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The Best Pregnancy Apps of 2024
Updated on
June 24, 2024

The Best Pregnancy Apps of 2024

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The Best Pregnancy Apps of 2024.
These are so much more than just "your baby is the size of a kiwi."The Best Pregnancy Apps of 2024

One of the most exciting parts of finding out you’re pregnant is Googling what’s going on with your baby (and body) at your particular week of pregnancy. Since it’ll be a while until you actually get to meet them, checking in on their development can help make things feel real (especially before you start showing). 

Pregnancy apps are the perfect way to keep track of everything from your baby’s size to what symptoms you can expect that week. Some offer helpful features to stay organized throughout your pregnancy, like logging doctor’s appointments or birth plan preferences. And gone are the days of timing contractions with a watch—timer apps are an essential tool in helping figure out whether you’re in labor. There are a ton of pregnancy apps on the market, so we found the best ones to help you choose. 

Babylist’s Picks for the Top Pregnancy Apps

Best App for Tracking Fertility and Ovulation

Flo app screenshot


iOS | Android

Cost: $14.99/month or $59.99/year

Flo is a popular app for tracking all aspects of your menstrual cycle—from estimated period and fertile window to PMS symptoms and peak ovulation. It offers detailed symptom tracking and insights for a holistic reproductive health approach. The app’s pregnancy mode allows you to keep up with baby’s development, calculate your due date and set a countdown to baby. The app was alaso a write-in winner in a Babylist survey of most helpful resources during pregnancy. People also love the built-in forum community to discuss intimate topics and ask questions of others going through the same things. There’s also a companion app, Flo for Partners, so they can keep track of what’s going on without you having to relay all of the info.

Best All-in-One Pregnancy App

Baby Center App Icon photo

Baby Center

iOS | Android

Cost: Free

This all-in-one pregnancy app goes from tracking your ovulation to counting contractions and gives you the deets on everything in between. Get weekly updates about your stage of pregnancy with articles, slideshows and videos on topics relevant to what you’re going through right now (and your baby’s development), including special information for high-risk pregnancies. You can also take pictures of your growing bump to create a pregnancy journal and search the baby names database by meaning or theme to find a name you like. After you give birth, the app will seamlessly switch over to giving you parenting advice for baby’s first year.

Best App for The Vibes

Stardust App Icon

Stardust Period & Pregnancy

iOS | Android

Cost: Free ($4.99/month for the full experience)

Stardust integrates science and astrology into cycle tracking (think vibes, cosmos, zodiac and moon phases). The app’s personalized notifications offer cycle and hormone-related insights in a vibe-y yet relatable way. And the recently launched “Creator Mode” now allows you to track your baby’s journey to birth! Once you enter your estimated due date, you’ll see a little rainbow-colored baby take over your calendar and start to receive daily affirmations plus parent-baby zodiac insights.


Best App for Pregnancy Content

What to Expect App Icon

What to Expect

iOS | Android

Cost: Free

This free app is based on the website based on the the book! The bestselling pregnancy reference guide fits entirely into your pocket, complete with videos, week-by-week baby development tracking and, of course, all the information about pregnancy you could ever imagine. In a survey, Babylist registrants reported that this was their second-most used pregnancy app (behind Babylist, of course). Their registry builder section makes sure you get ALL the free stuff too! The bad news: the app isn’t as useful once you’ve had your baby.

Best App for Pregnancy Meditations

Expectful App Icon


iOS | Android

Cost: $8.99/month after a free 30-day trial

Sound familiar? That’s because Expectful is now part of the Babylist family! Worrying about your baby, pregnancy or what’s to come can fuel anxiety and stress, which isn’t good for anyone. To help you calm your mind, consider meditation. Expectful is a meditation app designed specifically for the journey to parenthood—from trying to conceive to pregnancy to postpartum. The guided meditations range from 5 to 20 minutes—they’re accessible for beginners and experienced meditators alike—and cover topics like emotional self care, sleep stories and IVF, plus weekly pregnancy meditations and daily postpartum meditations. Something to note: this app requires a monthly subscription.

Best App for Week x Week Images

Pregnancy+ App Icon


iOS | Android

Cost: Free

Curious what your baby looks like as they develop? The Pregnancy+ app has 3D, interactive week-by-week experience that highlights your baby’s major developmental milestones in any given week (it also looks hyper-realistic). It also has helpful articles, and features to help you stay organized throughout your pregnancy such as a To-Do list, hospital bag checklist, birth plan and a place to keep track of all of your doctor’s appointments. And when the time comes, there’s also a kick counter and contraction timer.

Best App for Baby Registry

Babylist App Icon


iOS | Android

Cost: Free

Preparing your home for the newest family member should be fun, not overwhelming. Anytime you come across a really cool gadget or the cutest-ever bodysuit you can add it to the Babylist Baby Registry App, no matter which store it comes from—big or small. It’s a one-stop registry for everything parents need to deck out the nursery, prepare for breastfeeding and even get support after birth (think: meal delivery, house-cleaning services or postpartum doula—yes, you can add those kinds of things!). Or, if you’d rather people contribute to a college fund, you can do that with this app too. Besides being a universal baby registry app, the Babylist app also features hundreds of helpful articles, sample registries and the ability to buy directly from the Babylist Shop!

Best App for Timing Contractions

Contraction Timer & Counter

Contraction Timer & Counter

iOS | Android

Cost: Free

Are they Braxton Hicks contractions or the real deal? It can be hard to tell, especially if it’s your first pregnancy. This simple app tracks the frequency and duration of your contractions and will alert you if there is a pattern—meaning it’s time to go to the hospital. Press the button to start the timer at the beginning of your contraction and again when it’s over. You can also edit (if you forget to hit stop) and rate the intensity of each contraction. You’ll have the option to upgrade to Timer Plus after you download (an ad-free version that includes a few more features, like info about phases of labor).

Best Hypnobirthing Contraction Timer

Freya App Icon


iOS | Android

Cost: $2.99

If you’re planning a medication-free birth, this is the app for you. With soothing ambient music and a calm-voiced countdown, this app not only times your contractions but also helps you breathe through them. You can make note of each contraction’s intensity and it’ll let you know when it detects a pattern consistent with active labor, meaning you’re ready to go to the hospital!

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