4 Baby Gear Trends for 2018
4 Baby Gear Trends for 2018
February 25, 2018

4 Baby Gear Trends for 2018

4 Baby Gear Trends for 2018.
From new naturals to trendy tech, these are the trends making life with baby a little easier.4 Baby Gear Trends for 2018

Your mother-in-law will tell you “back in my day” they didn’t need all of the fancy contraptions that, these days, we can’t seem to live without.

That’s because the baby gear market is constantly evolving and introducing us to new products to make life with baby easier and safer. Why wouldn’t we jump all over it?

This year, natural brands are improved and way easier to find. Companies are designing products that actually grow with your baby, so you don’t need to buy new items every few months. Technology is solving more and more of our new parent concerns, and your typical baby standbys are getting amazing upgrades.

Here are some innovative new products for 2018.

The New Naturals

Earth mamas will love these all-natural baby wipes, which contain soothing ingredients like aloe vera and have a subtle ylang ylang scent. The gentle formulation is safe for all skin types, especially babies who suffer from eczema. Eco-friendly parents will also appreciate that the wipes are biodegradable and compostable.

You only want the best for your baby, and that’s especially true when it comes to their first foods. This line of baby food products comes in a handy, portable pouch, that you mix with water, breastmilk or formula. They’re organic and GMO-free, and aren’t highly processed, so the foods retain their nutrients.

You go through a lot of diapers with a baby, so you want to make sure they’re totally safe. These Babyganics diapers are made from plant-based ingredients and free of harmful chemicals and fragrances, so you can breathe easier. And they’re still absorbent and comfy.

Smart Tech

Installing a car seat can be anxiety inducing, because despite your best efforts, it’s tough to know if you did it right. This 4moms car seat automatically adjusts to make sure it’s in correctly. It even alerts you if the fit is off before every ride, once you connect the carrier. Then, it uses sensors to continuously monitor the safety over time. That’s seriously smart technology!

Many new parents find themselves constantly peeking in on their little ones while they sleep. It’s not enough to see video, you want to make sure they’re breathing. This monitor has HD video and audio, and it also monitors breathing patterns and detects crying, and then sends all of that info to your phone. You can even talk to your baby through a built-in microphone. And there’s no wearable device you have to put on your baby—it’s all monitored through the camera.

With middle-of-the-night feedings come middle-of-the-night changings, which means you’re either cleaning up poop in the dark, or waking baby up by turning on the lights. This kit allows you to light up your existing changing pad, with LED illumination that won’t wake up the baby. It even has an auto-shut-off timer, so you don’t have to fumble around to turn it on and off.

Products That Grow with Baby

You don’t need a variety of strollers to take care of one baby! This stroller system includes an infant car seat that attaches to the stroller frame, as well as a stroller seat that reclines for naps, faces the parent and can forward-face for toddlers. Like a good multi-functional stroller, it also has a cup holder for your coffee, a large storage basket and a sun-shading canopy. The stroller can hold a little one up to 50 lbs., so you’ll make good use out of it for years.

You think your child is ready to transition to a sippy cup, but you want to start slow. The Oxo Tot is designed for a little one’s mouth, with an almond-shaped straw that minimizes spillage. It has a hinged lid that protects the cup from leaking, and all of the pieces can be easily cleaned. There are even measurement markings so you can meter out just the right amount of milk.

This Britax seat is built with three different recline positions for more comfort, and a soft removable cover that can be washed. What’s great about this model is it grows with your baby, with a 10-position harness that adjusts as they get bigger, so it’ll last a looooong time (it works rear facing starting at 5 lbs and can be used forward facing with children up to 65 lbs.).

New Takes on Old Favorites

Some babies can be particularly sensitive to sound, and wake to every dog bark in the stroller or startle at loud noises when they’re out and about. This foam-padded, sound-absorbing hat not only keeps baby’s head warm, it also filters out the noises. You can pop it on to protect their little ears when you’re out at bustling restaurants, sports games or the mall. It’s also great for the airplane, when you’d really like baby to get some much-needed sleep.

This tub provides a warm, soothing bathtime environment for baby, and it can be used in the sink or the bath. The bolster cradles brand-new babies, and then you can remove it to accommodate an older infant. The best part: it has a gentle waterfall that circulates water, helping to keep baby warm.

So many diaper pails claim to reduce stench, but this one really does the job, with a technology that traps the odors in. It also absorbs oders with activated charcoal satchels, uses thick seven-layer bags that keep smells from escaping and has tightly sealed doors. It also holds up to 35 newborn diapers, so you won’t be constantly taking a bag out.

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