The Best Online Prenatal and Childbirth Classes
The Best Online Prenatal and Childbirth Classes
June 29, 2021

The Best Online Prenatal and Childbirth Classes

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The Best Online Prenatal and Childbirth Classes.
The Best Online Prenatal and Childbirth Classes

Prenatal classes, also called childbirth or labor preparation classes, are strongly recommended by ob-gyns, labor and delivery nurses, doulas and midwives for pregnant, first-time parents to help them prepare for what’s to come.

Many classes are offered in-person through a hospital, birth center or women’s health group. But what if you can’t fit an in-person class into your busy schedule? Or maybe the in-person prenatal class you signed up for was canceled because of the Covid-19 pandemic—so what do you do?

Luckily, childbirth classes are available online, too, and they cover the same material as in-person classes. In most cases, the online classes will allow you to have access to the course materials for up to one full year after you’ve signed up, or they’ll provide a downloadable textbook that’s yours to keep (which can really come in handy if you take the class early in your pregnancy and need a refresher as you get closer to your due date).

Many also accept FSA/HSA/HRA card payments; check with the organization about their policy before registering. Besides never having to leave your house to attend these classes, one of the best parts about learning birthing techniques online is you can go at your own pace.

Here are our favorite online prenatal and childbirth classes:


  • Labor Basics: Free; covers the very basics of labor and childbirth.
  • Bestsellers Bundle: $84.95; 3 courses; covers safe birthing practices, labor pain management and breastfeeding basics.
  • Individual courses:
    • Safe Birthing Practices: $29.95
    • Labor Pain Management: $34.95
    • Breastfeeding Basics: $34.95
    • Other individual courses are $29.95–$34.95 and cover everything from sex during pregnancy and VBAC to bringing home baby and learning to co-parent a newborn.


  • $90; LOOM has an on-demand comprehensive program to start at any point during pregnancy or after giving birth. Covers all options for birth preferences (medicated, unmedicated or C-section) plus baby care, postpartum healing and insights on breast and bottle feeding. Includes access to monthly live community Q&A’s with experts.

LOOM is a platform empowering women through sexual and reproductive health education co-founded by Erica Chidi—doula, health educator and the author of Nurture: A Modern Guide to Pregnancy, Birth, Early Motherhood.


Motherly has a series of online courses.

  • Pregnancy Wellness Class: $49; Expert-driven, woman-centered course focused on providing the physical, mental and nutritional support needed for self-care throughout pregnancy; expert answers to frequently asked questions on relationships and sex, planning for maternity leave, preparing for baby, all the physical changes happening to your body and more; includes six video lessons as well as downloadable worksheets, recipes, wellness meditations and other bonus materials.
  • Motherly Birth Class: $79; Includes 12 video lessons taught by a pediatric nurse and certified midwife, as well as a downloadable workbook, guided meditations and a private community for you to connect with and find support in other parents.
  • Postpartum Wellness Class: $49; Covers recovery from vaginal, cesarean, medicated and unmedicated births, postpartum mental health, newborn care and more; includes 10 video lessons with downloadable worksheets, recipes, postpartum-friendly exercises and access to the private Postpartum Wellness Community.
  • Motherly’s 3-Class Bundle: $130; all three of the above classes bundled together at 25% off.

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  • Free A nine-video series; covers all areas of childbirth from contractions and stages of labor to breastfeeding and check-ups; taught by two registered nurses with over 47 years of combined experience, and includes the real-life experiences of five expecting parents.


  • Full “Birth It Up” course: $79; available for both epidural and non-epidural births; taught by an experienced Labor & Delivery nurse and mom of two; includes access to 5-6 hours of video modules, 74-page ebook and private Facebook group; and covers all different types of birth (medicated, VBAC, breech, twins, etc.), how to manage labor pain (including pros and cons of getting an epidural) and postpartum recovery. Keep in mind: This course uses the outdated term “natural birth” to refer to non-epidural births.
  • Also available: Bundle “Birth It Up” and “Newborn Basics 101” - priced at $119 for access to both classes.


Kopa Birth has two offerings:

  • Essentials Course: $195; 3 months of access, 12+ hours of video, downloadable course manual.
  • Plus Course: $245; 7 months of access, all of the above plus meal plans, babywearing basics and prenatal fitness course.


Here are the different options:

  • Basic Course: $35, includes downloadable ebook, workbook and email series (no videos).
  • Online Course: $99, includes 9 months of access to videos, virtual course and ability to ask questions directly to the RN (no downloadable ebook or workbook).
  • Deluxe Course: $149, includes everything from Basic Course and Online Course, limited availability.
  • **Not just for couples. While this course strives to help partners feel included in the birthing process, it’s still appropriate for single parents.


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