10 Best Baby Feeding Tools of 2020
Best Baby Feeding Tools
July 23, 2020

Best Baby Feeding Tools

Best Baby Feeding Tools .
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Bibs, plates, bowls and more! Add the extras to your mealtime arsenal. Best Baby Feeding Tools

At around six months old, you’ll catch your baby staring at you when you chew or trying to grab for your food. These are signs your child is ready for solid food (i.e. real meals).

All babies go through the chuck-it-on-the-floor stage, and even older tots are messy eaters (dexterity and manners come later). To make meals easier until your child can safely transition to regular dining ware and utensils around three years old, you’ll need:

There are numerous baby feeding tools to choose from. That’s why we’ve rounded up a few standouts in each category to help you get a headstart on shopping. Check out these great picks.

Keep-It-Clean Coverall

When it comes to bibs, bigger is better. These silky soft muslin cloth bibs are 9 inches wide and 23.5 inches around. They double as burp cloths, so they’re big enough to cover an adult shoulder. And on solid-food-eating babies, they wrap all the way around both shoulders (using snap closures) and reach down nearly to the waist, so you’ll know your kiddo is well covered. When mealtime is over, you can just toss these bibs in the washer.

Spill Fighter

This bib is genius. Half fabric and half silicone, it has a huge pocket to catch spills and can be quickly rinsed off after mealtime is over. As if that wasn’t enough to woo any parent, the entire bib can be deep cleaned in the washing machine (the food-grade silicone can withstand the spin cycle). And, unlike similar bibs, the fabric top half folds down into the pocket so it won’t take up much space in your diaper bag for mealtimes out and about. With an adjustable Velcro neckband, you’ll get years of use out of this bib.

Soft & Sustainable

A spoon will likely be your new self-feeder’s first utensil, and baby will need something they can easily grip but that’s also easy on their mouth. The light weight and long, thin shape of this spoon’s bamboo handle makes it ergonomic for tiny hands, and the food-grade silicone tip is perfect for teething babies who need softer utensils on sore gums. If your eater is a little older, check out the size with a larger head and shorter handle that’s easier for older babies to handle. The downside: these spoons are hand-wash only.

Safe & Secure

You know how kids like to test the effects of gravity by launching anything and everything from a high chair? Well, these bowls aren’t going anywhere—their built-in suction base securely adheres them to any smooth surface. Each bowl in the set is a different size, and the smallest one comes with a lid.

Unbreakable Alternative

If you’re avoiding plastic, this bowl is a durable alternative. Made from double-walled stainless steel, it keeps food warm but stays cool on the outside so you don’t have to worry about your little one touching the bowl. It has a suction base you can remove later when your kiddo becomes a civilized eater (read: no flinging stuff to the ground). The lid makes it easy to store leftovers or take on the go, and the whole thing is dishwasher safe. Another durable option is Avanchy’s organic bamboo bowl. It has a removable suction base too, and is so pretty, but can only be hand-washed.

The Placemat Plate

Just as lightweight as plastic, the ezpz plate is made from food-safe, high-grade silicone that can go in the dishwasher, microwave and oven. The plate stays put on highchair trays or tables, and divided sections prevent your toddler from having to “chase” food across the surface with their utensil (or hand). Plus, the surrounding placemat border will catch any overflow. ezpz offers mats with built-in bowls too.


Getting the hang of scooping up food takes skill, something your little one doesn’t have initially. That means food often gets pushed around and off the plate in an attempt to get it onto the spoon, or the entire plate gets flipped over. But not with this plate solves. The curved, bowl-like lip keeps food from “getting away” until your kiddo learns how to scoop like a champ, and the weighted base makes it heavy enough to stay upright on the table without the suction of most other toddler-proof plates (and despite your little eater’s most enthusiastic scooping).

Best Feeding Set

Everything you need for mealtime in one fell swoop? Yes, please. This set comes with an easy-clean silicone bib and a spoon and fork that little fingers can grip. The cup’s wide base and the plate’s unique shape were designed to prevent tipping over, and all items can go through the dishwasher, too.

Crumb Catcher

This silicone, dishwasher-safe placement is the perfect spot to spread out your little one’s meals at home or when dining out. The raised edges keep food on the mat, and it wipes clean in a cinch. Then when your child is done eating, it rolls right up and fits in your diaper bag. The dreamy cloud design isn’t just for the aesthetic, either; it’s shaped to fit most high chairs and is big enough to cover a wide swath of table tops (it’s slip resistant too).

For Grabby Eaters

If your baby isn’t quite ready to use spoons at every meal yet, but they still won’t stop staring at what you’re eating, lunging for your food and generally making it known that they want to eat the “real stuff,” self-feeder training utensils like this one really come in handy. Just put a slice of fruit or some cooked veggies in it and hand it over to your little one to let them gnaw away. (We also love adding chilled food to help teething babies soothe their sore gums.) Unlike mesh food feeders, this silicone one is easy to keep clean.

Tiny-Sized Lunch Box

If you need to pack lunch for daycare or preschool, this versatile little cooler bag can hold the usual snacks, cups and food containers for a toddler meal, but it’s also perfect for keeping bottles cool for younger babies. The inner sections are rearrangable to fit whatever you’re packing, whether it’s yogurt and steamed carrots or Cheerios and cheese cubes. The thick insulation keeps contents cold, and it even comes with a reusable, non-toxic ice pack. And don’t forget containers to help keep foods from leaking into the bag (and onto each other—yuck!).

Choosing What’s Right for You

Now that your child has a whole new, edible world to explore, meals become one big adventure. What you use to feed your wee one should make life easier for you and more fun for them. Introducing taste buds to savory and sweet treats is one of the greatest joys of parenthood. Bon appetit!

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