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How to Throw a Gender Reveal Party
Updated on
December 11, 2023

How to Throw a Gender Reveal Party

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How to Throw a Gender Reveal Party

With a new baby on the way, there are multiple milestones that happen even before the birth. While some people are happy to be surprised by their baby’s sex when they’re born, others are eager to find out as soon as they can. While your mind may be racing trying to figure out clues around whether you’re expecting a boy or a girl, it’s usually some time between weeks 18-21 where you find out the gender. That info might help you pick out things like baby names, nursery themes, and clothes—or you might just be excited to have a fuller vision of your child.

Finding out the sex of your baby can make it feel really real, and since most people start sharing baby announcements after the first trimester, a gender reveal party is a fun way to find out that exciting tidbit of information in the company of family and friends. Gender reveal parties are usually a little smaller and more casual than a baby shower, but still fun and full of love. Continue reading for a step by step guide on how to throw a gender reveal party that’s just as perfect as your growing bundle of joy.

What Is a Gender Reveal Party?

As a modern parent-to-be, there are lots of options for celebrating your growing baby with friends and family—and as many or as few ways as you want. The baby shower is a traditional party hosted by loved ones a couple months before baby’s due date; however, gender reveal parties are gaining popularity as a fun way to share the sex of your baby with the people you love (a lot of parents find out themselves during these parties, too!). The gender reveal can be done in-person or virtually, and is usually more low-key than the shower. Because the sex is unknown, and guests will be buying baby gifts for the shower, you have the option to bring a little present for the parents to the gender reveal party, but it’s not generally expected. The hosting duties can go to a relative or close friend, but the parents-to-be can also host this one.

When Do You Have a Gender Reveal Party?

Gender reveal parties typically happen much sooner than the baby shower. Most parents find out the sex of their baby through ultrasound between 18-21 weeks, although those who choose to do genetic testing may find out sooner. The beginning of the second trimester is a good time to plan your gender reveal, as it allows enough time to ensure there are no apparent risks to the pregnancy. (The baby shower typically happens midway through the third trimester.)

How to Dress For a Gender Reveal Party

Since the gender reveal is all about finding out the sex of the baby, parents and guests can have fun with the dress code. Some parents wear the color representing the sex they think (or hope) the baby is, while others wear a mix of pink and blue or have a different outfit they can change into after the sex has been revealed. As for those attending, the parents can make it a game and have guests wear the color that represents the sex they believe the baby is (it can be fun to have a visual representation of everyone’s thoughts), or they can wear a mix of blue and pink, too.

Gender Reveal Ideas

Like any party, the gender reveal can involve food, drinks and games, but the main event is the unveiling of the sex. If the parents want the sex to be a surprise for everyone, including themselves, they can have their doctor or midwife write it down on a sheet of paper and put it in an envelope, and the host can give that envelope to the business in charge of creating the reveal vessel. There are tons of unique ways to do a gender reveal, but here are some of the most common:

  • Cake Cutting: This is a great way to reveal the gender and serve everyone dessert at the same time. You’ll have the baker make either a pink or blue cake and then frost it a discreet color so the reveal comes when the parents cut the first slice.
  • Confetti Bombs: These are a fun and photogenic way to reveal the gender of your baby. Confetti bombs are just what they sound like—colorful blasts of pink or blue loaded up into a discreet barrel until it’s time for the main event.
  • Balloon Pop: Like the confetti bombs, the balloon pop is a fun (and loud) way to reveal the gender of your baby. These balloons are filled with either pink or blue powder, confetti, or streamers and black in color (so as not to ruin the surprise). When it’s time for the big reveal, the parents-to-be pop the balloon to unveil the color inside.

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Gender Reveal Party Games

Of course, the gender reveal is the party’s main event, but you can also entertain guests in other ways, too. Light food and drinks are usually served during a gender reveal party, and games can be a fun diversion. A lot of these games are similar to those played at a baby shower, but you could also incorporate games like having everyone guess the gender before the big reveal, or playing an “Old Wives Tales” trivia game where people guess which old wives tales are typically attributed to boys and girls.

Above all, have fun, and celebrate your upcoming baby all the ways you want to.

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