6 Best Baby Spoons

Best Baby Spoons

December 6, 2018

Best Baby Spoons

Best Baby Spoons
It will be messy no matter what you use, but these baby utensils will get your little one on the right path to eating solids.Best Baby Spoons

You know it’s coming. You’ve seen the pics of your friends’ babies, smeared with an ungodly amount of mashed-up food. How do you even start to clean that up? Maybe now is the time to consider a dog who will love the leftovers strewn around the high chair. Or a tarp could help.

Regardless of how you tackle the inevitable mess, you’ll need small-sized utensils to first spoon-feed your little one around six months of age. Later, around one year old, your baby will start to use a spoon and then a fork, to feed himself.

Do you need baby spoons and utensils?

We recommend using soft-tipped spoons designed specifically for babies because they are gentle on your child’s gums and limit portions to tiny spoonfuls perfect for wee ones. Also, since the utensils are mini versions of the real deal, they fit just right into your baby’s mouth.

Below are some baby utensils to consider. You may find that one of these popular picks becomes your child’s favorite.

Angled for Ease

Why We Love It

These plastic spoons feature tiny bumps which actually make solid food cling to the spoon more securely (i.e. chances are better grub will make it to their mouth). Plus, the handles are angled to make the tray-to-mouth path simple to navigate.

Keep in Mind

The Sassy Spoon is designed with right handers in mind. At the solid-food stage it’s difficult to know what hand will be your child’s dominate one, but if them seem like a lefty, these spoons are a no-go.

Bargain Pick

Why We Love It

These sturdy spoons are a little deeper which means food settles into the spoon rather than sliding right off. Even better? For a super low price, you get half a dozen spoons in a rainbow of colors.

Keep in Mind

Because the Munchkin spoon has a deeper bowl, it can make it difficult for beginners to get all the food off the spoon. But minis who are pro at licking a spoon will get every morsel.

A Gentle Utensil

Why We Love It

Sensitive, teething gums will appreciate these super soft, food-grade silicone spoons. A shallow spoon bowl helps with making bites just the right size.

Keep in Mind

If your baby already has chompers, and likes to use them, these spoons won’t last. Repeated biting will make the silicone coating eventually tear and break off.

Great On-The-Go

Why We Love It

Pour baby food into the hollow handle of this spoon, throw it in your diaper bag, and—voila!—you have the easiest to-go meal ever. Squeezing the sides of the handle dispenses puree into the tip of the spoon, so you can feed your little one with one hand. Your baby’s not in a chow-down mood? Put the cap on the spoon and save it for later.

Keep in Mind

In order to work right, the baby food must be a puree. If there’s even one itty-bitty chunk, it’ll get stuck in the dispenser and squeezing it out will result in a big, splattered mess.

No-Plastic Option

Why We Love It

Most baby spoons are made from plastic or silicone, but the Nova Natural is crafted from cherrywood and smoothed with food-safe mineral oil. Beautiful enough to be handed down, each spoon has a cutout shape of a heart or moon in the handle.

Keep in Mind

These spoons are pretty pricey considering you’ll likely want a few on hand.

Anti-Spill Technology

Beaba BEABA 360 Spoon


Finally, someone came up with a way to make it nearly impossible for food to fall off of a baby spoon! To remain level at all times, the Beaba spoon spins and rights itself as your child moves. And when your wee one has more dexterity, you can lock the spoon in place to turn it into a traditional utensil.


The self-leveling magic of this spoon only works if your child holds the handle in the right place.

Choosing What’s Right for You

There’s really no “best” when it comes to baby spoons. Rest assured that whatever you choose, your baby will eventually learn to use it after lots of playing around and making a mess.

We’ve also got recommendations for sippy cups and bowls and plates if you want to complete your little one’s dinnerware set!

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