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Best Stroller Accessories
January 6, 2023

Best Stroller Accessories

By Babylist Team
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Best Stroller Accessories

Stroller accessories do more than soup up your baby’s ride.

Although they’re not necessities, many parents find that a few key add-ons can make being out and about with your little one a whole lot easier and a whole lot less stressful—and who couldn’t use more of that?

Here are our picks for the best stroller accessories to eliminate hassles and bring more joy to your everyday adventures. Just make sure they’re compatible with your stroller before you hit buy!

Weather Cover

When partly cloudy turns to stormy faster than your weather app predicted, you’re going to need a cover to keep your little one dry and protected from rain, snow and wind. (A weather cover is especially important if you’re a city parent who’ll be doing lots of walking.) This one features ventilated sides, a large front window and a snap pocket in the back for umbrella storage. The universal fit works on both strollers, but be sure to measure before you buy to make sure it works for you.

Stroller Organizer

A stroller organizer keeps all of your essentials (think keys, phone, water bottle and of course allll the coffee) together and within easy reach while you’re out with your little one. This one hangs from the handlebars and has adjustable Velcro straps to fit most strollers. It features two insulated cup holders and two zippered compartments that detach and turn into a wristlet for keeping your valuables safe when you step away.

JJ Cole Urban BundleMe

If you’re going to be outside a lot and winter is intense where you live, you’ll definitely want to consider getting a stroller bunting. Like a sleeping bag for babies and toddlers, these super-soft cocoons fit right onto your stroller seat and keep your little one toasty warm, eliminating the need for loose blankets and sometimes even for winter coats, depending on the temperature. The Urban BundleMe has a warm, plush interior and a nylon exterior to protect against the elements. It’s machine washable and there’s even a detachable hood.

Extra Hook

Parenting truth: there are never enough hands to carry all of your stuff. Meet the Mommy Hook, a quick and easy add-on to any stroller that makes it super simple to hold shopping bags, groceries, your diaper bag or anything else you may be schlepping around on any given day. We love the heavy-duty aluminum and the foam grip that keeps it from sliding around.

Snack Tray

Without fail, your kiddo is going to get hungry and thirsty while you’re out. A snack tray is the perfect spot to contain a few small snacks and a bottle or sippy cup to hold your little one over until you’ve accomplished whatever mission you’re on.

Stroller Toy

Babies are super cute. Know what’s not? Bending down 36 times a day to pick up the toys they’ve gleefully flung onto the ground. This plush avocado rattle is not only fun (the two halves stick together, making for hours of open-and-close fun) but also features a built-in loop and ring that easily and securely attaches the toy right to your stroller.

Stroller Board

Have a single stroller, but need one that can accommodate two kids? A stroller board is perfect if you have a baby and a toddler who always wants to walk. Less expensive than purchasing a double stroller, stroller boards are a good option for toddlers that just need to rest once in awhile. This one is compatible with more than 99 percent of strollers and holds kids from ages two to five and up to 62 pounds.

Travel Bag

Traveling with your stroller? You’re going to want to protect your ride from the rough-and-tumble of airplane travel. This sturdy bag is water resistant and made from a heavy-duty polyester that will shield your stroller from stains and damage. It’s made for single and double strollers (but be sure to measure before you buy) and has a carry handle as well as adjustable straps.

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