6 Best Baby Placemats of 2023
Best Baby Placemats
January 6, 2023

Best Baby Placemats

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Best Baby Placemats.
When baby's meal misses its mark, it's handy to have one of these easy-to-clean mats in place.Best Baby Placemats

Your baby is properly bibbed, and their dinnerware is firmly suctioned to the table.

Still, despite all of your best efforts, your little one’s meal is likely to miss its mark (aka, their mouth) and wind up all over the table (and the seat, the floor and your kiddo’s outfit). That’s why it’s handy to have a placemat that keeps surfaces covered, messes contained and is easy to clean.

Most placemats for babies and toddlers are made of food-safe silicone so they can grip the table without slipping, withstand high temperatures from hot food and the dishwasher and, if the mess isn’t too big, be wiped down with just a damp cloth. Placemats can also be made from paper or plastic, and while both are great for budgets and on the go, you’ll want ones that have some kind of sticky or non-slip backing to keep them on the table (where they’re supposed to be).

Check out our favorite placemats for babies and toddlers.

Easy All in One

Who wants separate dishes and mats when you can get this all-in-one instead? This BPA-free silicone placemat has separate compartments (no food touching!) in the shape of a friendly face for baby to eat out of. The whole thing suctions directly to the table so little hands can’t pull it up and dump food out. You can even use it in the microwave to warm food and throw it in the dishwasher for cleanup. Easy-peasy, indeed! Don’t need all those food sections? We also love the Happy Bowl for its built-in tableware.

Additional Specs
Dimensions: 15” x 10” x 1” (eyes are 4 oz and smile is 10 oz)

Roll and Go

The cloud shape fits most high chairs and is big enough to cover a wide swath of table tops (it’s slip resistant too). We love the innovative, dreamy design, including the raised edges that keep minor liquid spills contained to the mat. Made of 100% food-safe silicone, these placemats roll up tightly so you can throw one in your diaper bag, leave one on the high chair and have another in the dishwasher.

Additional Specs

| Dimensions: | 19” x 10.5” |

Suction + Storage

Like the other placemats on this list, the Herobility Eco Placemat grips the table or high chair to keep baby from pulling everything into their lap. But this one takes the grip a step further: by placing the included Eco Baby Plate into the placemat’s bowl and pushing down firmly, you get a vacuum seal suction that keeps the extra plate locked in place (but don’t worry, it’s easy for parents to take off). The bowl also comes with a handy lid, so it’s simple to store and reheat leftovers. The mat, plate and lid are all dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. Even better: Herobility’s Eco products are made of plant-based material (corn), and they can be recycled back to nature through industrial composting.

Adorable Functionality

While many silicone placemats can be on the pricier side, this pick from Cloud Island gives you a silicone option that’s budget-friendly. Cute, simple and super easy to clean, this placemat lasts through most toddler dining wear and tear, so you may be able to get away with having just one. We also love the green alphabet design.

Additional Specs

| Dimensions: | 16” x 12” |

Eating Smart

Sneak in some learning time at the dinner table with these bright and educational mats. With four different options including letters, colors, shapes and numbers, your toddler can have a different lesson at every meal of the day (including snack time!). Since they’re made of thick, durable plastic, they aren’t flexible like silicone placemats, but the non-slip backing helps them have just as good of a grip on surfaces. The top layer is easy to wipe down with a cloth or rinse in the sink, and the UV color printing means they’ll last for years to come.

Additional Specs

| Dimensions: | 17” x 11” |

A Table Topper You Can Toss

Need a quick on-the-go option for restaurants and all those questionably sanitary public spots? (Looking at you, picnic tables at the park.) Disposable placemats don’t have to be the flimsy paper ones the waiters give you. These plastic mats from Tidy Tyke Collection are made from material similar to plastic grocery bags, so spills won’t soak through onto the table. And these mats stick to everything. Just peel off the sticky backing cover on each of the four sides and stick it down, even on rough or uneven surfaces.

Additional Specs

| Dimensions: | 12” x 18” |

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