7 Best Pregnancy Tests to Take in 2020

Best Pregnancy Tests to Take in 2020

January 9, 2020

Best Pregnancy Tests to Take in 2020

Best Pregnancy Tests to Take in 2020
Want the fastest? Cheapest? Easiest to read? We've laid out the best so you don't have to struggle through the family planning aisle.Best Pregnancy Tests to Take in 2020

Excitement, anxiety, hope: wondering if you’re pregnant can be nerve-racking. A home pregnancy test can quickly reveal if you’re expecting—some even work before your period is late—so you can get that need-to-know answer right away.

When to Take a Pregnancy Test

How soon a pregnancy test can tell if you’re expecting depends on its sensitivity to hCG. That’s why some work earlier when you have less of the hormone, while others won’t show a positive until later when you have a higher amount.

How Do Pregnancy Tests Work?

When an egg is fertilized, your body starts producing a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). During early pregnancy, hCG levels double every two to three days and peak by the end of your first trimester. Pregnancy tests look for how much hCG is present in your urine.

How Accurate are Pregnancy Tests?

In general, home pregnancy tests are more accurate the longer you wait to take them. Testing on the day of your expected period, or after, will yield a more definitive answer. If you test too early (think just days after ovulation), you could get a false negative and have to test again later.

If you’re making a store run or hopping on Amazon to purchase a home pregnancy test, we recommend you go with one of these.

Best Early Pregnancy Test

If you’re the worst at waiting (and who isn’t?), the First Response Early Result test is what you want to grab. It’s the most sensitive over-the-counter pregnancy test and can accurately tell you if you’re pregnant up to five days before your period is due. We also dig the curvy handle, which makes it easier to hold the stick as you pee on it. It also comes in a digital version, which uses words instead of lines to report your results.

Best Cheap Pregnancy Test

The Wondfo takes away the plastic applicator and absorbent tip of your standard pregnancy test and gives you a simple strip (the same one found in regular pregnancy tests) to dip into a cup of your urine. You get results in five minutes and end up paying less than a dollar per test.

Easy to Read Pregnancy Test

Unlike manual pregnancy tests where you have to decipher how many lines are darkening to tell if you’re pregnant, this digital test leaves no doubt what the result is: it tells you in words. Flashing lights on the display indicate the time remaining until an answer appears (it can take up to three minutes). You can use this test up to four days before you expect your period.

Runner-Up Pregnancy Test

If you like the idea of using a digital test, here’s another option that’s easy to find on store shelves. This EPT test is nearly as sensitive to the hCG pregnancy hormone as Clearblue, and you get results just as fast.

Fastest Pregnancy Test

If you are so eager, you can’t wait three minutes, the Rapid Detection pregnancy test is ready in just one minute! This box includes three tests. However, we’ve seen a lot of reports of more false positives with this test than with others. They always said patience is a virtue.

Best Ovulation and Pregnancy Test Kit

This isn’t just a pregnancy test. This kit includes 50 ovulation test strips and 20 pregnancy test strips. The ovulation strips can be very helpful if you’re trying to get pregnant. An ovulation test measures your level of the luteinizing hormone, which increases in the day or two before ovulation. A positive results means you’re likely to ovulate within the next 24 or 48 hours—so on to baby making.

Both the ovulation and pregnancy tests are only strips, so you have to pee into a cup and then dip the strip into the cup. If you are worried you didn’t do it right, they’re inexpensive. You can always try multiple times.

The Variety Pack Pregnancy Test

Don’t want to choose? This kit includes three different pregnancy tests, like a variety pack. One test lets you check six days before your missed period, another shows you a digital result and the last one is ready in only a minute.

The bottom line with any test you choose: if you tested early and it came up negative, but you end up missing your period, test again. If your home test says you’re pregnant, it’s time to make an appointment with your gynecologist to confirm the results.

And once you get a big fat positive, check out our week by week pregnancy guides and sign up for our pregnancy emails.

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