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The Best Stroller Accessories to Make Outings a Bit Easier
March 14, 2024

The Best Stroller Accessories to Make Outings a Bit Easier

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The Best Stroller Accessories to Make Outings a Bit Easier.
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The Best Stroller Accessories to Make Outings a Bit Easier

You’ve spent a ton of time researching the best baby strollers and picked out your favorite. Next step: stroller accessories.

Turns out, they do more than just soup up your baby’s ride—a few add-ons can make outings with your little one a whole lot easier for all involved. Many accessories, like toddler ride-on boards, snack trays and cup holders will need to be from the same brand as your stroller to ensure they attach properly to your stroller. But there are some universal options you can add on as well (we’ve added a few where available).

Here are our picks for the best stroller accessories to eliminate hassles and bring more joy to your everyday adventures.

Stroller Organizers

A stroller organizer keeps all of your essentials (think keys, phone, water bottle, snack and small toys) together and within easy reach while you’re out with your little one. They attach to the handlebar and usually feature adjustable straps that allow them to fit most strollers.

Cold-Weather Stroller Accessories

If you’re going to be outside a lot and winter is intense where you live, you’ll definitely want to consider getting a few of these cold-weather accessories to make strolling a bit warmer. Things like a stroller bunting, rain cover and hand muffs will help keep them warm and dry. There are universal options to fit most strollers, but you may also want to check which accessories your specific stroller brand offers for an even better fit!

Stroller Cup Holders

Whether you’re going for a walk or wrangling your little one at the park, keep your iced coffee (or water) within arm’s reach.

Stroller Snack Trays

Without fail, your kiddo is going to get hungry and thirsty while you’re out. A snack tray is the perfect spot to contain a few small snacks and a bottle or sippy cup to hold your little one over until you’ve accomplished whatever mission you’re on. You’ll need to find a tray specific to your stroller brand, but we’ve rounded up a few from the most popular picks.

Stroller Toys

Babies are super cute. Know what’s not? Bending down 36 times a day to pick up the toys they’ve gleefully flung onto the ground. That’s where stroller toys come in. They’re designed with loops and hooks to secure them to the stroller bar or frame so they stay within reach.

Stroller Boards for Toddlers

Have a single stroller, but need one that can accommodate two kids? A stroller board is perfect if you have a baby and a toddler who always wants to walk. Less expensive than purchasing a double stroller (and easier to lug around), stroller boards are a good option for toddlers who just need to rest once in a while. And the good news is, thanks to their rise in popularity, most brands make their own boards so you can be sure it’s compatible with your specific stroller model.

Stroller Travel Bags

Traveling with a baby or toddler means packing a bunch of stuff (including your stroller).r? Whether you’ll be checking it at baggage claim or the gate, you’re going to want to protect your ride from the rough-and-tumble of airplane travel. Here are a few universal and brand-specific options.

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