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These Cute Products Help You Capture Baby’s Monthly Milestone Pics
January 22, 2024

These Cute Products Help You Capture Baby’s Monthly Milestone Pics

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These Cute Products Help You Capture Baby’s Monthly Milestone Pics.
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These Cute Products Help You Capture Baby’s Monthly Milestone Pics

Babies grow fast. There’s a reason we say they’re “x” amount of months old until they’re about three—there is so much development happening each month. Which is why taking monthly photos during their first year of life to document their growth and save for the memory books is such a great idea. You’ve likely seen the photos on Instagram, new parents excitedly charting their baby’s age in months by posing them on a special blanket or a little number card.

I had the monthly photos planned out well before both of my babies were born. My oldest’s series took place in the nursery rocker with his little zebra stuffed animal (for growth comparison) and his birth announcement nameplate. My second wore a different color top and bottom set and a coordinating bow each month and my partner held her in front of the same wall in our home. While it was tricky remembering to take the photos each month (especially for the second baby), they are some of my most treasured memories of my babies’ first year.

Keeping up with photos and a baby book can be hard, but it’s so sweet to look back on as they grow. Our favorite tip is to jot things down in the notes app on your phone to help jog your memory when you’re ready to sit down and fill out the book.

How to Take the Best Monthly Milestone Photos

You certainly don’t need to plan anything elaborate for your baby’s monthly photos (or even feel pressure to take them at all!). But if you want to document their growth from one month to the next, the good news is there are a ton of fun options to personalize your own DIY photoshoot. Once you pick a theme and a few props, you’ll just need to snap a few pictures on or within a week (let’s be real) of the day they turn a month older.

As for the actual photo-taking, here are a few tips for taking baby’s monthly photos:

  • Keep the background consistent. Taking your baby’s photos in the same spot each month (whether it’s their crib, nursery glider or on a custom monthly milestone blanket) will let you see all of their amazing growth during their first year of life. The end results are so sweet!
  • Keep their outfit somewhat the same. With my first, I bought a simple long-sleeved black bodysuit in sizes newborn to 12 months so I could really see how much he grew each month.
  • You don’t need a fancy camera. But if photography is your thing, then by all means, pull out all of the stops! If you’re not a professional, though, you can still get great photos with your phone camera.
    • Make sure you’re set up near a window with natural light
    • Play with the exposure
    • Use the grid to get your subject (aka your little babe) in the right spot
    • Make small edits to brightness, shadows and highlights until you love the look

Now that you’ve got your theme and a few photo-taking tips in your toolbox, here’s our favorite gear for monthly milestone photos.

Monthly Milestone Blankets

A blanket is one of the easiest ways to get consistent monthly photos—there’s even an option for twins!

Monthly Milestone Numbers and Cards

If you want to get a little more creative with your baby’s milestone photos, we love these cards, pennant flags and other photoshoot props.

Milestone Blocks

These blocks go from weeks to years and double as nursery decor, too.

First Landings 
Milestone Blocks

Monthly Milestone Photo Frames

Life is busy and taking cute photos of wiggly babies becomes increasingly difficult. If you’ve managed to keep up with monthly photos, congrats! We love these frames for displaying them.

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