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Best Burp Cloths
Updated on
January 4, 2024

Best Burp Cloths

By Babylist Team
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Best Burp Cloths.
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Trust us—you're going to want a burp cloth on hand 24/7 to help with baby's messes.Best Burp Cloths

A tell tale sign you’re a new parent: running errands with a burp cloth draped over your shoulder…when you’re out solo. This baby essential is so important, it sticks with you even when you’re not actually with the baby.

During the newborn months and beyond, you’ll want burp cloths on hand 24/7. Not only do burp cloths take the brunt of spit-up, but you can use them to wipe milk dribbles, sneezes or whatever comes your way. Because there’s usually something coming your way. Stock up on burp cloths that are soft, absorbent and hold up well after zillions of washes.

How to Use Burp Cloths

Burp cloths largely serve one general purpose: to keep things clean when baby (inevitably) spits up. But there are a few different ways to use them depending on how you feed and burp your baby.

  • Over your shoulder. This is the most common way to burp a baby, especially in the first few months. Position the burp cloth over one of your shoulders with the majority of the fabric also falling across your chest. Then hold baby chest-to-chest with them positioned over the burp cloth.
  • Over your knee/across baby’s chest. Once baby has enough neck strength to hold up their head, you may prefer to start burping them over your lap. With baby sitting on one of your knees and leaning their chest over your other knee, hold the burp cloth across baby’s chest and slightly upward toward their mouth to catch anything that might come out.
  • Over a nursing pillow. If you’re breastfeeding and using a nursing pillow, laying a burp cloth over the pillow under baby’s head can help catch both spit up and any breast milk that might leak as baby unlatches. Tuck one end of the burp cloth into your folded down nursing bra or shirt to help protect your clothes, too.

How Many Burp Cloths Do I Need?

If you’re planning to do laundry every other day, you can get away with having about six to ten burp cloths on hand. If your laundry day is once a week, aim to stock up on closer to two dozen. Either way, don’t be surprised if you find yourself going through three or more burp cloths a day.

To make sure you’re never without some kind of protection from spit up (which can happen even an hour or two after baby has stopped eating), keep a clean burp cloth in every frequently visited part of your home—on your glider, coffee table, nightstand, changing table, wherever you might need one within quick reach.

And it’s totally normal to discover that you need more burp cloths as baby gets out of the newborn stage. The amount that babies spit up usually peaks around four to seven months, so you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of burp cloths before baby reaches that point.

The Staple Burp Cloth

These no-frills trifold burp cloths are thick, easy-to-fold and store nicely when not in use. Made with soft organic cotton, they soak up messes in a snap and get softer with each wash. Better yet, this affordable pick comes in a pack of five. Aside from being great burp cloths, use them as a little pillow under your baby’s head during diaper changes or even as an extra cover to lay on top of your changing pad. This way, you can toss the cloth in the wash after a blowout while protecting the cute cover.

Additional Specs
Dimensions 16” x 11.8”

Budget-Friendly Bulk Burp Cloths

If you’re looking for quantity and quality, this bulk pack from Gerber has you covered (literally). They’re a great budget-friendly option for both at home and on the go. And since they’re made of flannel, they’re super soft, thick and absorbent. Don’t expect anything fancy with these burp cloths, though; the designs and rectangle shape are fairly basic, but they’ll last.

Additional Specs
Dimensions 20” x 14”

Functional & Fashionable Burp Cloth

Consider Copper Pearl’s large, ultra-absorbent burp cloths your wardrobe savior. With patterns ranging from dinosaurs to stripes, florals to unicorns, these luxurious cotton cloths offer the perfect cozy coverage. The middle fleece layer adds even more absorbency, so you can put on your favorite shirt knowing you’ll actually leave the house wearing it. Copper Pearl makes matching bandana bibs, so you can take your kiddo’s style up a notch by pairing a bib with its counterpart cloth.

Additional Specs
Dimensions 21” x 10”

Organic Cotton Burp Cloths

These burp cloths from Tiny Kind are made with 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton and have a polyfill in the middle layer, making them super efficient at cleaning up baby messes. They’re also a decent size and we love the cute prints and colors available.

Additional Specs

Dimensions 20.5” x 10”

Double Duty Burp Cloth

Aden + Anais combine their signature patterns and soft muslin fabric to make the ultimate burp cloth: the “burpy bib.” The unique shape and no-slip design drapes perfectly over your shoulder, covering both the front and back. (Trust us, you’ll want all the coverage you can get.) These are a bit pricier than a typical burp cloth, but they do double duty as a breathable bib. Just snap the sides together in the back and voila: your baby’s shoulders, chest and arms are covered. Less laundry? Yes, please!

Additional Specs
Dimensions 9” x 23.5”

Simply Soft Burp Cloths

Soft, thick and generously sized, these organic cotton muslin burp cloths from Green Sprouts feature four absorbent layers to keep messes in check. And since they’re a full inch larger on each side than most bigger-sized burp cloths, they’re a great option if your baby’s spitups also tend to be on the larger side. Keep in mind: While these burp cloths are similar in shape to the aden + anais burpy bibs, they don’t transform into a bib.

Additional Specs
Dimensions 11” x 22”

Wait, you can use a cloth diaper insert as a burp cloth? This is the parenting hack you didn’t know you needed. These eco-friendly liners are made out of 100% birdseye weave fabric, making them super absorbent. They come in a pack of 10, so you’ll never run out.

Additional Specs

Dimensions 20” x 14”
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