy restaurant high chairs and shopping cart seats—the fabric easily slips over most serfaces and covers everywhere your baby might touch. There are lots of colors, patterns and prints to choose from.

Exclusive Design

Looking for a nursing cover you won’t find anywhere else? This exclusive collab from Goumi Kids x Babylist is only available here. The multipurpose cover is made from a buttery soft blend of bamboo and organic cotton so it’s comfy for both you and your little one.

Supreme Softness

Just like the Copper Pearl nursing cover, this cover from Milk Snob is incredibly versatile. But the one thing it does better than all the other nuring covers out there? Softness. There’s a good reason Milk Snob calls this the Luxe—made from premium brushed micro-jersey material, this is by far the softest cover you’ll ever feel. And with several colors and designs, it doubles as an infinity scarf when you’re not nursing.

Milk Snob also makes a bestselling rayon version of this nursing cover and a line of fun Disney prints.

For Keeping Track

If you’re more a fan of the classic apron-style nursing cover, or if you’re a pumping parent who’s in need of a roomier cover, Boppy has thought of just about everything with this design. Can’t remember which breast baby nursed on last time? (Don’t worry, it’s totally normal.) This cotton nursing cover solves this issue with a ring that slides side-to-side across the neckline, so you can mark whether you breastfed from the right or the left. And when you’re all done, the cover folds up quickly and easily into a pouch that can be tossed in your diaper bag.

Fashion and Function

This unique nursing cover looks more like a part of your outfit than something you use while breastfeeding—and that’s precisely the point. Created by two moms, the Cocoon is a versatile shawl that gives you the privacy you need for nursing or pumping but doesn’t scream, “I’m a nursing cover!” It’s made from a soft, breathable knit and comes in a rainbow of versatile (and beautiful) neutral colors. It’s also wrinkle and stain-resistant, making it a little easier to look put together when you step out the door.

Another Shawl Option

For a similar vibe that’s a bit more affordable, check out Zalamoon’s Maternity Snap Wrap. This long, shawl-style wrap features a relaxed fit and snaps along one side. You can easily wear it as a part of any outfit and then pull it to one side when it’s time to nurse or pump. It’s made stretchy rayon/spandex blend for softness and comfort.

Germ Buster

While you can’t completely avoid germs as a new parent, you definitely don’t want them festering on your nursing cover. This multipurpose cover from Munchkin is made from a fabric that’s infused with silver-ion technology to prevent germ growth on the fabric’s surface. It’s also soft and breathable, machine washable and, like the other 5-in-1 covers on our list, has many other uses.

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