Baby Gear for Small Spaces

Space-Saving Baby Gear Every Parent Should Know About

November 6, 2017

Space-Saving Baby Gear Every Parent Should Know About

Space-Saving Baby Gear Every Parent Should Know About
Babies don’t take up a lot of space. Their stuff doesn't have to either. Space-Saving Baby Gear Every Parent Should Know About

Babies don’t take up a lot of space. When it comes to their stuff, though, it can be an entirely different story. It takes a little bit of creativity to put together a nursery when space is at a premium, and even more creativity if you don’t plan on having a dedicated nursery at all.

Whether you live in an apartment or condo, or you just like the idea of sleek, design-forward baby gear, these are some of our favorite space-saving picks.

A Tub That Stores Flat

This unique-looking sink-insert bathtub makes an awesome option for families that travel frequently or live in small spaces. The Puj Tub conforms to most sinks and cradles baby for bathtime. It hangs flat when not in use, so it won’t take up any precious bathroom real estate.

A Crib That Fits in a Closet

With a mini-crib, there’s no need to start baby off in a bassinet. Thanks to its small footprint, it can easily fit in most parents’ bedrooms so they can keep baby close in those first months. With a conversion kit (sold separately), this crib grows with baby, transforming into a twin-size bed.

A High Chair That Pulls Right up to the Table

This mod high chair looks like a piece of art, but functions as a sturdy spot for feeding your kiddo. You just pull it right up to the table—there’s no tray. (A tray addition is sold separately if you find you need more food catching.) The beechwood chair not only works for your baby, but will seat them as they grow to toddler, preschooler and big kid, too.

A Lightweight Bouncer That Converts to a Chair

This lightweight bouncer weighs in at seven pounds and folds flat, making it a breeze to move around the house, take on the go and store. Even when it’s unfolded, it still doesn’t take up too much space. The bonus? After your child outgrows the bouncer, it can be converted into a chair.

A Carrier That Works from Day One Through Toddlerhood

This Beco carrier is lightweight, simple to use and grows with your baby. The 4-in-1 convertible design gives you the flexibility to wear your baby in four carrying positions, and it can handle newborns without a bulky insert. Plus, you can keep using it until your little one is three years old or 35 lbs.

A Changing Station That Tucks Away into a Corner

This corner changing station doesn’t just maximize your space—it positions baby with their feet pointed toward you, an angle that many parents prefer over changing them from the side. Two additional levels of storage space below can accommodate a few storage baskets, plus give you easy access to diapers and wipes when and where you need them.

A Sturdy Jumper

Your little one can bust all the moves they want in this doorway jumper without damaging your doorframe, thanks to a bumper that surrounds the entire seat. And, the door clamp won’t scuff your moldings. When baby’s not bobbing around, there are two clip-on toys to play with and a built-in toy tray where you can place their favorite plush or plastic friends. When playtime is over, you can unclip the jumper and store it away.

A Playmat That Picks up Toys for You

This storage bag-slash-play mat is a brilliant, space-saving solution for playtime. Open it up, and it becomes a soft space for baby and their toys. When it’s time to put toys away, it folds up into a convenient storage bag, eliminating not just the tedious task of picking everything up over and over again, but also the need for additional toy storage bins.

A Lightweight Travel Crib That Breaks Down in a Flash

You won’t suffer muscle fatigue carting around this super-practical yard that can be opened with one sweeping movement. All the materials are easily removable and washable—just unzip the top to remove and wash it. The playard rests directly on the floor, and its mattress has a built-in base plate that keeps the lightweight playard firmly planted.

A Spot to Dry All That Baby Feeding Gear

This drying rack not only takes up minimal space, it actually looks great in your kitchen, too. Whether you’re constantly washing bottles, pacifiers, spoons and sippy cups, or you’re out of cupboard space and just want a nice-looking spot to park your baby feeding gear, this “patch of grass” is a favorite. Bonus: it’s a great spot to dry stemware, too. There’s a smaller “Grass” version, as well.

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