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Pregnancy & Baby Products You Can Purchase With HSA/FSA
Updated on
January 24, 2024

Pregnancy & Baby Products You Can Purchase With HSA/FSA

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Pregnancy & Baby Products You Can Purchase With HSA/FSA.
Pregnancy & Baby Products You Can Purchase With HSA/FSA

Got an HSA (Health Savings Account) or an FSA (Flexible Spending Account)? Whether you’re a longtime spending account holder, you just recently enrolled in one or you’re curious if it’s worth getting one, you’re probably wondering what all you can use that money on. Good news: if you’re pregnant or have a baby, you can buy a lot of your daily necessities with your pre-tax dollars!

HSAs and FSAs can only be used for healthcare items that treat specific medical problems (as determined by the IRS), so they won’t cover absolutely everything you need. But you might be surprised just how much you can get with your annual contributions—from everyday things like sunscreen to more expensive items like breast pumps!

Speaking of annual contributions, those may or may not roll over to the next plan year, depending on which type of account you have. If you have an FSA, you can only take $610 with you into next year, so be sure to use as much as you can before the end of the year. If you have an HSA, don’t worry, all your leftover funds will roll over as long as you keep your HSA active.

Here’s a little more about both types of accounts, plus a roundup of which purchases are eligible (and which aren’t).


Confused about which is which? Not sure what HSA or FSA even are?

HSAs and FSAs are savings accounts for individuals and families that are usually attached to a health insurance plan. They allow you to set aside a predetermined amount of money from each paycheck specifically for medical expenses, including office visit copays, prescription and over-the-counter medication, physical therapy tools—anything you can think of that helps treat a specific medical problem.

The best part is that spending accounts use your pre-tax income, so you have more spending power than you’d get when buying these things with your regular taxed income.

Not sure if you have a spending account? Check with your employer’s HR department to know what your contribution options are.

Now that you have a better idea of what they are, there are quite a few key differences between these two types of accounts. Let’s break it down:

Do funds roll over to next year? Yes, all funds roll over Yes, you can carry $610 into the next plan year, but any funds above that disappear
Do you need a specific healthcare plan? Yes, you need an HDHP (High Deductible Health Plan) Nope, any plan can have an FSA attached to it (except HDHP)—you can even have an FSA with no health insurance plan
Do you have to be employed? Employed or self-employed Employed (self-employed people aren’t eligible)
Is there a contribution limit? $4,150 (individual)/$8,300 (family) in 2024 $3,050 in 2023
I got a new job! Can I transfer my spending account? Yes No
How much of my funds can I access? However much you’ve contributed so far The full annual amount, no matter how much you’ve contributed so far
Can I change how much I contribute? Yes No

What’s NOT eligible for HSA/FSA?

While there are many baby and pregnancy products you can use HSA and FSA money on, not all health-related products are covered. Before you go on a shopping spree with your spending account, here are some health necessities that aren’t eligible for HSA or FSA:

(If your first question with this list was “Why aren’t diapers and formula covered?!” we completely understand. According to the IRS, which determines all HSA/FSA-eligible items, infant diapers and formula don’t treat medical issues, since incontinence is normal and expected in infants, and formula is considered a food item, not a medical item.)

What IS eligible for HSA/FSA?

There’s a lot you can use your spending accounts on, thankfully—literally dozens of products you and baby use daily. If you’ve got HSA or FSA funds burning a hole in your pocket, this list can help you maximize your pre-tax dollars and make sure you and baby have all the stuff you need to stay healthy.

Want to check if a specific product is eligible? and Amazon’s HSA/FSA Shop can show you which products qualify.

(Note: The specific products and brands below are all HSA/FSA eligible, and they represent the general products that are also eligible. For example, you can use your funds on not just SmartyPants prenatal vitamins, but any prenatal vitamins!)

Pregnancy HSA/FSA Products

No matter which brand you prefer, prenatal vitamins and anti-nausea medicines are all eligible products. You can also use HSA/FSA money to soothe all the pregnancy-related aches, including acid reflux, swollen ankles and back and pelvic pain.

Postpartum HSA/FSA Products

From mesh underwear and witch hazel pads to abdominal binders and stool softeners, your postpartum recovery is covered with HSA or FSA. And remember, it’s not just these specific items below—generally, all the products that support your body’s recovery from birth are covered.

Nursing and Pumping HSA/FSA Products

Fantastic news: whether you prefer electric, manual, hands-free or suctioning milk catchers, all breast pumps and pump accessories (including replacement parts) are HSA/FSA eligible! You can also get nipple cream, nursing pads, breast milk storage bags, cooling gel packs and more.

(PS: If you have health insurance, be sure to claim your free breast pump!)

Baby HSA/FSA Products

Teething pain, runny nose, diaper rash…no matter what ails your little one, there’s an HSA/FSA-eligible product for it. You can use spending account funds on all pain relief medicines, nasal aspirators, diaper creams, eczema lotions, sunscreens, thermometers and more.

A couple things to note about the below products: only health tracking monitors are HSA/FSA-eligible (not regular baby monitors), and only eczema lotions are eligible (not regular lotions). Additionally, while all sunscreens are eligible, make sure to only use mineral sunscreens on your baby.

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