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Best Crib Sheets of 2024
January 4, 2024

Best Crib Sheets of 2024

By Babylist Team
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Best Crib Sheets of 2024.
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More like little works of art, these beautiful sheets are perfect for any nursery. Best Crib Sheets of 2024

Crib sheets are more than just something to cover your baby’s mattress. With a range of colors and prints to choose from, crib sheets are a subtle but effective way to bring together your nursery.

Considering how much time you’ll spend at the side of your little one’s crib (bedtime, diaper-change time, middle-of-the-night-crying time), you’ll want to pick a style and design that you really admire. You’ll also want to pay attention to fabric—look for a material that’s soft and will hold up well in the wash.

And remember: a fitted sheet that fits snugly over your crib mattress is the only thing that should go in the crib with your baby, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Keep soft objects and loose bedding like pillows and pillow-like toys, quilts, comforters, mattress toppers, non-fitted sheets, blankets, toys and bumpers out of your baby’s sleep area.

How many crib sheets do I need?

Plan on having at least two to three crib sheets on hand at all times for your nursery. If you don’t have convenient access to a washing machine, or simply don’t want to do laundry very often, you might consider up to five crib sheets.

Can you use regular crib sheets on a mini crib?

A mini crib is a smaller version of a full-size crib. If you’re planning on using a mini crib, you’ll need specific mini crib sheets—standard-size fitted crib sheets won’t work.

Best Organic Crib Sheets

Made from organic cotton and available in a wide selection of prints and patterns, these crib sheets are extra soft and hold up well even after lots of washes. They’re also well-priced. For a slightly more affordable organic option, check Carter’s Little Planet Organic Cotton Sheets.

Best Muslin Crib Sheets

Parents love these Little Unicorn sheets not only because they come in adorable patterns (like these prickle pots!), but because the super soft 100% cotton muslin fabric gets softer with each wash—which is great since that’s something you’ll be doing a lot of.

Softest Crib Sheets

If softness is what you’re after, look no further. Copper Pearl makes some of the coziest crib sheets around thanks to a premium knit blend. Their colors and prints are pretty great, too.

Best Bamboo Crib Sheets

Bamboo is a buttery soft, seasonless fabric that’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Little Sleepies, the brand behind some of our favorite bamboo pajamas, makes crib sheets that are just as amazing. They’re especially gentle on sensitive skin.

Best Cotton Crib Sheets

Made from breathable cotton sateen and inspired by watercolor prints, these crib sheets from Crane add a soft layer to your little one’s crib. Each fitted crib sheet comes packaged in a reusable fabric bag.

Best Floral Crib Sheets

Shopping for a fun floral? Lambs & Ivy puts a playful, modern spin on the classic floral print with these cotton crib sheets. There are four different prints available.

Fun Prints and Patterns

Sushi, anyone? These luxuriously soft bamboo rayon crib sheets come in some of the most fun and unique prints around. You can also mix and match with the brand’s swaddles, blankets and quilts.

Whimsical and Unique

You won’t find any other crib sheets like Rookie Humans. With whimsical storybook illustrations, these cotton sateen sheets bring a unique style to any nursery space.

Best Affordable Crib Sheets

At under 10 dollars and available in tons of prints and patterns, Target’s Cloud Island fitted crib sheets are a total steal. They’re made from 100% cotton and are designed to fit a six-inch mattress.

Best Breathable Crib Sheets

The raised Pebble design on these crib sheets from Nook Sleep is more than just unique—it’s designed that way to give your baby an extra layer of breathability and increase airflow while they sleep. The sheets are also water resistant to help minimize messes.

Best Silk Crib Sheets

It doesn’t get more luxe than silk crib sheets. But besides being wildly soft, the silk actually serves a purpose: it helps to prevent baby bald spots and hair knots.

Best Mini Crib Sheets

If you’re using a mini crib, you’ll need a mini crib-specific sheet like this one from Babyletto. It’s made from organic muslin cotton and is designed to fit a standard mini crib mattress (37.5 inches by 23.5 inches).

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