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Best Food Delivery Services for New Parents
Updated on
January 4, 2024

Best Food Delivery Services for New Parents

By Babylist Team
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Best Food Delivery Services for New Parents.
Best Food Delivery Services for New Parents

After spending a day getting the hang of breastfeeding or trying to get your baby to nap more, chances are you’re in no mood to hassle with getting dinner on the table. But you’re also about to be hangry. The solution? Takeout.

Using food-delivery services—an app or a website that partners with hundreds of local restaurants—makes the process of getting dinner at your door even easier, especially if you want to order from restaurants that don’t offer their own delivery.

Ready to chow down? Check out these top food-delivery services.

Meal Chauffeur

You’ve come to know Uber as a way to get from place to place, but they also shuttle food around. Once you place your order using the Uber Eats app or their website, independent drivers pick up your food and bring it to you. Uber Eats gives you an estimated delivery time and your delivery person’s name and photo. It charges the card you have saved to your Uber account, and you can add a tip and rating after your meal is delivered. But if you order during the busiest times of day, you may be charged a “busy fee” in addition to the delivery fee (you can see what the charges are ahead of time).

Additional Specs
Availability In major metropolitan areas across the nation (see the list)

Fancier Food

Are you dying for a seared ahi bowl from hot spot down the street? Caviar can hook you up. Like Uber Eats, Caviar uses independent drivers to pick up takeout and deliver it to you. But they focus on partnering with higher-end restaurants. Schedule your order—say, when the baby is napping—for a later time or for immediate delivery. In addition to a delivery fee, there’s an 18 percent upcharge on your meal order as well as order minimums and sometimes special restaurant fees.

Additional Specs
Availability In more than 25 cities and metropolitan areas across the nation
Fees Fees vary based on travel time and restaurants

Anything You Crave

DoorDash meets whatever craving you have—from local restaurant dishes to fast food to even a cup of coffee—with no order minimums and a broad range of eatery partnerships. They also service smaller cities that are often overlooked by other food-delivery lines.

Additional Specs
Availability In more than two dozen U.S. cities and metropolitan areas
Fees Fees vary by region and restaurant

Great National Coverage

The first food-delivery app to hit the market, GrubHub has merged with Eat24 and Seamless and is in more than 900 cities across the country. All three food-delivery services are online portals that connect hungry customers with tens of thousands of restaurant partners. They are free to use, and the online menus are priced the same as in the restaurants (something that isn’t always the case with other food-delivery services). However, individual restaurants may charge a delivery fee and have a minimum order amount.

The best thing about these food-delivery services? The streamlined interface and ordering process. The homepage shows the most popular dishes ordered in your area and eateries that deliver the fastest. You can even filter by which restaurants offer free delivery.

Additional Specs
Availability In more than 900 U.S. cities
Fees Varies by restaurant
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