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The Best Party Supplies For a Gender Reveal
Updated on
December 1, 2023

The Best Party Supplies For a Gender Reveal

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The Best Party Supplies For a Gender Reveal.
The Best Party Supplies For a Gender Reveal

Finding out the sex of your baby is a milestone many parents-to-be look forward to, so much so that gender reveal parties—or smaller affairs with just you and your partner—have become a thing. Fun gender reveal ideas and gender reveal parties can be a fun way for families to share their excitement for their new addition (and finally confirm your suspicions about what sex your baby is!). There are endless ways to celebrate; not every reveal has to be done with blue or pink confetti cannons (though we do have a link to those below). Perhaps sending out a lotto-style scratcher to friends and family in the mail is more your speed? Then again, if you are looking forward to a big party to tell the world who’s being expected, we’ve hand-picked some sweet products for a gender reveal, like themed invitations, napkins, and decor. Take a look!

Gender Reveal Products

Gender Reveal Cannons

These showy cannons come in three sizes, all of which contain biodegradable powder and streamers.
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Personalized Gender Reveal Jumbo Balloon

Not into blue and pink? These giant balloons are available in 33(!) colors.
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Gender Reveal Scratch Off Card

Don't forget to include a quarter!
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Gender Reveal Box with Balloons

This huge box fits up to 10 helium balloons — just remember to open it inside so they don't fly away!
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Pull to Reveal Bottle Gender Reveal

These cards are a cute option for family members who live too far away to attend a party.
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Pull String Gender Reveal Piñata

This piñata doesn't come pre-filled, so you'll need to tap someone trusted to fill it with pink or blue candy before the party.
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Gender Reveal Party Products

Gender Reveal Napkins

Keep it neutral until the reveal with these classy napkins.
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White Transparent Baby Boxes

Etsy reviewers rave about these easy-to-assemble decorative boxes.
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Gender Reveal Onesie Cups

Onesie cups are a must.
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Teddy Bear Gender Reveal Welcome Sign

Welcome guests with the cutest little teddy bears.
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Big Reveal 
Photo Props & Banner

It's not a gender reveal party without some Instagram-ready party supplies, right?
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Big Reveal 
Ice Cream-Themed Gender Reveal Voting Board

Give guests a fun activity by letting them weigh in before the reveal.
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Big Reveal 
Gender Reveal Paper Baking Cups

Themed cupcake liners? Yes, please.
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Gold Gender Reveal It's a Cake Topper

Going the pink-or-blue-batter route? Get a topper for that cake.
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Bottle Opener Baby Shower Favors

These "bottle" openers come in both pink and blue packaging, naturally.
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Sweet Rain Paperie 
Little Cutie Gender Reveal Party Invitation

Boy or girl, either way it's a cutie!
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