The Best Baby Shower Party Favors
Best Baby Shower Party Favors
September 5, 2021

Best Baby Shower Party Favors

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Best Baby Shower Party Favors

Baby showers are well known for being the perfect way to celebrate a new parent and their new baby. But as your guests are showering you with love and appreciation (and gifts), why not do the same for them?

Party favors are small, heartfelt gifts given to party guests as a way to say “thank you!” for being a part of your special day. They don’t have to be personalized for every guest—unless you have a really small guest list (think 5-8 people), in which case it could be a really nice touch—and they also don’t have to break the bank if you have a larger guest list.

If you’ve been to a baby shower or a wedding before, you might have received some party favors of your own, and potentially some of the “classic” ones, at that. But gone are the days of giving jordan almonds and microscopic bottles of bubbles to your guests. Here are the best baby shower party favors that your guests are sure to cherish and enjoy (just as much as they cherish and enjoy you!).

A couple things to keep in mind:

  • Party favors are by no means a requirement for throwing a baby shower. Don’t feel obligated to blow your budget out of the water.
  • If your favors are something your guests are meant to use over and over again (like cups or kitchen utensils), consider customizing with a simple “thank you” rather than all the details of your shower or anything baby-related, that way the gift stays versatile for your guest to use for a long time.

Party Favors for a Virtual Baby Shower

Having a virtual baby shower? If you want to include party favors, you have a few options:

  • Give virtual favors. Virtual gift cards, sent via email, don’t cost any extra for shipping and can include special personalized notes for each guest.
  • Ship favors straight to your guests. If you have favors that can either be purchased and shipped individually or be assembled separately and shipped by you (candles, candy bags, jewelry, etc.), they can be delivered directly to your guests’ homes all while maintaining physical distance. Just be aware of any delays in shipping times so your guests can get their favors in time for the party.
  • Schedule a local delivery. This is really going the extra mile for your guests, but it’s the perfect solution if your guest list is small and you’re planning to give party favors that need to stay fresh (and shouldn’t be shipped long distance). Local deliveries can be scheduled for things like food/snacks, drinks, fresh flowers and potted plants.

Best Baby Shower Party Favors

Favors for the Home

These tiny plants are an easy way to brighten up anyone’s living or office space, and best of all, they require very little care to keep alive (so you’re not giving your guests extra work!).

With over two dozen scents to choose from, these mini mason jar soy candles are a delight to both see and smell.

Going green with your favors? These adorable animal cutouts are made from recycled paper and seeds that grow into a small bouquet of both perennial and annual flowers when planted and watered.

Hosting a backyard barbeque for your shower? These customizable koozies are perfect for guests to use both during and long after the party to keep their drinks nice and cold.

If your baby shower theme involves a tea party (or if your guests are tea enthusiasts), make sure their spoons and tea bags don’t leave drips behind with these dainty porcelain teapot-shaped caddies.

Self-Care Surprises

Invite your guests to do a little self-care and pampering with some scented, skin-softening bath bombs made with essential oils and dried botanicals.

Similarly, if you want to treat your guests to some great-smelling self-care products, handmade soaps have the potential to last a long time—and you may be able to coordinate a color and scent with your baby shower theme.

This fruity-smelling, luxuriously whipped body lotion is perfect for moisturizing and for having a special “sparkle” moment (yep, there’s glitter inside!).

As soft as a baby’s bottom? Totally achievable. Made with sugar and natural oils, body scrubs are a great way to exfoliate naturally. The two-ounce mini jars will last your guests through a couple uses.

Everyone could use an extra travel-sized bottle of hand sanitizer. Just be prepared for guests to ask for extras!

Tasty Treats

From M&Ms and bite-sized candy bars to gummy bears and Dum-Dum pops, the bulk party options from Just Candy are diverse enough to satisfy any sweet tooth (and make your guests very glad they came to your shower!).

Looking to have your party favors be an exact match to your shower theme? M&Ms let you customize your candies with up to three colors, plus text and/or images, so it looks like you went the extra mile to tie everything together.

You’re going to need somewhere to put all those candies, and these baby-themed boxes are simple yet still very sweet. You can also find them with a baby carriage cutout. We also love these sheer organza bags for another cost-effective option.

Babies and bottles go together like, well, a sweet tooth and candy! If you’re opting for small candies to give to guests—M&Ms, jelly beans, skittles, breath mints—these bottles can contain a good handful at just over four inches tall.

Whether your guests love their coffee or are more into sipping tea, these baby shower-themed bags work great for assembling a thoughtful brew for your loved ones. Keep in mind: These are just the bags, so be sure to include your favorite flavor of ground coffee, whole beans or loose leaf tea.

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