Second Baby Registry
Second Baby Registry
April 30, 2020

Second Baby Registry

Second Baby Registry

In some ways, growing your family gets easier after your first rodeo: You know how to handle bouts of fussiness, poopsplosions and have mastered getting ready with one eye on your curious tot at all times. Now that you’re having another baby, there are a few new challenges coming your way. Specifically: You’ll be outnumbered.

That’s why we rounded up the things that help you care for multiple kids, whether they’re several years apart or both in diapers. These are the essentials for staying sane as your life gets busier.

Multi-Camera Monitor

If your kids sleep in separate rooms, you’ll need a baby monitor that is compatible with more than one camera (note: additional cameras are sold separately). This way, you can easily check in on them without accidentally waking up anyone.

White Noise Machine

A sound machine can drown out your the noises of your older kiddo while the baby naps, and can even make your wee one’s crying fade into the background for siblings who share a room. This one also has a night light, time-to-rise feature and audio monitor, so it will be useful for a long time.

Newborn Baby Carrier

Having your hands free is pretty crucial when you’re managing multiple kids. A baby carrier lets you snuggle your newborn close while doing things like helping your older child finish a macaroni art project.

Double Stroller

You can get away with wearing your littlest in a baby carrier while you push your big kid in the stroller for only so long. Eventually, both will want a stroller seat of their own. See if your current stroller has the option to add a second seat or a sit/stand stroller board. If not, a double stroller like this can keep both your kids happy.

Diaper Bag Backpack

With a baby carrier on your chest and a backpack diaper bag slung over your shoulders, you can have all the stuff you need and still keep your hands free to help your older child. This one has enough room for snacks, clothes, and sippy cups and bottles for two.

So, What Is Babylist?

Babylist is a free, all-in-one baby registry that lets you add any item from any store, as well as things like help, favors and cash funds. Your registry should be as unique as you are. Start your Babylist now.

Cordless Breast Pump

Pumping breast milk can tie you down, literally. Even if your pump can function without an electrical outlet, tubes still connect you to the machine making it impossible to do anything other than sit (and watch as your toddler takes all the books off the shelf). A cordless breast pump that fits inside your nursing bra lets you do anything or go anywhere. It’s a game changer!

High-tech Bouncer

We’re all about baby gear that makes you feel like you’ve got an extra set of hands. And that’s exactly what a really good bouncer or swing is like. It rocks and sways your little one just like you do, but it does it while you play dress-up with your big kid.

All-Ages Toys

Playtime can be difficult when the baby can’t be around anything small enough to be swallowed. But bring out fun building blocks, and everyone can have a good time making castles, or in your baby’s case, just gnawing on a wooden square.

Matching Stuffies

It’s easy to understand how a new big brother or sister could be jealous of all the gifts the new baby is getting. Help your older child adjust with a few gifts of their own, like matching stuffed animals—a small one for baby and a supersized version for your big kid.


A Home-Cooked Meal

You’ll have your hands full, and you’re going to be hungry (your older child will be too!). Ask friends and family to hook you up with dinner.

An Extra Pair of Hands

Help with baby sitting anyone?


A registry gift you’ll really appreciate! They can watch your new baby while you get some special time with your bigger kiddo, or they can take your older child on an adventure while you get some new -baby bonding time. Bonus? They watch both so you can get some rest.

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