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What are Car Seat Adapters?
Updated on
September 11, 2023

What are Car Seat Adapters?

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What are Car Seat Adapters?.
What are Car Seat Adapters?

Getting of the house with a new baby means stopping to pack up supplies and gear and get the baby ready too. That’s why we’re forever on the hunt for things that take the hassle out of traveling with a little one, like car seat adapters.

What are Car Seat Adapters?

Car seat adapters connect an infant car seat to a stroller. You can purchase a travel system—a stroller and compatible car seat set that brands offer—but if you instead purchase those items separately, they probably don’t work together as a unit. But you can change all that, and reap the benefits of a travel system, by using a car seat adaptor.

These handy gadgets make it possible to snap infant car seats into strollers, even if they’re from different brands. Being able to attach your infant car seat to the stroller lets your little one stay asleep during the transition of getting in and out of the car.

Also, you can use your stroller from day one since the infant car seat is designed for newborn use but many strollers aren’t.

How Do Car Seat Adapters Work?

Say you have a favorite stroller and a favorite infant car seat and they’re made by different brands. If you don’t want to compromise, it’s often possible to buy a car seat adapter that makes one brand compatible with the other brand (adapters can cost anywhere from $10-$80).

Not all infant car seat and strollers brands are compatible, so you’ll have to make sure there’s an adapter that’ll connect the car seat you want to the stroller you’re eyeing.

Which Strollers Work with Which Car Seats?

The adapter you purchase has to be an exact match between your specific infant car seat and your specific stroller (including model and year). Otherwise, it might not safely click together.

Here’s a quick rundown of how compatible some popular stroller brands are with different car seats. To check exact models, click the links below to read the complete information from the manufacturers.

Stroller brands with a lot of infant car seat flexibility:

  • Baby Jogger: Multiple adapters are available for many different kinds of infant car seats including popular ones from Chicco, Graco, Britax and NUNA.
  • BOB: Adapters are available for seven different brands including Graco, Chicco and Britax.

Stroller brands with some infant car seat flexibility:

  • Britax: One adapter that works with Maxi Cosi, Nuna and Cybex.
  • Bugaboo: Multiple adapters that work with seven different brands including Peg Perego, Chicco, Graco and Nuna.

Stroller brands that don’t work with other infant car seats:

Chicco, Graco and Nuna strollers need their own brand’s car seats. They don’t offer adapters. (However, their infant car seats fit in a lot of strollers by other brands.)

Strollers and infant car seats are among the bigger purchases for your baby. And while it’s convenient to buy them as a set in a travel system, it’s nice to know you also have the option of a car seat adapter if you don’t love any of the travel systems out there.

Before you start shopping for a stroller and car seat, be sure to get pointers on How to Choose a Stroller and How to Choose a Car Seat guides too.

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