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7 Baby Shower Themes You’ll See Popping Up On Your Timeline in 2024
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February 9, 2024

7 Baby Shower Themes You’ll See Popping Up On Your Timeline in 2024

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7 Baby Shower Themes You’ll See Popping Up On Your Timeline in 2024.
7 Baby Shower Themes You’ll See Popping Up On Your Timeline in 2024

Just like other things in baby world (like nursery designs and names), baby shower themes have trends that lead the pack every year. Some themes have longevity, giving them a space in the top spot for years to come, while other themes are more eclectic and represent a moment in time of style. Some themes aren’t really themes at all and are just well-curated color schemes and detailed decor pieces.

Coming up with a theme that is modern and stylish while still feeling true to your personal style can be a challenge. If you aren’t sure where to start, don’t worry — we’ve done the research for you. We’ve scrolled through hundreds of baby shower themes of expecting moms, read through countless forums, and tapped into our merchandising team to learn more about the themes across the baby product world to help us predict the baby shower themes you’ll see popping up more this year.

If you’re planning a baby shower in 2024, these themes will dominate this year. And if you’re looking for something a little off of the beaten path, you can use these predictions to come up with your own unique spin on these ideas.

1. Baby in Bloom

Baby in Bloom

(Photo credit: @daintyrosephotography)

A popular theme from last year that is likely to continue in 2024, Baby in Bloom is becoming a classic mainstay for baby showers. What we love about this theme is that it can be as minimalist and simplistic or luxe and grandiose as you want (or somewhere in the middle). Thanks to Mother Nature, you have an endless color palette to work with to bring your vision to life. For a gender-neutral vibe, you can fill your venue with bunches of baby’s breath, eucalyptus, and daisies or you can lean into dusty pinks and natural sky blues too. As for favors, you can treat your guests to tiny succulents for them to care for at home or set up a bouquet bar with a few pails of pre-cut flowers, floral wrapping paper, and twine to tie it together.

2. Adventure Awaits

Parenthood is an adventure and this theme is the perfect way to kick it off. Another gender-neutral option, there’s a variety of ways that you can make this theme your own. You can lean into the old-world interpretation of adventure with a world map as your backdrop, a vintage globe and tiny Wright brothers-style airplanes for table decor, and a muted color palette. Or you can go with a less thematic approach with small DIY hot air balloons as decor and gift your guests luggage tags as a favor.

3. Winnie the Pooh

When we talked to our merchandising team about nursery decor trends they’re noticing, they mentioned a huge surge of nostalgia-inspired designs. Parents are reaching back to the characters that they loved growing up and centering their baby’s spaces around them and we think we will see that trend pop up more in baby shower themes. Sweet and playful, this darling Winnie the Pooh theme can be recreated with just a few on-theme decor pieces like stuffed animals, honey jars, and a cute Pooh Bear backdrop. And if Winnie the Pooh doesn’t strike a nostalgic cord for you, we’ve seen this idea recreated with other characters like Peter Rabbit or Dumbo.

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4. Tea Party

The coquette aesthetic has been a major trend for 2024 and we think that the ultra dainty feminine style will carry over into baby shower themes. A classic tea party theme, complete with tiny sandwiches, miniature desserts, and well tea, will evoke that same charming feel. And for favors, you can treat your guests to a few tasty tea bags for them to brew at home.

5. On Cloud 9

Clean neutrals have trended in just about every baby space from colorways of baby gear to baby clothes. The On Cloud 9 shower theme falls right in line with that idea. With delicate baby blue and crisp white as the color scheme, the overall feel is wispy and refreshed — like a cloud in the sky. To bring this theme together, you can use poly fiber fill and baby’s breath stems as table centerpieces. Add an all-white balloon garland and it’ll look like you snatched a handful of fluffy clouds right out of the sky.

6. Woodland


(Photo credit: @kayleeklaassennn)

Another classic that is likely to maintain its popularity in 2024, the woodland theme is a go-to for both showers and nursery design. The warm and cozy colors paired with adorable baby animals is truly adorable. This is another theme that you can make as over-the-top and thematic or understated as you want.

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7. A Cutie is on the Way

Fruit themes for both baby’s birthdays and baby showers have been a trend that only gets bigger each year (with a different fruit getting the spotlight each time). A Cutie is on the Way is a bright and colorful iteration that we love, especially for summer showers. You can use fresh clementines on tables as centerpieces, have a mom-mosa bar complete with orange juice and sparkling cider for your guests, and fill the space with deep orange and jungle green decor to tie the theme together. We’ve also seen a big wave of cherry, lemon, and strawberry-themed showers too!

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