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7 Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas
Updated on
September 11, 2023

7 Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

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7 Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas.
Photo by @janeemcclain
7 Creative Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

You have really big news! So why not go all out and creative as you let the world know you’re expecting?

We turned to Instagram to find sweet, unique ways to inspire you to create your own epic pregnancy announcement.

Let Your Pets Announce It


Have pets? Then you know your fur baby is your OG baby. Get your pet involved in your pregnancy announcement by positioning them by a sign or the sonogram. It’s hard to beat the expression on this dog’s face as it realizes it’s not going to be the only baby much longer. (Photo: @dear.kindred)

How To Do It: If your pet will let you, putting a “Big Sister” or “Big Brother” shirt on them like is beyond cute. If they’re a little more finicky (or small!), a letterboard with a quirky message like “I Thought I Was the Baby” or “But I’m Not Sharing My Toys” can make a cute photo op.

Wear Clothes That Say It All


Wear your heart (and your baby announcement) on your sleeve, chest or back by picking up a pair of custom baby announcement clothes. These can be as silly or as serious as you want. (Photo: @janeemcclain)

How to Do It: Search for “pregnancy announcement tees” on Etsy or browse stores, like Love Lulubell, that specialize in the apparel. Or get stickers to attach to your favorite jackets, like this.

Involve a Sibling


When you’re adding to a growing family, involve your kid(s) in the big reveal. Not only does it gear them up for the new addition, but it’s a cute way for them to prep for their new role as big sibling! (Photo: @health_wellness_saferbeauty)

How to Do It: There are endless ways to involve a sibling in the big news. You can have them hold a sign stating they’re about to be a big sibling. You can write it in the sand. You can have them in a “Big Brother” or “Big Sister” shirt. Better yet, ask them if they have an idea on how they’d like to do it!

Highlight Your Favorite Hobby


Have a passion baking? Create a miniature pregnancy-reveal pie. Love gardening? use this sweet veggie-inspired photo to announce your own sprout. A pregnancy announcement is a great opportunity to bring your favorite hobby in when you announce that your family is expanding. (Photo: @spireptw)

How to Do It: Incorporate your ultrasound image, baby shoes or tiny clothes among your favorite things, like this.

A Registry as Unique as Your Pregnancy Announcement

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Letter It Out


Letterboards are still a fun way to let your pregnancy announcement creativity shine. You can be straightforward—something like “New addition coming May 2021”—or make it a little sweet, like this announcement. (Photo: @soultribemama)

How to Do It: All you need is a letterboard and the words that are meaningful to you and your growing family. Then you can customize the look of your photo with anything else that strikes your fancy—like footies PJs, a pacifier, stuffed animal or baby blanket.

A Tongue-in-Cheek Announcement


Not the sentimental sort? No problem. Get everyone laughing instead with an announcement that pokes fun at some of the less-serious parts of pregnancy, whether that means requesting patience and pints of ice cream for the next nine months or calling it a “happy little accident,” like this Bob Ross-inspired letter. Whether this is just for your closest crew or your want to it send out as a mass mailing, don’t be afraid to let your personality shine. (Photo:

How to Do It: A professional card designer is easy to track down on Etsy. You can even search for “funny pregnancy announcements” to find some existing ones.

Sonogram Star


Baby’s first photo is one of their biggest. Make the sonogram image the star of your announcement by posing with it or use it as part of a flatlay among some of baby’s first and future things. (Photo: @dapper_mr_bear)

How to Do It: Collect some baby mementos like a pair of booties, a little bodysuit and the sonogram. Take the photo directly above the collection. Or snap a selfie with you and your partner holding the photo.

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