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The 5 Biggest Baby Gear Trends for 2024
Updated on
January 12, 2024

The 5 Biggest Baby Gear Trends for 2024

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The 5 Biggest Baby Gear Trends for 2024.
The 5 Biggest Baby Gear Trends for 2024

Trend forecasting: It can help you figure out the type of jeans to shop for this year, what color to paint your walls, and, it turns out, the coolest stroller to hit the streets with in 2024.

While we may be exaggerating a bit (the cool factor of your stroller won’t influence how your kid turns out, we promise)—like in most industries, trends do come and go in the world of baby gear. And while some writers may be chasing down fashion and makeup trends, I’m knee-deep in…car seats and carriers. As Babylist’s Gear Editor, I preview, test and write about hundreds of new baby gear items every year. And I’ve seen more trends that I can count over my last almost decade as a gear writer and a parent.

If you’re building your baby registry, shopping for your little one or buying a baby gift for friends or family, it can be fun—and helpful—to know what’s coming down the pike. From oat and sage to grow-with-me gear to car seats that swivel, these are the trends we’re predicting will take the world of baby gear by storm in 2024.

The 5 Biggest Trends in Baby Gear for 2024

1. Baby gear that blends with your home

True story: I’ve had people sit down at my kitchen table and have no idea they’re actually sitting in a high chair and not a regular seat. It can be hard to tell the difference—and that’s exactly the point.

Long gone are the days of loud, primary-colored baby gear that sticks out like a sore thumb in the middle of your family room. (Phew.) But the look of 2024 gear takes things one step further. With neutral, nature-inspired colorways and modern silhouettes, this year’s gear strives to, well, not look anything like baby gear at all. From high chairs to bouncers, lots of what we’re seeing in 2024 blends seamlessly into almost any home aesthetic, yielding items that complement your space rather than distracting from it.

2. Neutrals: the new black

For as long as I can remember, classic black has been the color of choice for many baby products. But there’s a new trend in town: neutrals. What started in the nursery space has made its way to baby gear, and it’s already looking like parents couldn’t be happier about it. Products that traditionally have been available only in dark basics like black and gray—think strollers, playards, baby carriers and car seats—are now all about warm neutrals. Tones like oat, light beige and cream are already everywhere in 2024 and will continue to dominate as more brands hop onto the trend.

Sad beige not your thing? Don’t worry—color is still very much in the mix in 2024. Two of the hottest colorways this year are sage and terracotta, building on the nature-inspired trend. We’re seeing these colors in baby and toddler clothing but also all over baby carriers, playmats, accessories like diaper and belt bags and even across swings and baby bouncers.

3. Value + longevity FTW

With inflation still a concern in 2024, it’s no surprise that parents are looking for baby gear that goes the distance, especially when they’re shopping for big-ticket items. Grow-with-me gear is where it’s at this year in the baby space as parents prioritize value and longevity above all else. Think: an activity center that transforms into a toddler table; an high chair that works as an infant chair, toddler chair, stool, booster seat or desk and chair; or a one-for-life car seat that can take you from your baby’s first days all the way through the elementary school years.

Travel systems (car seat + stroller systems that attach) are also on their way to being more popular than ever in 2024, with more brands manufacturing them and more combination options becoming available. We suspect that’s because they also check the boxes for value and longevity.

4. Purposeful tech

Technology can be amazing, especially when it makes your life easier. But it can also be overwhelming, especially if you’re a new or anxious parent—and in that case, it can sometimes do more harm than good.

That’s why we’re happy to see many smart, tech-forward baby products hitting the market in 2024 that deliver on their promise to make new parent life a little more manageable. Things like baseless car seats (infant car seats with a foolproof, built-in LATCH system that install in seconds), rotating car seats (convertible car seats that rotate 180 or 360 degrees with the push of a button) and even baby monitors with cry detection that can help you pinpoint why your little one might be fussy are just a few examples of baby gear with purposeful tech available this year.

While this type of gear may not be right for everyone, it can be hugely helpful for certain types of parents who thrive on a “more is more” philosophy for baby stats and info. It can also help make some of the more tedious aspects of parenthood (think getting a squirming toddler in and out of a car seat over, and over and over again…) a bit less terrible.

5. Eco-friendly sustainability

Always a trend we’re happy to get behind, sustainability is a big point of focus for lots of baby products coming in 2024. From GREENGUARD Gold Certified cribs made from fair trade materials to clothing made from sustainable, ethically sourced bamboo, parents are prioritizing products with eco-friendly features this year. Diapers are even getting in on the game. While they still may have a ways to go, we’re seeing more eco-conscious disposable diaper brands than ever before in 2024, a trend that’s heading in the right direction.

And while silicone baby products are still having a moment (think tableware, teethers, bottles and more), wood seems to be next in line. We see Montessori-inspired wooden toys, wood furniture and even wood-accented items gaining popularity in the baby space throughout 2024.

Shop the Trends: What’s New in Strollers, Baby Carriers, Car Seats and More

Building your baby registry in 2024? Or maybe you’re just shopping for a new baby carrier or a convertible car seat. These are the category-specific trends you’ll want to keep in mind if you want the newest—and coolest—baby gear this year.

Car seats and strollers

  • Rotating car seats are 🔥. We love them because they make it so much easier to get your little one in and out of the car, and because they promote extended rear-facing (the safest way for babies and toddlers to ride). Look for even more brands offering swiveling seats in 2024.
  • Travel systems, travel systems, travel systems! These car seat + stroller combos offer convenience and value and will be big on new parent wish lists in 2024. Brands like Nuna and Chicco are just two to keep an eye on.
  • Goodbye black, hello neutral. Neutral-inspired colorways like oat and linen will be trending across strollers and car seats in 2024. (Trend tip: we’re also seeing the same neutral colorways pop up across playards, baby swings and baby bouncers.) Just don’t forget to also buy a stain stick.

Baby carriers

  • We’re loving the color options in babywearing in 2024, including trending shades like beige, terracotta and sage.
  • Hybrid carriers are having a moment. These carriers combine the comfort of a wrap with the ease and support of a more structured carrier and are especially great for the early months of babywearing.
  • Hip seat carriers are here to stay! They save your arm, hips and back and have a smaller profile than many other types of baby carriers. Look for more brands offering them in 2024.

High chairs

  • We can hardly keep up with the number of new high chairs hitting the scene in 2024. Trending features include lots of adjustability (tray, footrest, seat, etc.), easy-to-clean surfaces and grow-with-me capabilities.
  • We’re also loving all the modern silhouettes and that many of these chairs blend seamlessly into your current kitchen or dining room decor.

Baby monitors

  • It’s all about new tech for baby monitors in 2024. Think contactless breathing innovation (e.g. no wearable band or boot needed to monitor your little one’s vitals) and cry assist technology that can identify and differentiate your baby’s cries.
  • Don’t forget: some baby monitors are eligible under many HSA and FSA health insurance savings accounts!

Furniture, Gear and Play

  • According to industry trend spotters, furniture in the baby space for 2024 is all about feel. Tactile pieces with textured finishes are picking up speed.
  • Elements like natural wood, bamboo and woven accents are also trending, both in baby furniture and in play. Items like wooden Montessori-inspired toys and wood-accented gear will also be popular, as will other baby gear in neutral tones.
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