Best Stroller Accessories of 2019

Best Stroller Accessories of 2019

February 13, 2019

Best Stroller Accessories of 2019

Best Stroller Accessories of 2019
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Best Stroller Accessories of 2019

Stroller accessories do more than soup up your baby’s ride. The right add-ons can make being out and about with your little one less stressful (and who couldn’t use more of that?).

The truth is that stroller accessories aren’t absolute necessities, so don’t sweat it, especially if you’re on a budget. But many parents do find that a few key accessories—the why-the-heck-didn’t-I-get-this-sooner stuff—can eliminate hassles and bring more joy to everyday adventures.

Here are our top picks for stroller accessories that can save you a headache or two (just make sure they’re compatible with your stroller).

Weather Cover

Many strollers come with a built-in weather cover because sometimes a partly cloudy day turns stormy faster than your weather app predicted. If your stroller doesn’t have one, and you live in a place with a lot of rain, snow or wind, a weather cover can be a lifesaver. These see-through plastic-vinyl covers block mosquitos and bugs too. So your baby can sit back and relax, no matter what nature brings your way.

Sun Shade

Festivals, fairs, long walks in the park or strolls at the beach are all fun—until your baby gets fussy because of the overbearing sun. If your stroller doesn’t have a big enough canopy, a sun shade can help. It blocks out intense rays and gives your baby privacy for napping on-the-go, making your child a happy camper again. If only parenting could always be this easy…

Bug Net

Of course, you want to protect your baby from bugs, especially the nasty ones like mosquitoes. But you might also be concerned about spraying bug repellant all over your baby’s sensitive skin. There’s no need to stress while your baby is in the stroller if you buy a bug net. Put it on your stroller before you leave the house, and it’ll keep your baby comfortable and bug-free all mosquito-season long.

Stroller Bunting or Bundle

If winter is intense where you live, you might consider getting a stroller bunting. This cold-weather solution is like a sleeping bag for babies, keeping them warm head-to-toe, even when it’s snowing outside. And, you won’t have to constantly tuck a blanket back in over kicky little feet during chilly walks (because cabin fever is real).

Toy Attachments

It’s too easy for cute toys like this to fall (or be purposefully, gleefully flung) out of the stroller. You can either constantly pick up toys or purchase a few toy straps that attach to your stroller. Straps keep playthings in front of your little one and save you from dealing with lost toys (and a lot of tears) later.

Snack Tray & Cup Holder

It never fails: Your kiddo will get hungry and thirsty while you’re out. That’s why many strollers come with a snack tray and cup holder. But if yours doesn’t, consider getting one. A few, dry snacks scattered across the tray and a bottle or sippy cup can seriously keep your child entertained long enough for you to accomplish whatever mission you’re on.

Stroller Board

Have a single stroller, but need one that can accommodate two kids? A stroller board is perfect if you have a baby and a toddler who always wants to walk. It’s like a skateboard that attaches to the back of your stroller (near the rear wheels). Your toddler stands on the platform to ride. Less expensive than purchasing a double stroller, stroller boards are a good option for toddlers that just need to rest once in awhile. But you should know, pushing the stroller from behind your toddler can be a bit awkward.

Diaper Bag Strap

Hanging your diaper bag from the handlebar of your stroller saves space in the storage basket for other things like groceries and shopping bags. But what if your diaper bag doesn’t easily and safely connect with a stroller? Use diaper bag straps instead. They loop over your stroller’s handlebar and attach to your bag. Just make sure your stroller is sturdy enough that a loaded bag won’t tip it over.

Parent Organizer

Keep all your essentials—phone, keys and water bottle—within easy reach during walks with a parent organizer. They typically come with at least one cup holder and a storage compartment to stash small items. Attach it to your handlebars and have everything right in front of you. It’s so much better than digging around in your purse or in the stroller’s underseat storage basket.

Stroller Travel Bag

Some parents like to check their strollers with the luggage and use a baby carrier while traveling on a plane. If that’s you, consider packing your stroller in an easy-to-carry travel bag. The extra protection it provides makes the stroller more likely to reach its final destination without a scratch.

Choosing what’s right for you

Consider your lifestyle, your budget and where you live when picking out accessories. Also keep in mind that you don’t need to buy all you stroller add-ons at once. As you start using your stroller, it will be easier to figure out what you really need. And if you’re still deciding on which stroller to use, check out our picks for the Best Strollers right here!

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