Best Hair Care Products for Black Babies and Toddlers
Best Hair Care Products for Black Babies and Toddlers
September 27, 2021

Best Hair Care Products for Black Babies and Toddlers

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Best Hair Care Products for Black Babies and Toddlers

Bath time with little ones—the splashes, the bubbles, the songs—can be such a cute and fun experience. When it comes to washing kinky and curly hair for Black children and children of color, though, you may come across a few road bumps. Washing and styling curly hair may not be as straightforward (no pun intended) as other hair types, there are plenty of products that make it an easier and more enjoyable experience. From detanglers to loosen any knots and kinks for combing, shampoos to remove any product build-up, to conditioners that strengthen and moisturize the scalp—you have options.

Here are a few of our favorite products for Black babies and toddlers.

How to choose hair products for Black babies

When you’re looking at ingredients for products, here’s what you DON’T want:

  • Parabens
  • Aluminum
  • Sulfates
  • Alcohols
  • Silicones
  • Dyes

This sounds like a lot, but many hair products made specifically for Black hair already come free of these chemicals. It’s important to use the most natural ingredients on Black hair because the extras mentioned above can cause dehydration, discoloration, build up and breakage—which will make hair care a whole lot more complicated.

As for what you DO want, the types of hair products or specific ingredients will vary depending on the specific hair type. For example, if your child’s hair is more coarse, a deep conditioner and detangler like Cantu’s conditioner and detangler may help with softening the curls. If your child’s hair is thick, a curl creme like Miellle’s Coil Sculpting Custard may be at the top of your list to keep the curls defined all day long.

These are some of our favorite products for Black babies and toddlers.


  • Shampoo: A simple, yet great shampoo to always have on hand. A tear-free formulation that also thoroughly cleans out any product build-up since the last hair wash day.
  • Conditioner + Detangler: We love two in one products—especially when it comes to kids—the less you have to do on hair wash day, the better. This not only smells great, it also quickly detangles the curls. Feel free to not wash it all out and use it as a leave-in conditioner as well.
  • Curl Creme: This creme is perfect to use at night after you’ve washed, conditioned and detangled. It helps eliminate frizz and define curls. A little bit can go a long way.

Aunt Jackie’s

  • Detangler: A favorite as far as detanglers are concerned. Once it’s on the hair for a minute or two, combing through curls is a lot easier. While it’s not specified as a conditioner, leaving a little bit in after rinsing will continue to condition throughout the night.
  • Curl Custard: This can be a go-to for your morning or evening haircare routine. With ingredients like shea butter and olive oil, it’s naturally conditioning and will help define curls.


  • Coil Sculpting Custard: Great for thick and curly hair. Provides curl definition all day long. Using this in the mornings is great—just wet the hair a bit and run the product through with your fingers. It doesn’t leave hair crunchy as many gels do.

Darlyng & Co

  • Kids’ Hair Care Kits: Want to get all of your hair care products in one stop? This hair care kit includes shampoo, body wash, conditioner, pomade, oil and styling cream. Plus, you also get a hair towel and a brush to smooth down any curly edges—everything you could possibly need to keep your kids’ hair fresh.

Our 3 Best Curly/Kinky Hair Care Tips:

  1. Depending on the curl type, you may not need to use an actual comb or brush— sometimes your fingers are the best detanglers! For some curls, using a comb or brush to get out the knots can actually create shrinkage with curls. This means hair will look shorter than it is. Finger combing can often be suitable enough and is less likely to pull, tug or snag on curls and your child’s scalp. Less tears all around is always a win.
  2. Does your child need extra moisture on their hair or scalp? When possible, opt for silk fabrics versus cotton products—like a hat or bedsheet. Cotton is often moisture-wicking, meaning it soaks up moisture (for example, sweat) whereas silk does not. The fibers in cotton have been known to be too rough on curly hair and can cause breakage.
  3. For Black children, daily hair washing isn’t necessary. In fact, it can cause hair and scalp to get extra dry and unmanageable. The natural oils that set in day-to-day are healthy for Black hair, so stick to two or three days of hair washing at most. Choose the days that work best for your family and space them out a bit. For example, Wednesdays and Sundays can be your hair wash days.
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