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Best Baby Bathtubs of 2024
January 4, 2024

Best Baby Bathtubs of 2024

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Best Baby Bathtubs of 2024.
A clean, safe and happy baby? Find the right tub that gets the job done.Best Baby Bathtubs of 2024

While bathtime can be adorable, it can also be tricky. Newborns are tiny (and floppy!), and older babies are curious and don’t want to sit still. A good baby bathtub can help support and contain your little one and make the whole process a lot easier. But there are lots of options. These expert-tested, parent-approved picks will help you narrow down your search.

Babylist’s Top Picks for the Best Baby Bathtubs

Babylist’s Picks for the Best Baby Bathtubs

Best Baby Bathtub for a Newborn

The Scoop
  • Great infant support
  • Can also transition through toddlerhood
  • Built-in hook for hanging
What Our Experts Think

Bathing a newborn can be intimidating to say the least. Skip Hop’s popular Moby tub has a mesh sling insert built right in that offers the perfect amount of support for floppy, slippery babies (and for nervous first-time parents). Once your baby is a little more stable, move the sling into its second position to support older babies who are learning to sit, then remove it altogether to turn the tub into a toddler-friendly spot for easy bathtime. This Babylist exclusive bundle also includes a matching rinser (with a lip to prevent water from getting in baby’s eyes) and spout cover.

What’s Worth Considering

This tub on the larger side and won’t fit in most sinks. If storage is an issue, there’s a built-in hook on the back of the whale for easy hanging. And if you prefer a more neutral color, check out the Babylist exclusive white colorway for a different look.

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines Birth and up
Dimensions 27.5” x 19” x 11.5”

Best Baby Bath Support

The Scoop
  • Tub + bath seat hybrid
  • Affordable, easy to clean
  • Great for bathing a newborn + toddler together
What Our Experts Think

If you don’t want a baby tub but still need a little support in the big bath, try this bathtub + bath seat hybrid. The seat is designed to support baby in a comfortably reclined position either in the tub or in the sink. The soft, mildew-resistant mesh is gentle on your little one’s skin and features drain holes that allow soapy water to be easily rinsed away.

What’s Worth Considering

Pro tip: need to bathe a baby and a toddler in the tub at the same time? This bath support does the trick.

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines Birth to 6 mos; up to 20 lbs
Dimensions 22” x 13.5” x 8.8”

Best Baby Bathtub for Small Spaces

The Scoop
  • Folds flat for easy storage + built-in hook for hanging
  • Empties fast thanks to two-sided drain
  • Exlusive bundle comes with tub, rinser and spout cover
What Our Experts Think

You don’t have to sacrifice a roomy bathtub for your little one just because you’re in a small space. Oxo Tot’s Splash & Store tub is really roomy (it will work until your baby hits about 18 pounds or so), but folds flat and compactly with a built-in hook for easy storage. The tub boasts two different options, an angled side for newborns and a flat side for older babies, and has a two-sided drain so it won’t take you forever to empty it out. This exclusive-to-Babylist bundle comes with the tub, a silicone rinser and a soft spout cover.

What’s Worth Considering

This tub is on the bulkier side. And, like many folding tubs, some parents note that the support for newborns isn’t ideal. You can help by laying a towel down under your baby in those early weeks to help prevent them from sliding.

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines Birth to 18 mos
Dimensions 30.5” x 18” x 4.8”

Best Baby Bathtub for Your Sink

The Scoop
  • Makes sink baths easy
  • Quick-drying
  • Also great for travel and small spaces
What Our Experts Think

There are few things cuter than a baby in a sink. This innovative foam insert makes sink baths easier on everyone involved. The origami-style insert conforms to most sink sizes and cradles baby for bathtime. It hangs flat when not in use, so it won’t take up any precious bathroom real estate, is made from quick-dry material and even machine washable.

What’s Worth Considering

This tub likely won’t last all that long. Although it’s approved for use up to 24 months, most babies won’t want to use it once they start sitting up and becoming a bit more mobile.

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines Birth to 24 mos
Dimensions 4.25” x 13” x 17.5”

Another Sink-Friendly Option

The Scoop
  • Fits any sink
  • Machine washable and dryer-safe
  • Babylist exclusive color
What Our Experts Think

Structured sink inserts provide support for babies during bathtime but don’t always fit all sinks. The Blooming Bath Lotus, shaped like a large flower and made from ultra-soft, cushy material, accommodates any size sink. The “petals” cradle babies up to about six months old, and the whole thing can be tossed into the washing machine and the dryer. Many parents also use it as an extra cushion in the big tub when it’s time to make the transition.

What’s Worth Considering

You’ll have to do a fair amount of wringing out the Lotus after bathtime; it holds onto a lot of water. It also doesn’t provide much head or neck support. And you can only use it for about six months.

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines Birth to 6 mos
Dimensions 33” tip to tip; flower center is 8” diameter

Best Looking Bathtub

The Scoop
  • Chic and modern
  • Multi-stage and multi-function
  • Basin transforms to sensory bin or toy storage container
What Our Experts Think

This chic, modern baby bathtub from Lalo has a lot going for it in the looks department and will complement any bathroom space—but there’s much more to it than that. Made from non-toxic materials, it’s sleek, beautiful and really easy to wipe down. It’s also a multi-stage tub. The soft foam backrest and contoured support keep even the tiniest bathers comfortable from day one. Once your baby is sitting independently, switch them to the other side of the infant insert for more legroom, then pop out the insert altogether to turn the tub into a toddler basin.

One more cool (and really unique) feature: the basin doubles as a sensory bin or toy storage container once your baby has moved onto the regular bathtub, so you’ll be able to use it for years.

What’s Worth Considering

The Bathtime Starter Kit comes with the tub, a rinse cup and a spout cover. The tub doesn’t fold or collapse, so storage might be an issue if you’re tight on space. It’s also on the expensive side.

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines Birth and up
Dimensions 25.3” x 18” x 7.7”

Best Affordable Baby Bathtub

The Scoop
  • Great value
  • Made from 50% recycled plastic
  • Works from newborn days through toddlerhood
  • Fits in most sinks and in the tub
What Our Experts Think

This affordable baby bathtub, made from 50% recycled plastic, has a lot going for it. There’s the price, of course, which comes in a lot lower than lots of other comparable baby tubs. Then there’s the fact that it’s sturdy, fits in the tub and in most kitchen sinks and has three different positions to make it work from the first days to the toddler years. There’s even a small built-in basin at the bottom to hold toys and supplies.

What’s Worth Considering

This tub doesn’t fold, so even though it’s fairly compact, if you’re short on space it’s probably not the best choice. Some parents also say their babies outgrew it fairly quickly.

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines Birth to 25 lbs
Dimensions 29” x 15.2” x 9”

Best Baby Bathtub That Goes the Distance

The Scoop
  • Works from birth to four years old
  • Folds completely flat
  • Heat-sensitive plug tells you when water gets warm
What Our Experts Think

The Flexi Bath is a great option for bathing older kiddos. Thanks to its high sides, it works until your little one is up to four years old—the highest age limit for any tub on our list. It’s also another excellent space-saving option if you’re living in close quarters. The tub folds completely flat, making it easy to store almost anywhere and just as easy to take with you when you’re on the go. There’s a removable newborn support and a heat-sensitive drain plug that turns colors when the bath water is too warm.

What’s Worth Considering

Some parents say the newborn insert doesn’t offer as much support as they’d like.

For another baby bathtub that goes the distance, FridaBaby’s 4-in-1 Grow With Me Bath Tub is a popular choice among Babylist parents. Reviews are a bit mixed, however. Mamy parents found that while this tub worked well for older babies, the positioning for newborns was less than ideal, causing them to slump forward a bit. Other parents didn’t have that experience, though.

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines Birth to 4 years old
Dimensions 26” x 9.4” x 15.4”

Best Baby Bath Seat

The Scoop
  • Helps older babies stay safe in the bath
  • High backrest for added support
  • Never leave baby unattended!
What Our Experts Think

Bath seats are a great option for babies newly transitioning to the regular tub. They give older (and still very slippery!) babies a safe spot in the bath, freeing up your hands for scrubbing. This one has three sturdy arms for 360° of support and a high backrest that keeps your little one safe and secure. Suction cups on each of the arms keep the seat stable while also making it easy to remove.

What’s Worth Considering

Even though this seat helps your baby stay upright, it’s not a safety device. It’s still super important to keep your eyes on baby at all times and never leave the room during bathtime, even for a few seconds.

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines 5-10 mos
Dimensions Accommodates standard rectangular tubs 21”-24” wide

Best Baby Bathtub for Travel

The Scoop
  • Ideal for travel
  • Versatile; can be used in sink or big tub
  • Includes built-in swaddle wings
What Our Experts Think

This inflatable tub can be tossed right into your bag or suitcase when you’re on the go, making it ideal for travel. It’s also super versatile; you can use it in most sinks or in an adult tub. The cozy fabric and contoured sides keep baby supported and comfortable. And there’s one other completely original, really innovative feature: built-in swaddle wings. They’re just right for wrapping around your baby to keep them warm during bathtime.

What’s Worth Considering

To fully dry the outer microfleece cover, you’ll want to remove it and either toss it in the dyer or hang it up. (For a good scrub, it’s also machine washable.)

Need a travel-friendly inflatable tub that also works for older babies? Check out the Munchkin White Hot Inflatable Duck Tub.

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines Birth to 20 lbs
Dimensions 22.5” x 16.5” x 6.5”

Best Baby Bath Cushion

The Scoop
  • Versatile
  • Affordable
  • Easy to take on the go
What Our Experts Think

Parent hack alert: this bath cushion (think giant sponge) has so many uses! Stick it inside a baby bathtub to help prop and support a slippery newborn; use it in your sink for sink baths; lay it on the bottom of your big bathtub for some extra padding; pop it in your suitcase for travel. It’s affordable, versatile, made from quick-drying foam and is a must for baby bathtime.

What’s Worth Considering

If you’re using this sponge on the regular, you’ll probably have to replace it once or twice as it’s not super durable.

Additional Specs
Child Guidelines Birth to 6 mos
Dimensions 19.2” x 12.2” x 2.1”

How We Chose the Best Baby Bathtubs

  • We analyzed results from Babylist’s Best Baby Products survey, which polled 6,000 Babylist users and asked them to share the baby products they love the most and why.
  • We utilized insight from the Babylist editorial team, including Gear Editor Jen LaBracio, an expert in the baby space for over six years and a mom of two who has written hundreds of baby gear guides and personally researched and tested hundreds of baby products, including many baby bathtubs.
  • We reviewed customer reviews from hundreds of real Babylist parents.

What is a Baby Bathtub?

A baby bathtub is exactly what it sounds like it is: a small, specially designed tub used for bathing infants and babies. Baby bathtubs are sized-down versions of adult tubs with a few baby-friendly features, like a contoured shape to provide support and comfort for your tiny bather and nonslip surfaces to ensure safety. Most baby bathtubs are made from plastic or other similar types of lightweight, water-friendly materials. 

Do You Need a Baby Bathtub?

Babies are tiny, floppy and slippery—especially when they’re covered in suds! A baby bathtub will help you safely support your baby during bathtime. While the kitchen sink is an option, many parents like having a dedicated spot for bathing their little one, especially during the early months. A baby tub can also be great to set on top of a kitchen counter for bathtime so you don’t have to bend over your adult-sized tub (which can be especially hard for those recovering from delivery).

Types of Baby Bathtubs

There are two main types of baby bathtubs: sink inserts and basin tubs.

Sink inserts

Sink baby bathtubs are padded inserts that rest inside your sink, turning it into a mini baby bath.

  • Usually flexible and mold to fit the kitchen or bathroom sink
  • Caregiver can stand at the sink comfortably during bath time
  • Hangs conveniently—great for limited storage space
  • Great for the newborn stage, but typically outgrown after four to six months

Just be sure to measure your sink and the insert before purchasing to ensure that it fits.

Basin tubs

Basin tubs are standalone baby bathtubs.

  • Can be used in regular bathroom tubs or on counters or tables (they can even be used outside)
  • Most have a newborn baby-friendly option that can be removed, allowing the tub to last through at least the first year or be used with larger babies
  • Some models collapse for easier storage

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Baby Bathtub

For something so seemingly basic, there sure are a lot of baby bathtubs you can choose from when registering or shopping. How should you think through the features you’ll need—and what to skip?

  • Type of bathtub. First up is choosing between a sink insert or a basin tub. As outlined above, there are pros and cons to each type of bathtub. Try to think through the type of tub you think would work best for your home and your personal preferences. Still can’t decide? Some parents decide to add both types of baby bathtubs to their registries. The good news is that sink inserts are generally fairly inexpensive, so you won’t have too much regret about buying one if you ultimately decide it’s not for you.
  • Size and storability. Next up, think through your home’s bathroom setup. Do you have room to store a standalone basin tub that doesn’t fold? Is there a spot to hang a sink insert to dry? Considering these questions can help you determine which baby bathtub is best for you.
  • Features. Finally, think through the features you want to prioritize in a baby bathtub. Do you need a tub that folds or one with a more compact design? Will you be bathing your baby with an older sibling and want something that will fit in your adult bathtub alongside your toddler? Are there safety features like nonslip surfaces, a nonslip base and an ergonomic design for supportive positioning? What about nice-to-have features like drain holes to quickly empty dirty water and a newborn sling or insert to support the tiniest bathers? Will the tub go the distance if you want to use it into toddlerhood? 

How Long Will You Use a Baby Bathtub?

Each baby bathtub has its own age range, but many can be used from day one until your baby begins sitting up. Some can even be used through the toddler years.

Many parents choose to move their baby to the big tub around six months old (about the time many babies begin sitting up on their own). However, some parents and caregivers continue to use basin tubs after this milestone. Baby bathtubs provide a nonslip surface in the big tub while still leaving plenty of room for things like bath toys and washcloths.

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