Best Food Storage for Baby and Toddler Meals
Best Food Storage for Baby and Toddler Meals
August 7, 2020

Best Food Storage for Baby and Toddler Meals

Best Food Storage for Baby and Toddler Meals.
Best Food Storage for Baby and Toddler Meals

Whether your little one is still in the puree stage or they’re becoming a master of solid foods, chances are you’re going to need to store some food in the fridge at some point (for both food prep and leftovers) or pack a lunch for daycare or a trip to the park. You could use your old, probably a little crusty, mismatched Tupperware, but adult-sized food storage containers are too big for toddler-sized meals, and they’ll take up a lot of space.

Luckily, there are some great food storage sets made just for baby food and small meals. From containers to pouches to reusable bags, these storage solutions work for anywhere you need to keep food fresh—in the fridge, the freezer and even out and about.

Freezer Stash

If you’re thinking of making your own baby food purees, these handy little blocks make it easy to portion and store it. This set comes with six two-ounce portion sizes (perfect for younger, less hungry babies and smaller snacks for toddlers), so you can prep and store up to a few days’ worth of meals. There’s a stackable freezer tray included so you can stack multiple sets and save tons of space, and the lids are airtight and leak-proof thanks to the silicone rim. These containers are great for freezing to build up your long-term stash, and since they’re made of durable plastic, they can be popped in the microwave to reheat—plus they’re dishwasher safe, too!

Additional Specs
Includes 6 2-oz containers w/ lids, 1 stackable tray

Customize and Organize

From the long-time favorite storage container giant comes these less-than-pint-sized food containers that are perfect for a toddler’s packed lunch. The modular containers snap together to save space and keep everything together, and they can be arranged (and rearranged) to fit any lunch box. With three different sizes of containers, this set can fit your kiddo’s whole lunch including two small snacks, purees or dips, a larger side and a sandwich. The included freezer packs snap directly to the containers so food stays cold for hours. All of the containers are made of BPA-free plastic and are microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe.

Additional Specs
Includes: 2 4-oz snack containers w/ lids, 1 9.6-oz side container w/ lid, 1 20.8-oz (2.6-cup) sandwich container w/ lid, 1 ice pack

Plastic Alternative

Love the small size of baby food and snack containers, but don’t love all the plastic? These four-ounce containers from Green Sprouts offer the same stackable, freezer-safe, take-anywhere benefits in glass. The tempered glass is shatter resistant, so you can put hot purees directly into these containers as soon as you cook them, whereas with plastic containers you need to let the food cool first. And glass won’t absorb tastes or odors like plastic sometimes can. The lids are made of polypropylene (admittedly a plastic, because glass lids wouldn’t seal as tightly), so they’re flexible and leak-proof, and the stackable tray helps protect the cubes and maximize your freezer space.

Additional Specs
Includes: 4 4-oz containers w/ lids, 1 storage tray

Super Stack

If you feel like ditching the lunch box, these containers not only stack, they actually screw together. The top and bottom of each container is threaded so there’s a full, tight seal between each one, and they won’t just pop apart. Attach the carry handle to the top of the stack and you’ve got a portable snack stack that measures about the size of an adult’s reusable water bottle. The carry handle can even be attached to a diaper bag or stroller. And if you just want to use individual containers without stacking them, the set comes with separate lids that screw down tight. The containers and lids are made from recycled milk jugs, so they’re BPA, phthalate, PVC and melamine free and are super sturdy. They also come in dozens of vibrant colors, so there’s a set out there for every little one’s tastes.

Additional Specs
Includes: 4 6-oz containers w/ lids, 1 travel lid w/ carry handle

Space Saver

Plenty of parents love the solid plastic or glass containers, but they tend to take up space even when they’re not in use. If your kiddo is firmly a homemade puree eater and you want to save space in your cabinets and fridge, try pouches to store food instead. This food pouch system from Kiinde (the company that makes the universal breastmilk storage kit) combines the convenience of disposable, squeezable food pouches like the kind you buy at the supermarket with the wholesomeness of homemade baby food. This starter set includes 10 single-use pouches and a wide-mouth, squeezable Foodii Filler to fill up the pouches, then you store them in the fridge or freezer. When your baby is ready to eat, screw on a spout or a spoon for a squeezable, mess-free meal. Keep in mind: This is an all-plastic system, and though the spout and silicone spoon are reusable, you toss each pouch after a single use. This creates a lot of waste—though still less overall than store-bought pouches—and you’ll need to purchase more pouches separately.

Additional Specs
Includes: 10 pouches, 1 Squeezable Foodie Filler cup w/ cap, 2 spouts w/ caps, 1 reusable silicone spoon w/ cap

Waste Reducer

No plastic bag waste here! Made from polyester with a polyurethane waterproof and stain-proof coating, these reusable, resealable bags can be cleaned in the washing machine or dishwasher (top rack). They’re BPA, PVC, vinyl, free and lead-free, and the single-ply construction means there’s no middle layer, so you won’t have to worry about food and mold particles getting caught between layers. They’re a great space-saving alternative to food storage containers, and they’re easy to just toss into your diaper bag for a day out. Keep in mind: Due to the zipper closure, these bags aren’t totally leak-proof, so use them for dry foods only.

Additional Specs
Includes: 2 reusable 7” x 3.5” snack bags, 1 reusable 7” x 7” sandwich bag

For Formula Drinkers

If your little one is still in the bottle stage and prefers formula, don’t worry—there’s a food storage solution for them, too. This handy cup features three separated compartments that can hold enough powdered formula each to make a nine-ounce bottle—that’s 27 ounces total!. The cap has a pour spout that you can rotate to the portion you want to pour out, and since it’s leak-proof, it’s perfect for tossing in your diaper bag when you’re out and about or if you need to prep formula for your baby before a day at daycare. And once kiddo is ready for solid foods, just remove the inner section and the dispenser becomes a snack cup.

Additional Specs
Includes: 1 container w/ removable inner compartments (holds approx. 1 cup of powder formula or snacks)
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