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10 Best Newborn Baby Gifts
Updated on
October 30, 2023

10 Best Newborn Baby Gifts

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10 Best Newborn Baby Gifts.
10 Best Newborn Baby Gifts

Few things are as highly anticipated as a new baby. And while nothing could compare to the gift of your presence, the perfect gift can be a memorable way to welcome the little one to the world—and to the family.

There are thousands of newborn baby gifts out there. How will you know which one will make the biggest impact? If you’re feeling overwhelmed by choices, we’re here to help! The perfect gift is something new parents really need, which you can find on their registry. But what if you want to supplement that with something else cute?

Here’s a round-up of some of the more unique, memorable newborn gifts, plus what to keep in mind when shopping for the best baby gift.

Oh, and with that new baby coming into the world, you can consider also consider getting a nice gift for the new mom or dad or the brand-new older sibling.

What to Consider When Buying Gifts for Newborns

While the gift is technically for a new baby, you probably don’t have a clear idea what his or her interests are (yet!). It’s a good idea to use the parents’ registry to figure out what to get. And if you’re going for a supplemental gift, consider something that ties in the parent(s)’ interests, whether it’s art, travel or their sense of style. Another way to please parents? Get something that’s super useful to new parents of a little one. Choose something that encourages important developmental skills, engages multiple senses and inspires curiosity even from day one.

How to Choose the Perfect Newborn Gift

The best gifts for newborns serve a valuable purpose in those early days and become cherished keepsakes for years to come. Here are some things to consider if you’re looking for a unique newborn baby gift:

  • Consider the uniqueness of the gift. Look for personalized baby gifts, either with the baby’s name or with colors that will match the baby’s nursery. Personalization and customization are simple, memorable ways to give a gift to the baby.

  • Did the parents get everything they registered for? If the parent(s) had a baby shower prior to their newborn’s arrival, they may have checked off many “must-haves” on their registry. Check the registry to make sure they’re covered on essentials before you spring for something they haven’t already asked for. If they have everything they possible need, consider giving a financial gift or a subscription gift.

  • Combine the practical and precious with a gift set. Baby gift sets are a great option for pre-selected useful baby gifts. Many come beautifully packaged and ready to give.

Remember: Every time parents look at their newborn gifts, they’ll be instantly reminded of these beautiful first days of baby’s life. While the brand-new baby won’t remember the moment they received your gift, those first presents often become some of the most cherished heirlooms and priceless treasures that inspire memories for years to come.

Capture Every Detail

While we’re sure neither you nor baby’s parents will ever forget the details of the day they met their little one, it doesn’t hurt to capture them all in a beautiful piece of wall art. This custom poster print features a modern line drawing of a newborn printed to scale to represent the baby’s size at birth. Choose between six options and poses, then personalize it with baby’s birth stats.

A Personalized Welcome

There are few first memories more precious than cuddling up with a newborn and reading bedtime stories. This gift makes it even more special, thanks to a personalized title and storyline including parent(s’) names, baby’s name and a custom dedication page where you can add a greeting that they’ll read again and again.

Sweet & Soft Essentials

You can never have too many snuggly baby outfits for those first few weeks at home. This jumbo gift set comes with six coordinating pieces made from soft organic cotton that mix and match with ease and keep baby cozy from head to toe.

The Gift that Grows

Help baby build important brain connections as they begin to explore the world around them with this Montessori-inspired play kit. Designed by child-development experts, each play kit from Lovevery is created to meet baby’s growing needs through play with simple, beautiful toys. The kit also comes with a Play Guide for parents with tips on encouraging curiosity, exploration and engaging baby’s senses right from the start.

Keep Little Hands Occupied

With a customizable, Montessori-inspired design, this personalized puzzle makes a sweet welcome gift! Featuring beautiful peg letter pieces to help them one day recognize and spell their name, the puzzle also includes a variety of moveable pieces that can strengthen fine motor skills and encourage independent play. You can even engrave a message on the back.

A Gift They'll Never Forget

It’s a common new-parent conundrum: How to save all those bits and pieces you collect during the newborn days that remind you of those precious first weeks–without having them turn to clutter? The Keepsake box is the answer. From sonograms to first pairs of shoes (and everything in between!), this multi-compartment box has a place for everything that won’t fit in a baby book―with space to hold treasures up to age four.

BYOB (Build Your Own Box)

HoneyBug features dozens of curated gift boxes, but for a truly thoughtful gift, their “build your own gift box” feature can’t be beat. Round out your gift with something cute (a unique clothing item), something smart (choose from a selection of beautiful books and journals), something sweet (a snuggly blanket), something fun (a toy), and finishing touches, like a bib, hat or sweet pair of shoes―or create a combination all your own!

The Coziest Welcome Home

So plush and soft, it’s a shoo-in to become a baby’s favorite. The real beauty of this blanket that softens over time is the personalized monogram design highlighting baby’s name. Customize the color and font, then get ready for some serious cuddle time.

Art-Lover Approved

Perfect for parents who are art collectors, admirers and everything in between, this sweet gift set features a plush bunny, a soft crinkle book, and natural wood teether to welcome a newborn in the greatest of taste.

Decorative Now, Fun Later

Beautiful nursery decor for now, and a fun toy for baby to play with later.

This handcrafted abacus is a Montessori-inspired toy that’s as beautiful to look at as it is fun to play with. The rainbow-shaped design is made from solid walnut with metal rings and can be personalized with the child’s name and in the colors of your choice. Designed with little hands in mind, playing with this toy helps develop coordination and fine motor skills.

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