6 Best Baby Washcloths of 2022
Best Baby Washcloths
January 1, 2019

Best Baby Washcloths

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Best Baby Washcloths.
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Best Baby Washcloths

Aside from crafting an amazing shampoo mohawk, bathtime is all about getting your kiddo squeaky clean. A soft, durable washcloth makes this task easier for you and comfier for your baby.

Look for washcloths that hold up well after lots (and lots) of washes, and that come in sets for the best value.

Beyond the tub, washcloths have all sorts of other uses: as a soft wipe for mealtime cleanups, diaper changes and spit-up scenarios. You can even turn a washcloth into an awesome teether by moistening and freezing it for something cold and soothing to chew on.

These are our favorite washcloths.

Big Love

Aden + anais’ beloved swaddle patterns are making quite a splash in the bath, too. These generously sized cloths are super soft and durable. Plus, the muslin material is gentle on delicate skin. This oversized washcloth also makes for a great burp cloth or a perfect bathtime belly warmer—just drape the warm, damp cloth across your little one to keep his midsection cozy while you scrub. Some parents find the large size a bit overwhelming (especially with a teeny tiny baby). Tip: Fold in halves or quarters to make it more manageable.

Additional Specs
Dimensions 12” x 12”

Budget Buy

You can’t go wrong with this affordable, practical 10-pack. Spasilk’s basic terry washcloth sets include a mix of polka-dots, stripes and solids, which add a pop of color to all that bubble popping. And since there are so many washcloths in this variety pack, you can grab a few at a time (if things are really messy!) and always have plenty of back-up in the linen closet. Keep in mind: they’re soft, but on the thin side.

Additional Specs
Dimensions 9” x 9”

Mod Mitt

Who wouldn’t want to make bathing a squirmy baby a little bit easier? This set of three terry washcloths includes a mitt, so you can just slip your hand inside the pocket for a better hold on the washcloth while you scrub cute baby rolls. Two washcloths are white with a colored border, while the mitt features one of JJ Cole’s signature patterns.

Additional Specs
Dimensions 9.5” x 9.5”

Simple Six-Pack

Six simple white washcloths for around 5 bucks? Done and done. No frills, no fuss, and at this price point, no big deal if they don’t last forever. Aside from bathtime, these washcloths come in handy as wipes for any baby-related cleanup. And a lot of moms swear by them for their own makeup removal and face washing. Similar to the Spasilk washcloths, they’re thin, which can feel flimsy compared to thicker cloths.

Additional Specs
Dimensions 7.7” x 5.1”

Superior Softness

Not too big, not too small, Brooklyn Bamboo washcloths are just right. Made with super-soft, organic, absorbent bamboo, they’re extra gentle on baby’s delicate skin (even those with eczema). The best part: they continue to get softer with each wash. These bamboo must-haves come in a pack of six. Each washcloth is individually rolled up and tied with a bow—a perfect baby shower gift!

Additional Specs
Dimensions 10” x 10”

Newborn Necessity

Luvable Friends are another great budget bathtime buy. Each set includes 12 lightweight washcloths in a variety of colors and patterns. They’re a perfect starter set for infants. In addition to bathtime, use them in place of disposable wipes (some parents rely on them to help thwart unexpected “sprays” from a baby boy during diaper changes). After a lot of washes, though, one side can feel a little rough.

Additional Specs
Dimensions 8.9” x 6.2”
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