Best Baby Shower Invitations
Best Baby Shower Invitations
August 17, 2021

Best Baby Shower Invitations

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Best Baby Shower Invitations.
Photo by Minted
Best Baby Shower Invitations

Editor’s Note (August 2021): The current Covid surge and mask and/or vaccine mandates leave baby shower planning just as uncertain as before, if not more. A distanced or drive-by shower is still a special way to celebrate your new baby, and here’s where you can find all the tips you need to plan a fun celebration virtually. To keep up with what the CDC is currently recommending, here’s all the latest information on social gatherings.

If you’re planning a baby shower—whether an in-person shower or a virtual one—you’re going to need a way to get the word out to guests. There are thousands of baby shower invitations out there, and the sheer number of options can be overwhelming (especially when you have so many other things going on!). So we narrowed it down to a handful of our favorite places to find baby shower invites, focusing on online ordering to keep things convenient for you.

From the time-saving to the amazingly artistic, here are our picks for the best physical and virtual baby shower invitations, no matter what kind of shower you’re having or what the theme is.

Minted: Time-Saving Service

Minted Shower From Home Invitation Photo

Price: Starting at $2.00 each for 45 cards

Minted offers a ton of unique invitations designed by independent artists, so you can be sure you’re getting something special for your baby shower. You can also find plenty of specialty baby shower options, like virtual baby shower invitations, baby sprinkle invitations (a smaller version of a shower) or sip & see invitations (a shower for after baby arrives). Once you’ve chosen a design and personalized it, they’ll send you a proof of your card to review before it goes to print (and if you need to make changes, the number of proofs they’ll send you is unlimited, so you can keep redesigning until it’s perfect).

Minted also makes it easy to create a whole suite of stationary, so everything from your invitations and thank you cards to favor tags and stickers can match your shower theme.

But what about when it’s time to send the invites out to your friends and family? If writing out every single address doesn’t sound like your idea of a fun time, Minted offers free recipient addressing on their custom envelopes (which are also free)!

Additional Specs
Quantity Multiples of 10 (starting at 15)
Delivery times Standard: 6-9 business days; Priority: 7 business days; Expedited: 6 business days; Rush: 5 business days

Tiny Prints: Premium Quality

Tinyprints Lovely Blooms Invitation Photo

Price: Starting at $2.79 each for 40 cards

With cards by the industry’s leading designers, plus options for luxe cardstock, crisp color printing and all the fancy embellishments you desire, Tiny Prints really knows premium stationary.

As the sister company of Shutterfly, their user experience is exactly the same—so if you’ve ordered anything from Shutterfly before, the system will be familiar. While they have a diverse selection, Tiny Prints also makes it easy to narrow down which design template you want to use (which can be a huge time suck otherwise). There’s no shortage of advanced filters that let you sort through all the options for invitations; you can filter by color, theme and even designer.

If you dish out extra cash for a custom envelope design, Tiny Prints will address them to your guests for free. And every card design is proofed for spelling and photo quality, so you can rest assured that there won’t be any embarrassing typos on your invitations.

Additional Specs
Quantity Multiples of 5; minimum 1 card
Delivery times Economy: 6-10 business days; Standard: 5-7 business days; Expedited: 4-5 business days; Rush: 3-4 business days

Walgreens: Convenient and Cost-Effective

Walgreens Baby Shower Invitation Photo

Price: Starting at $0.99 each for 40 cards

Ordering baby shower invitations online is pretty convenient when you want to see all of the design options at once and take your time going through them, but getting physical invites online also means waiting for them to ship to you. If you have a Walgreens location nearby, you can order physical invitations on their website and pick up the same day for most orders.

Walgreens has a pretty wide variety of card designs to match just about any baby shower, but unlike most other card makers, Walgreens also offers a glossy photo paper option that’s priced much lower than the typical cardstock option. A heads up, though: the print quality might change from store to store, so if you’re not happy with the result at your nearest Walgreens, just return them to a different location and have them reprinted.

Tip: If you’re having your shower after baby has already arrived, Walgreens has literally hundreds of options for photo invitations to help you show off your new little one right on the card.

Additional Specs
Quantity Multiples of 20
Delivery times Same-day pickup (some orders); Ship to store: 12 business days; Ship to you: 4-12 business days

Basic Invite: Clearly Creative

Basic Invite Clear Baby Shower Invitation

Price: Starting at $1.82 each for 50 cards

Despite their name, cards from Basic Invite are anything but basic. There are over six hundred designs to choose from, each with over 180 color options including metallic and foil! There’s a design for every baby shower, but since having all those options can lead to decision fatigue (we certainly felt it trying to pick our favorite), let’s talk about the design that really sets Basic Invite apart from the rest: clear invitations.

That’s right, these baby shower invitations are transparent! Made of vinyl (plastic), you can choose from clear or frosted backgrounds, plus 64 options for color on the text and illustrations. They’re sure to wow your shower guests, but note that the clear invites are prone to fingerprints and scratches (the frosted invites are more resistant). Basic Invite also offers free recipient addressing and return address labeling to save you time.

Keep in mind: Invitations can only be ordered in multiples of 25, so if you’re inviting fewer than 25 people or between 25 and 50 guests, you’ll end up paying for extra cards.

Additional Specs
Quantity Multiples of 25
Delivery times Standard: 11 days; Priority: 8 days; Rush: 7 days

Greetings Island: Whimsical Watercolor

Greetings Island Butterfly Baby Shower Invitation Photo

Price: Free for most designs; access to premium designs starting at $1.95/month

If you’re looking for invitations that say “delicate and delightful artistry,” the designs from Greetings Island practically shout it. Beautiful watercolor illustrations match all the top trending baby shower themes and more. Everything from florals to animals to calligraphy are painted in gentle neutrals and pastels, making these cards perfect for anyone searching for Instagram-worthy invites. And the best part: most designs are free! Don’t expect to receive a package from Greetings Island, though. These invites are meant to be sent virtually or printed at home using your own paper and ink (that’s what keeps the designs free!). Not crazy about doing it yourself? You can also download your design and take it to a print shop. But since there’s no wait time for shipping, your cards are ready to send instantly!

Additional Specs
Quantity Unlimited
Delivery times Instant!


Punkpost Invitation Photo

Price: Starting at $5.50 each

Sometimes you need invitations that go the extra mile for your guests. If you want a baby shower invite that feels more like a keepsake for your guests, go straight to Punkpost, home of beautifully hand-drawn cards that are as unique and fully customizable as they come. In a calligraphy style of your choice, a talented artist will write out your complete message to your guests. That’s right—while the exterior design of the card isn’t changeable, the inside is 100% up to you. Not only do you have the ability to choose font/calligraphy style, you can also choose colors and doodles to match your baby shower’s theme!

At $5.50 to $7 per card, this is a great option for smaller baby showers with only a few close loved ones. Cards need to be ordered one at a time, so be sure to save your options each time if you want your guests to all get the same card. Or you can change it up for each guest so everyone has a unique keepsake! Tip: If you download the iOS app, your first card is free!

Additional Specs
Quantity Unlimited
Delivery times 7 business days in the US; 2-3 weeks for international
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