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The Best Baby Shower Dresses, According to Babylist Moms-to-Be
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March 7, 2024

The Best Baby Shower Dresses, According to Babylist Moms-to-Be

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The Best Baby Shower Dresses, According to Babylist Moms-to-Be.
The Best Baby Shower Dresses, According to Babylist Moms-to-Be

To make your dream baby shower come to life, you’ll need an adorable theme, a few shower games to keep the crowd entertained, and a dress that’ll make you feel like a true stunner. Whether you choose one that hugs the curve of your bump or a more flowy dress that allows a cool breeze to pass through, your baby shower outfit should make you feel confident and beautiful without being uncomfortable.

We polled 78 Babylist moms-to-be and asked them what they’re wearing to their showers (or what they want to wear) and while digging through the poll responses, clear outfit categories started to bubble up. Some moms highlighted that they wanted a snug dress to show off their bump while other moms wanted to stick to a particular color palette, and a few actually didn’t want a dress at all and opted for a more casual jeans and t-shirt look. To help make shopping for your perfect baby shower dress (or dress alternative) easier, we’ve outlined the top categories, with a few options to choose from.

From shades of green to silk, feather-cuffed pajamas—these are the best maternity dresses according to Babylist moms.

Green is the Color of 2024

Of the moms we polled, the single most mentioned color, in a variety of shades, was the color green. From sage to hunter green to olive green, Babylist moms love this color for their baby shower look. If you want to stick with the classic baby palette but skip the pinks and blues, green is a flattering option.

Showing Off the Bump

When we asked the moms-to-be to use three words to describe their dream baby shower dress, 14 of them said that it would be one that showed off their bump in some way, which typically means a bodycon dress that is snug from top to bottom. But if the thought of a dress clinging to your body when you’re inching towards your ninth month of pregnancy makes you cringe—but you still want to accentuate the bump—you still can! Flowy style dresses with an empire waist that hits above your baby bump or a fitted bodice with room around the hips can give you the same look.

Non-Maternity Dresses

Most of the moms we polled noted that they wanted a dress that they could wear beyond their baby shower, which means one that isn’t maternity specific. Here are some that we love.

Trading in a Dress for Pants

Instead of wearing a dress, some of the moms we polled said that they’re opting for a pair of flattering pants, slacks or jeans. Maternity jeans and pants today are far more stylish than a decade ago, and if you’re planning a low-key shower, they’re a solid option.

Anti-Dress Alternatives

It’s your party and you can wear what you want—which makes wearing a dress optional. 58 out of the 78 moms-to-be that we polled told us they’d consider nixing a dress and instead wear a chill jumpsuit, a pantsuit, or even a pair of luxury PJs for their baby shower instead.

Instead of Buying, Renting

A handful of the moms we polled said they were planning on renting a dress from a site like Nuuly or Rent the Runway instead of buying one that would likely only be worn once. Some moms would rather rent a flattering get-up that would otherwise be outside of their budget for their one-day event.

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