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What You Need for Your Second Baby Registry
January 22, 2024

What You Need for Your Second Baby Registry

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What You Need for Your Second Baby Registry.
What You Need for Your Second Baby Registry

There’s a lot about growing your family that gets easier after your first rodeo. You know how to handle bouts of fussiness. You’re a pro at poopsplosions, have mastered cooking dinner with one hand and can get on your baby carrier in under a minute flat.

But having another baby does add a few new challenges. Specifically: how to create a second baby registry. What’s a must-have, what’s nice to have and what can you skip?

Figuring out what you actually need for a second (or third, or fourth) baby can feel like one more thing on your to-do list, so we’re doing it for you. We’ve rounded up the things that help you care for multiple kids, whether they’re a few years apart or both in diapers (and a few things you shouldn’t hand down). These are the essentials for staying sane as your life gets busier.

Things You Need for a Second Baby


If you’re eventually planning on your kids sleeping in separate rooms, you’ll want a baby monitor with two cameras and split-screen viewing so you can keep an eye on both little ones at once. This one checks those boxes and more, offering a 5” color screen, two-way audio and a crisp 360-degree view of your baby and their room.

We love a sound machine for any baby registry, but especially if you’re adding a new baby to the mix. It will help to drown out the noises of your older kiddo while the baby naps and can even be used if your siblings are sharing a room. This multifunctional option is also a night light, time-to-rise clock and an audio monitor so you’ll get years of use out of it.

If you’re having babies close in age, you may need to buy a second crib for your new arrival, which also means a second crib mattress. Few baby products have given us the peace of mind that the Newton has. It’s made from 90% free air which means your baby can breathe right through it. It’s also washable (as in “pop it right in the shower” washable) which can’t be beaten.

The fasteners on your older swaddles might be worn out from lots of use, so we recommend investing in a few new ones for the arrival of a new baby. This one is made from 100% cotton and we love that it can be used arms in, hands-to-face or one or both arms out.

On the Go + Gear

One of our all-time favorites (and consistent pick in our round up of the best strollers) is the Vista V2. This tandem stroller can expand to transport up to three kids. It earns big points for its unparalleled suspension, easy maneuverability (even with two or more kids on board), huge under basket storage and thoughtful design features throughout.

Don’t want (or need) a double stroller? Check out a stroller board. This universal board fits most brands of strollers and lets your older child either stand or sit on the back while you push. It holds up to 55 pounds and is a great alternative to listening to your toddler whine because they’re tired of walking.

Multiple car seats don’t have to mean cramped quarters in your car. Graco’s SlimFit is one of the best grow with me car seats that saves space in your back seat and grows with your child from five to 100 pounds. It’s also well-priced considering you’ll be able to use it from the baby days through the big kid years.

Unless you’ve figured out a way to grow eyes on the back of your head (how useful would that be?), you’ll want another back seat mirror when your new addition arrives. This one from Sprucely is extra large and shatterproof and is very easy to attach to your car’s headrest.

About Babylist

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Even if you weren’t a big babywearer the first time around, odds are you’ll be doing it much more frequently now that there’s another sibling in the mix. We love Ergobaby’s Embrace because it’s super simple to get on (we’re talking under a minute, max) and frees up your hands to get other things done with the baby in tow. Check out our best baby carriers guide for even more of our favorite picks.

One more transport option to consider: a stroller wagon. Combining the maneuverability of a stroller with the convenience of a wagon, these hybrids are popular with growing families. Veer stands out for its easy fold, all-terrain wheels and the many accessories available to match your family’s needs. Although it’s a bit of a higher price point, it’ll grow with your little ones and last for years.

If you want the option of a bit more movement than a bouncer, then add a swing to your second baby registry. This low-profile option from Munchkin is a favorite thanks to its sleek design and easy portability. (That’s not the case with lots of baby swings.) It sways side-to-side, just like your arms, and is Bluetooth compatible so you can stream in your favorite tunes.

The reality of having multiple kiddos is that you’ll likely need to put your newborn down a bit more than you did the first time around to either get things done or play with your older child. This bouncer is a safe, comfy spot for the baby to chill. It’s lightweight enough to easily move from room to room and folds flat for easy storage. It also grows with your baby, converting from bouncer to toddler chair.

A playard is clutch when you need a safe place to put the baby while you tend to your older child. (Especially when they start becoming mobile.) This one from Newton is an investment, but it pulls double duty as both a playspace and a travel crib. It features their well-loved breathable material and sets up (and breaks down) quickly and easily. We especially love the zip-down side door.


There’s plenty of baby gear that can be used the second time around. Bottle nipples, however, don’t fall into that category, as they can degrade or tear over time, so you’ll want to add some new ones to your second baby registry. You can reuse the bottles themselves, though; just make sure they’re fully intact and be sure to clean and sterilize them before the first (re)use.

Pumping can tie you down, literally. Even if your pump can be used without an electrical outlet, tubes still connect you to the machine, making it tough to do anything other than sit (and watch as your toddler takes all the books off the shelf). A wearable breast pump that fits inside your nursing bra is a game-changer as it lets you do anything or go anywhere while you pump.

A wearable pump is great for on-the-go, but for most pumpers, it’s not strong enough to use as your primary pump. If you’re juggling multiple kids and also need to pump regularly, consider a portable option like the Genie Advance. It features a clip and a lanyard so it’s easy to pump on the go and the battery lasts four hours on a single charge.

These breast milk collector cups are a great second baby registry add if you’re planning on breastfeeding this time around. You can pop them right in your bra to collect letdown or leaks throughout the day or give them a gentle squeeze to activate the suction and use them as a manual pump on one side while you’re feeding on the other. They’re a great time-saver, something you’ll definitely need as a parent of more than one.

Pacifiers are another item of baby gear that you’ll want to completely replace with each child. Since babies can be particular as to which one they prefer, we love this exclusive pacifier box that lets you sample seven of the most popular pacis before committing (and then stashing them all over your home and diaper bag!).

You can never have too many bandana bibs, especially considering the ones from your first baby have likely seen better days. These eight-packs come in a huge assortment of colors and prints and are soft and absorbent.

And while we’re on the topic of messy kids, you can never enough many burp cloths either, whether you’re using them for spit-up with your new baby or for cleaning up messes from their older sibling. Tiny Kind’s cloths are made of 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton with an absorbent poly fill.

A bottle warmer isn’t a must-have, but when there are multiple kids in the mix and you feel like you’re always short on time, we think they’re pretty great. This one works for both breastmilk and formula and safely heats your bottles to just the right temperature in minutes with the simple touch of a few buttons.


With a baby carrier on your chest and a backpack diaper bag slung over your shoulders, you can have all the stuff you need and still keep your hands free to help your older child. This one has enough room for snacks, clothes, and sippy cups and bottles for two.

If you’ve already found a diaper brand you love with your first baby then there’s zero need to shake things up. But if you’re looking for something different, add the Diaper Box to your second baby registry. It comes with diapers and wipes from three popular, eco-friendly brands so you can take them all for a test drive before you commit.

More kids mean more stuff, even when it comes to diapering. This caddy is a great catch-all for organizing all of your essentials so you’ll always have what you need when you need it. (You can also use it in the car or as a breastfeeding/pumping station.) And when your diapering days are done, it’s attractive enough for lots of other uses.

Health + Safety

If you’re anything like us, things like your thermometer, nail clippers and more are spread out around your entire home. Get organized with baby number two and keep all your first aid must-haves in one spot. This curated kit was created in partnership with doctors and is filled with hospital-grade medical supplies and soothers.

Lots of infant tubs are big and bulky and make it virtually impossible to bathe two kiddos at once. In addition to being a great all-around baby bath, the Angelcare is also perfect for bathtime with multiple kids. It’s compact, easy to clean and can be used directly in your tub, even if there’s an older sibling splashing around.

Humidifiers are essential if you live in a colder climate or for when your little one is feeling under the weather, so you’ll likely want a second one for your new arrival if your kids will be sleeping in different rooms. This one from Canopy stands out thanks to its ease of cleaning thanks to its dishwasher safe parts, saving you time and energy—something every parent of multiple kids sure can use a little more of.

Clothing + Accessories

Baby clothes are some of the best things to pass down from one child to the next, but it’s nice to have a few new things to add to the mix for a new baby. This collection has the everyday essentials you’ll need, all made from a soft 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton.

Don’t forget to stock up on a few extra sleepers, too. They’re affordable, super versatile and perfect for the newborn days and beyond. These feature two-way zippers for warmer, easier diaper changes (yay!) and are made from organic cotton.


When you’re adding a second baby into the mix, you’ll want to focus on toys that everyone can enjoy. This play gym is perfect for your curious infant and can be used from day one. Once they’ve outgrown it, the frame converts to a play tent that’s the perfect hiding spot for your older child.

If you didn’t already use this silicone teether with your first kiddo, now’s the time to add it to the mix. It’s an all-time baby favorite. Easy to hold onto and comforting on gums, it’s the perfect first teether and toothbrush for your new baby. And it’s dishwasher safe.

Show that second baby some love with this personalized name puzzle. Made from high-quality birch and non-toxic paint, this handcrafted puzzle can be used as decor when baby is younger than as a puzzle once they’re a bit older.

Worried you won’t have time to record all of baby’s memories and milestones now that your family has grown? This beautiful memory book makes it easy, with prompts and pages for everything from baby’s first ultrasound to month-by-month documenting.

Gift Cards, Help and Favors

You’ll have your hands full, and you’re going to be hungry. These home-cooked meal cards are a polite way to hint to family and friends that you’d appreciate a home-cooked meal or two. Or, ten.

Babies are really expensive. So is college. Need we say more?

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