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Best Gifts for Your First Grandchild
Updated on
October 30, 2023

Best Gifts for Your First Grandchild

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Best Gifts for Your First Grandchild.
Best Gifts for Your First Grandchild

Welcoming your first grandchild into the world can be so magical that you may want to run to the nearest baby boutique and buy everything off the shelves. (Plus, newborn gifts are so precious, it’s hard to not.)

Giving them anything and everything they may need is a wonderfully kind impulse. But before you give your credit card a workout, take stock of the gifts baby may have already received from the baby shower to make sure you’re not purchasing a duplicate gift or an item too similar to something baby already has (this is especially important if you’re planning to give them something personalized that can’t be returned).

Refer back to their baby registry to see if there’s anything baby’s parents hoped to receive but hasn’t been purchased yet. Pro tip: Parents absolutely love it when you buy the items they carefully selected while waiting for baby to enter the world.

If you’re looking to add an extra-special touch to your gift, gifting a “needed” item from the registry plus something that comes straight from your heart is an incredibly gracious way to make sure baby has all the necessities, plus something that reminds baby—and their parents!—of you.

And while you’re doing your gift-giving, don’t forget to also grab gifts for baby’s mom or dad, along with a present for baby’s older sibling if they have one.

Here are some lovely options that make perfect gifts your first grandchild:

Personalized Presents To Welcome Baby

Elephant On The Branch 
Wooden Rocking Horse

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My Boutique By The Beach 
Jungle Animal Baby Quilt

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Cozy Things To Cuddle

Mary Meyer 
Kalahari Gift Set

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