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Best Dishware Sets for Self-Feeding Babies and Toddlers
January 12, 2024

Best Dishware Sets for Self-Feeding Babies and Toddlers

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Best Dishware Sets for Self-Feeding Babies and Toddlers.
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Best Dishware Sets for Self-Feeding Babies and Toddlers

Your baby is ready to start the journey of solid food and self-feeding, and you’re ready to buy all the things that will help them: plates and bowls, spoons, forks, bibs, placemats…there are so many products out there that are made for little eaters.

You can gather everything separately, or you can make things super easy on yourself and get all your baby’s dishware needs in one go. Feeding sets bundle matching plates and spoons (and more) so your little eater can have a fully coordinated set of dishes, and you don’t have to worry about mismatched washing instructions or stackability.

These are our favorite dish sets for babies and toddlers.

The Complete Set

Silicone and suction are top features in many dish sets for new eaters, and for good reason. They’re easy to clean (microwave and dishwasher safe), sturdy and spill-proof—not to mention sleek and modern-looking. But our favorite part of this set: It comes with everything you need to get your little one started on eating solids and self-feeding, making it one of the most complete dishware sets out there.

The plate features strong suction on the bottom to keep little hands from knocking food to the floor, plus sections to keep foods separated (and the smaller sections work great for dipping sauces).

The bowl comes with an air-tight lid (a rare feature with dishware sets!) to help keep leftovers fresh. It also has strong suction to keep everything in place.

The cup has a tight, ribbed lid to prevent little hands from opening it (and dumping the liquid contents everywhere), and it transitions from a straw cup to an open cup as your baby gets more confident in their drinking skills.

The spoons (2) have soft, felxible tips that make them safe for sensitive gums, and the handles are designed for the littlest eaters who still need a grown-up’s help—rather than the shorter handles you’ll see in other sets on this list, these longer handles (known as infant spoons) work better for grown-up hands.

The bibs (2) have adjustable sizes and a wide, oversized pouch to catch dropped food and liquids.

Additional Specs

| Includes | 1 plate, 1 bowl w/ lid, 1 cup w/ straw, 2 infant spoons, 2 bibs |

Suction = Stability

Parents love ezpz dishes for their soft food-grade silicone and strong anti-tip, anti-slip suction. And while most other feeding sets don’t come with a placemat, this set comes with one attached.

The bowl + placemat combo is one solid piece that suctions to the tray or table to keep messes in check.

The cup’s weighted base keeps it stable and reduces the chance of a spill no matter how it’s set back onto the table.

The spoons are made of the same soft silicone to protect baby’s developing teeth and make self-feeding safer, and the sensory bumps decrease gagging. The non-slip grip and short, round handle is made specifically with toddlers in mind to help them grasp it more easily.

All the dishes in this set are dishwasher safe.

Additional Specs
Includes: 1 bowl/placemat combo, 1 cup, 2 toddler spoons

Organic & Sturdy

Love the suction base but want a more organic, eco-friendly feel? Made of organic bamboo and food-grade silicone, this set is thoughtfully designed on every level. Technically a grass, bamboo is naturally resistant to mold and mildew and is stronger than most hardwoods (so this set won’t break if it does get knocked down).

The plate has a suction base and is divided into three sections—perfect for the discerning toddler who doesn’t like their food touching.

The bowl is deep with high walls so food won’t fall off the edge as easily when it’s scooped out, and it also has a silicone suction base to keep it firmly attached to the table or high chair tray.

The spoons have shorter, slightly wider handles than infant spoons so they’re easier for older babies and toddlers to grip as they practice self-feeding. The handles are bamboo, but the tips are soft silicone so they’re great for teething babies’ sore gums. You get seven spoons with this set—way more than in most sets—in a rainbow of colors.

Additional Specs
Includes: 1 plate, 1 bowl, 7 toddler spoons

Modern Aesthetic

With a sleek design and 7 colors to choose from, this set will look good with any kitchen aesthetic. But it isn’t just about being visually pleasing—this complete feeding set maximizes functionality and sturdiness, standing up to anything your baby can throw at it (literally).

The bowl and sectioned plate both feature strong suction cups on the bottom, but with the added bonus of a little tab to help parents release the suction from its grip with just one hand.

The cup transitions from a straw cup to a sippy cup and then to an open cup to support all stages of drinking.

The spoons (2) are toddler-sized with wide, rounded handles that are perfect for tiny gripping fingers.

The bibs (2) can adjust to four sizes, and the width is much slimmer than other bibs on this list, which can be better for smaller babies.

Additional Specs

| Includes | 1 plate, 1 bowl, 1 cup w/ lid & straw, 2 toddler spoons, 2 bibs |

Bib Included

All toddler dishware sets are going to include at least a plate and a spoon, but very few will include a matching bib too.

The bib is made from flexible, BPA-free plastic and has a super-adjustable neckband that will grow with your baby. There’s even a deep spill pocket to catch any food that doesn’t quite make it into baby’s mouth.

The plate’s clover-like shape and flared rubber base make it difficult for little fingers to grab and tip over and keep it from slipping.

The cup also features a wide, stable base that’s hard to tip over.

The spoon and fork have short, easy-grip handles and wide bowls to make scooping easier.

This set comes in a sweet gift box, making it perfect for gifting at a baby shower or first birthday.

Additional Specs
Includes: 1 bib, 1 plate, 1 cup, 1 toddler spoon, 1 toddler fork, 1 gift box

Posh Eats

This darling set is sure to find its way into your little one’s keepsakes as they get older. This sweet, whimsical design may look and feel like delicate ceramic, but it’s made of shatter-resistant melamine and even includes a suction bottom (now if only your real ceramic dishware had that!).

The plate has sections to keep food and portions separate.

The bowl has a suction cup on bottom.

The cup has a sippy spout to help toddlers who haven’t totally gotten the hang of open cups yet, and the beautifully curved handles still provide enough space for gripping tightly.

The spoon and fork have slightly longer, narrower handles than most toddler sets, which are perfect for self-feeders who have mastered their grip but aren’t quite ready yet for adult utensils.

Additional Specs
Includes: 1 plate, 1 bowl, 1 cup w/ lid, 1 spoon, 1 fork
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